1. Ima snatch that dragon mask if you don’t give it to me fish bitch

  2. Apples and oranges? The fuck do you mean, why can’t fruits be compared?!

  3. It’s like comparing a girl putting her finger in your bum to taking dick in the ass.

  4. It’s like comparing wee wee times during poo poo times to poo poo times during wee wee times same genre completely different outcome.

  5. That's not what every Chick-Fil-A employee in the subreddit says.

  6. They probably marinate in pickle juice for a couple of hours (only a couple of hours because the chicken would start to pickle lol) then ship it to the restaurant in butter milk then bread it there.(idk im in Australia we don’t have chicken)

  7. Of course he picked womens divisions 💀

  8. He just wishes the open weight setting could also be mixed gender

  9. I use the same fryer. How do you get the gunk out from the bit in the bottom left side? I normally use water, but it takes a lot to flush it out.

  10. Sorry it’s a glitch ur actually still in div 1

  11. If you have a PlayStation why wouldn’t u just scream record?

  12. You obviously do since you’re commenting on my post 😂😂 move along loser

  13. Nothing I just thought it was weird that a bunch of his content popped up before jcs. Why are you weirdly defensive lol

  14. Even still with your example of it helps small content creators it really doesn't, darkviper explains it very well in his video series, better than I could.

  15. But I’m pretty sure tuv and sunnyv2 thanked penguin(could be wrong but I know tuv is gonna collab with penguin for a subscriber mile stone) I do agree in some cases it’s bad (like the guy in the vid above and jinx back in the day). You could also argue old h3h3 is react (I think it’s more but the argument could be made). I definitely agree with some point from viper, But I just don’t think it’s a black or white situation i think it’s a case by case situation, to see it differently is kinda arrogant (in my opinion). But that’s my opinion and I could be wrong and change my mind in the future.

  16. To be honest if I saw that as a kid, I would have thought “wow she’s so pretty” nothing more. But ya it’s best you find a different pfp with the same character. It’s very clear she’s being sexualize.

  17. Definitely not her fault im just worried about her safety

  18. Yer right dude. I’m not about to try and change your mind about this cuz I know damn well yer already set in your own ways. Just needed to verbalize it for those who didn’t wanna argue with an idiot.

  19. I like how you’re also arguing a point I never maid. I said that this pfp could attract Pedophiles because she’s a 9 year old with a sexual drawing as her pfp. And if you agree this sub culture of anime isn’t appropriate for children(anime that’s meant for adults)…what the fuck is you’re point to being with?

  20. Aspinal was like thanks for the quick cash. Good doing business with you

  21. Lol I honestly found the king easier than the dragon he’s riding…always fucking with my camera and shit….can’t see shit…keep missing and shit. Good job bro

  22. Honestly depends on if the dude is laggy or not, grappling while laggy is kinda cheating cause you can legit perfectly deny a transition and they still get through because they’re lag through it.

  23. No, don't have it and I can't connect to the internet anyways

  24. You can get the disc version and it comes with dlc

  25. I literally complimented him and you called me an asshole I think you need some lessons on room-reading skills

  26. Lol this guy is trying to gaslight a group of people 😂

  27. Honestly the best advice I can give you is go along with it, it’s honestly fun to talk shit with someone. It’s just a game so shit talk really doesn’t mean anything. If you can’t beat ‘em join em

  28. This... But don't swear whatever else you say, fuckers can get you banned for that 😂.

  29. lol one time trash auto corrected to trans on the ps app and I got banned for hate speech. “Dude why are you talking shit you’re TRANS” as soon as it sent I knew I was fucked.

  30. Nice slip bro, but you shoulda hit him with the, nice,thanks,well played.

  31. I’m in the same boat as you lol, I reckon it feels as hard as malenia because it’s still relatively early in the game and your stats and weapons aren’t that good yet, melania is a late game boss so you’ll Probably have better stats and gear. But bro……..this isn’t even the hardest boss in the game lmao

  32. When I wake up?, well I know im gonna be, I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next to you.

  33. Probably Steven hawking, he was pretty cool

  34. Well im not talking about elden ring than am I lol

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