1. I haven’t gotten boxes for awhile now, is this a box? Is it still available?

  2. These are spoilers for GBP now called Boxycharm by IPSY. April is their first box after the merge and people are reporting that they are put on a wait list to get the box and that April box is not available currently and Ipsy charge people for May box. Also they got rid of the bag now so they can include better products they say.

  3. Shoot. Ok I may sign back up then. If they’re going to send out stuff like this I for sure don’t want to miss out. Thank you for the info!

  4. Just keep in mind that people are reporting that after 22/03 the box Ipsy charge for is for May. They first charge people, put them in a waiting list and then inform them they will get the May box. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. I’d love the Tatcha. Or even the eyeliner since I don’t have any liquid eyeliners.

  6. Hopefully you'll get it! Tatchas are usually fresh, I wouldn't mind getting it, but prefer the lipstick.

  7. Official BoxyCharm by IPSY April 2023 Choices & Add-Ons Spoilers:

  8. Question - do most of you sign up based off of spoilers? I really like Ipsy. I get the glam bag and the glam bag plus every month. I’m thinking of getting the icon box but I’m not sure if it’s worth the price since it’s almost double gbp.

  9. If I ever sign up for the Icon Box will be based of of the spoilers. But so far I don't think this tier is really worth it, you pay double the cost of the ex Glam Bag Plus and you get only 3 products more. The products are supposed to be more luxory of course, but is this the case always?! I don't think so. Also we have seen how the ex Glam Bag X products appear after a few months in the ex Glam Bag Plus or as add-ons. So it is really up to you and what kind of experience you want to have. To have these right away or to wait a little and have them in your BoxyCharm by Ipsy. I think most people subscribe mostly because of the celebrity which will curate the bag/box. And that's worth it for them.

  10. Seriously just don’t understand the love for Putin. Ukraine aside, he murders journalists and anyone who dares to go against him.

  11. Our World is full with such an "examples", historically too ... and I am naive enough to wonder will this ever change?! Will we ever change?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. Oooh I have this brush it is amazing! Use it for foundation 👌🏼

  13. Yep! And it is finally available again and for a good sale price. Hopefully will receieve it!

  14. Yep just picked up another one for backup!

  15. Same! When I saw it last night and for only $5 I thought to share as there was some turmoil a few months ago about this brush and the different prices it was offered for at Ipsy.

  16. Can we here they got me I love lip gloss

  17. When do we choose for April? I’m trying to decide if I should pause. I’m so back and forth with which subscriptions to keep and chuck. 💭

  18. If you are asking about the regular Glam Bag, choice started yesterday ( 22nd of March )and in your place I would head over and choose an item as soon as possible. If you are asking about choice for GBP now called Boxycharm by Ipsy choice day always starts on the 2nd of each month and lasts until the 3rd of the each month. The sooner you choose the better the options for good products.

  19. You are welcome! By the way you can still cancel GB even after you choose an item as they start charging for April on the last day of March. I hope this helps! ☺️

  20. Your GBP is actually a good one!!! This month was soooo bad choice wise

  21. Agree, it could have been much worse. Some choices we had!!! I would have prefer to have a makeup heavy bag, but with the given choices I went with at least known brands skincare. Customer service promised me to send me replacement bag, assured me they are sending me the greek themed bag for this month and yesterday I received an old bag. I was going to stay subscribed for April too, but just went ahead and cancelled. Disappointments with my regular bag are enough for me.

  22. I keep saying I’m going to cancel because I’m on product overload and the bags have been so bad. But I’m going to hang around for April to see how it is. If it blows then I’m def out and I’ll just put the money towards trips to TJ Maxx. My store is great - no one where I live has a clue about expensive brands that work, so they all end up dirt cheap on clearance. A far better deal than ipsy disappointments!

  23. I usually don't get GBP, but wanted that excitement to choose 3 out of 5 and they failed to deliver this to me. With not exciting choices and not sending me the bag. I wanted to get April too as the first one after the merge, but I have also principles ... Don't have time to write them double the e-mails as well. As there is always something. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I hope for everyone to have much better choices next month! I can't wait to see people posting about it. ☺️

  24. I don't know of any code for purchases in their store, but you could use Rakuten for $5 cash back also when buying from the store as long as you spend $10 or more.

  25. The perfume is like vanilla to me. Kind of like unisex? Hahaha. I havent tried the korres yet, i need to finish my otherrrrrrr products before this! 🥹😂 or theyll expire quicker for me

  26. A lot of Vanilla isn't it? Vanilla and Birthday cake somewhat. I got 8ml from Scentbird, because it was out of stock for me for the Spring Box.

