1. This and MCX on spike were my shit back in the day! I think even Raw was on spike back then

  2. Jesus shut the fuck up about JHope. His fans make me not want to ever check out his music. Shit aint cute

  3. the person shouldn’t have brought the service animal to a festival where it easily could’ve been stepped on

  4. Cant confirm. Was asking people if they wanted to buy prerolls last year. Paid for my 4day wristband that way lol

  5. Pro tip. On your phone set up a black background, and say you’re selling prerolls in white bold text. Just point your screen at people. It worked well for me, selling at the edm stage was super easy

  6. Brady is proven cheater, so is belichick so they are at the top of my list. I guess farve has probably passed the line now to being an outright criminal defrauding the government but before that he was probably right at the line. Tarik Cohen definitely seems like an asshole based on everything i read about him.

  7. Punch barber shop in glen Ellyn has a great old school vibe and good hair for a decent price

  8. Get the cdl training book from the dmv and start studying asap. Call schools in your area and ask them about your timeframe

  9. I mean don't drive buzzed anywhere. Carol Stream is known for issuing DUIs and DWIs

  10. I grew up in Carol Stream, they focus on getting traffic tickets. They use the revenue, at least in part, to have the newest cruiser vehicles they had brand new Chargers, Suburbans, Durangos, and many more undercover vehicles ( I’ve seen 80k+ pickup trucks, sports cars, and foreigns).

  11. Maybe in a few years. They have talent but need development before they are at that level. Right now they both get finished by guys in the top 5

  12. Right?? shit like this is why a lot of gun owners dont even want to have a civil discourse about common sense gun control

  13. Not to be snobby but for future reference it is spelled offense

  14. Agreed with all of that. My bf did the arm pinning thing early on but, after he caught my hands, he paused, leaned in close, bit my earlobe and whispered “this ok?”

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