1. It actually isn’t that bad. 🤣😋 I was expecting a lot worse.

  2. First time i got bored while watching, what a lame dexter rip off

  3. You should dexter and hannibal tv series are top tier tv. Dexter seasons 1-4 are awesome.

  4. I have seen the Hannibal tv show but I never finished it but it was really good. I’ll have to check Dexter out👍.

  5. EP 2 was the worst in my opinion. Anticlimactic and so predictable. 4/10. E3 was 8/10 with a cool twist at the end and EP 1 was so intriguing with the tie in to AHS Coven. 👌

  6. Hard disagree I found the ambience of aura genuinely chilling at times.

  7. Really? It was extremely predictable and anticlimactic…..

  8. I agree. I liked the concept but then it never went anywhere and just ended really lame..

  9. I didn't like it either. I just hate when modern technology is mixed with horror. It is just very repulsive for me, idk why. Dollhouse was abit better.

  10. I thought it was a lot better than last weeks episode which I also liked.

  11. The ending was phenomenal and so unexpected! Even though Coby had some form of powers I did not initially stick with a Coven crossover but once it happened I was so excited.

  12. I have seen every season of AHS but never checked out stories because of the general negative consensus…. Is it worth watching?

  13. Yes! It is worth watching just because it’s AHS related I think it could have been better but yea just check it out😄. You could watch the new episode from s2 tonight and then catch up on season 1 until s2’s next new episode next week!

  14. I’m going to say yes as people who live outside the US say instead of Hulu it will be on Disney +

  15. I’m only watching through AHS for the first time and I’m up to Season 9 (1984) and I honestly can find something I love about each season. My least favourite so far is Season 5 (Hotel) but Season 7 (Cult) is probably my second favourite after Season 2 (Asylum).

  16. Hotel was better for me after a few rewatches unlike my initial watch. I like Asylum but I think it’s overrated 😅.

  17. I thought I was going to like it b/c at the time I was really into 80’s horror movies but I did not because it reminded me of all the 80’s movies I was already watching.

  18. May I add one scene I would have loved but didn’t exist? A final poignant between isobel and the dowager. I cannot believe on her deathbed she acknowledged lady Bagshaw but nothing to her friend. Sad.

  19. You know that’s interesting, I didn’t even think of that. Now that you mention it, it would have been nice to hear the dowager mention Isobel in her last moments. However, I think we can be safe in the knowledge that the dowager learned to love Isobel and become friends with her and we were privileged to see that on screen long before we ever got to meet Lady Bagshaw. It’s like we already know how much the dowager appreciated Isobel like, it’s already implied although she didn’t actually say it.

  20. I agree but at the very least they had their moment beforehand where violet admitted she trusted Isobel and her opinion above all others. That was huge of Violet to admit and meant a great deal to both women. Isobel could feel that they made their peace just the two of them already and nothing else needed to be said

  21. I have yet to see the film but I am all for spoilers! Is there any reference to Sybil in this film? I know Tom is getting re-married and I was just wondering if he or any other character mentions her. She was my favorite so I’m trying to prepare myself for any mention of her b/c I know I am going to tear up! 😢💔

  22. The Dowager has an “intimate” conversation with Tom, telling him that he was not exactly what they wanted for Sybil at the time but she is glad he joined the family in the end (hopefully I remember that conversation correctly lol). They also make reference to Sybil whenever they talk about Sybie, and the Dowager entrusts the French villa she inherited to Sybie in honour of Sybil (since Tom’s children by Lucy will have Brampton, George is the future Earl of Grantham + heir of Downton, and Edith can financially take care of Marigold, while Sybie has no inheritance).

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