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  1. Hey I just got my new Odin 75 keyboard and am trying to rebind some of the keys. I have tried the

  2. Got mine too had the exact same issue and had to go through kbdfans support to get it working. You need to flash your PCB. Go to the

  3. Hey is there a way to confirm what the pcb board type I got is?

  4. did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same exact issue and I've sent this fucking thing back 3 times now

  5. Hey sorry forgot to respond, and no I never figured the issue out. Tried flashing the board and everything, that shit has stayed broken. Think its something wrong with the actual plate

  6. Nope. Just gave up honestly. I tried flashing the board once but nothing. W.e

  7. Price Check on GMK Olivia++? I am wondering about price of all of the parts and if the price would changed in a bundle or individually.

  8. So I just got into the hobby this year and I really love the GMK Olivia++ set. I was wondering if there were any plans to rerelease this set or any places that still have it for sale? I have looked around and the closet thing I can find are clones, and of the clones I have heard that the Epomaker clones are supposed to be really good, but I am open to other suggestions. Should I just go with those or is there a chance for a future rerun? Thanks all <3

  9. Ok that seems to be what most people are saying. Thanks for the help (:

  10. Hey if account 2 is still available I would like to talk. I added you on discord.

  11. So I just got a gmmk pro but after 5 days it has stopped working. Are there any other hot swapable keyboards out there that are better or similar, I really like the 83 key layout but I don’t need the knob thingy. Any suggestions would be super appreciated.

  12. have you opened up Glorious Core to see how the buttons are configured?

  13. it's a very unintuitive piece of software. did you hit 'save' after you made the change? if you don't hit save it's like it didn't happen.

  14. Yea I hit save and then also tried to change it and then save it in a new profile. You are correct about it being unintuitive though for sure.

  15. I generally bring both PvMing, using SGB as my primary "threshold" and only using Dark Bow when takes breath SGB, Snap Shot, Rapid Fire, Shadow Tendrils, AND Deadshot (with Zuk cape) are all on cool down AND I have adrenaline to burn. Without it you don't have an effective adrenaline dump for range and a good relentless proc (like on an ult) or a lot of Hydrix bolt procs can leave you at high adrenaline without anything to use it on otherwise.

  16. pretty sure anytime you can deadshot you just use darkbow, deadshot bleeds dont scale with all the bonuses you have while db spec does.

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