  27. Enjoy your headwear sunglasses! Heheh. You are so pretty! 🥰 Amazing skin too! How is this Korres body cream? Do you like it? I almost bought it. And do you like the perfume?

  28. Thank you for this! I'm always too late and miss out on stuff I really need, but not this time! 🙂

  29. Some are already out of stock, but they quickly went out of stock right after the opening last night. Now it is Choice time if you have the GB subscription.

  30. I noticed a few things out of stock, but not many. I made my choice when it opened at 9am - the Living Proof. I actually remembered for a change! lol

  31. Hehehe. Nice! The hours and days they have these start are not the most convenient ones.

  32. Quick Q, I thought I read Boxycharm choice day starts on 2nd of the month at 9am EDT/6am PDT on the Ipsy site. Is 7am EDT the usual Ipsy gbp choice time?

  33. Interesting. I haven't see this yet on the Ipsy website. So far choice has been 6am/9am for GB and 4am/7am for GBP. Now, next month is a first for Boxycharm by Ipsy, maybe there will be a change, I am not sure. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  34. They added more items to the ipsy shop and those enticed me more than the flash sale items.

  35. I saw that earlier, a lot of them were GBP products for March.

  36. Thanks, I'll have a look! Hoping for the mid-month 1800-point item...assuming there will be one at all.

  37. I've been checking that these days and nothing. Haha. It looks like there won't be any. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe because they had a bit more items on the 1st. Who knows?!

  38. I had this on my stach of beauty box items and cant remember where I got it!

  39. It must be from Macy's Beauty Box for February 2023.

  40. I decided to subscribe to GBP this month ( this is my second GBP ever ) mostly for the greek bag theme.

  41. I once paid attention to the weight and once my order was actually shipped it changed to a lot less and then I didn't receive half my items. Another time it changed to a lot more and I received all. So, maybe check the weight again when this shippment finally moves. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  42. I know, right? Too much guessings with Ipsy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  43. Mine is like 2/3 empty. I never had a foam product with visible contents to be able to compare. But what a huge bottle for 22ml of product. 🙄

  44. Hehe yeah I know how you feel about that!! But people on here were saying the same things about the bottle being so big but it’s because it has to be that size because it has a pump on it and to dispense it needs to be that size I supposed!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  45. Could be, I hope is that! And they didn't just wasted so much material for no reason. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  46. If you are getting April's bag, you should cancel before 1st of May. If you cancel now you will not receive Refreshments and maybe the bag as well. I would wait to receive them first or at least when they ship.

  47. If you contact them they will send you a replacement. This is called an Ipsy-Oopsie ( Ipsy's gift by mistake ), but only if you get also your bag. 😃

  48. Thanks. I am sympathetic to shipping mistakes; they happen occasionally at my own shop. We always take care of the customer when that happens. I will contact them!

  49. They will too take care of you, at least this is something they always do! ☺️

  50. Weird, ipsy has always asked me for a picture of the label so it's an automatic reflex fore to take a picture & send it with tje first email & now I won't throw any packaging away until I double check on on the site that every item I ordered is in there, especially with shop orders. I always forget what I ordered by the time it comes, and 8/10, there are missing items ☹️

  51. They really have no consistency in any area. They never asked me for shipping labels or photos of damaged items, they only have asked me photo once of e-mail promotion offer, that I didn't receive.

  52. I guess it depends on the order, the claim, the item, the CSR... wtf knows? Lol. And I apologize. Auto correct made my reply close to illegible 😵 my new phones' keyboard is still calibrating, it seems.

  53. Yep, I haven't read yet someone to have received the magnetic eyeliner. They refunded me the points plus some extra and said they are completely out of stock. What a surprise this set is available in the Shop right now. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  54. I know their response time has been, well....... yea. They didn't send me an item from the drop shop and it took 6 days to get a reply after I already had an agent helping me :')

  55. 6 days is still good hahahaha. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  56. It was with the subscription bag. I sent them an email but I'm wondering if that's the best place for them to actually reply.

  57. Hmm, I am really curious what they will say. I had to contact them the other day and they replied within few hours, sometimes is within 5 days. Hopefully soon they will respond! 🤞

  58. If you remember let us know what they said. This really looks like an Ipsy-Oopsie ( a random Ipsy gift by mistake ). 😃

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