1. They are pretty good at destabilising geopolitics tbh but that will be harder now they are going broke.

  2. Yeah. My skepticism is causing me difficulty believing this one.. Just a post by St. Javelin on Twitter with no corroborating information. It's a bit sus

  3. I guess.... If money is more important to you than the people close to you.

  4. Putin is a cancerous polyp on the anus of humanity.. he's an insecure psychopath.

  5. Every post that amplifies Putin's nuclear threats is a win for Kremlin propaganda.

  6. I know that this is very shallow of me to say, but she is really beautiful. Before you get upset that I am being sexist, I am a woman :)

  7. Honestly, I think Ukraine has more beautiful women per capita than any nation on earth.

  8. You're an Olympic athlete who will publicly refuse to attend if Russia is at the Olympics? Bravo!

  9. Every post that amplifies Putin's nuclear threats is a win for Kremlin propaganda.

  10. I know a few Nigerian princes who would love to help oligarchs hide their money... Let me check my spam folder lol

  11. This has nothing to do with Ukraine though. Netflix isn't a Ukrainian company.

  12. No issues with height or weight. Security is the job people take while they wait for the job you want.

  13. Nets will protect the Russians from a bomb dropped by a drone the same way that an undershirt protects soldiers from grenade shrapnel.

  14. You posted a picture with no corroborating information. The founder of Ben and Jerry's is being a piece of shit, but B&J is now owned by a publicly traded company called Unilever.

  15. A UAV drone killing US Servicemen in Syria is a tragedy. I'm pleased that they counter attacked and took out the launch site.

  16. That's of note. It has nothing to do with the Ukrainian conflict though. It isn't even conflict adjacent.

  17. The incident with Russia and the American drone in the Black Sea was reported in this sub.

  18. They look great. Good shape for your face, not too big. They're on trend. And now I want them.

  19. Trump has the word Rump in it, and it is irrefutable that the man is an ass..... She is on to something here.

  20. It is very effective against armor. It neutralizes tanks. This will help.

  21. Honestly, this is only fair. Depleted uranium is the only thing Ukraine can get that is close to being as dense as a Russian Officer.

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