I just got a vasectomy and I encourage other men to do the same.

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  1. I would say I will special order one for him that looks like his mother

  2. I may be wrong, but I've seen straight girls who had girlfriends who were secretly in love with them, but thought no one else knew it. But the objects of their unrequited love had usually figured it out a long time ago. They weren't going to do anything about it, but they knew.

  3. Part of being a young adult is learning hard life lessons the hard way because they don't have enough life experience to not let their emotions override their common sense. Looks like she's going to ignore what is obvious to everyone else until it blows up in her face. I would try to convince her to get an IUD so she's not saddled with a kid when she realizes the truth about her beloved.

  4. People who apologize for everything. They are even more annoying than people who never apologize for anything.

  5. I would have the government offer $20,000 for people between the ages of 18 and 45 to become permanently sterilized. The people who would take the fast and easy money probably shouldn't be parents anyway.

  6. Yeah, there would be some people who would game the system. But on the whole, I do believe it would pay for itself with fewer crimes committed or social services needed.

  7. Pregnancy has risks. If your wife has complications and/or dies, you will have to raise your children without her. It’s like donating a kidney. You don’t do it unless it’s really necessary. If she’s going behind he sister’s back to use your sperm, you can’t trust her.

  8. I’ve heard about one guy who for whatever reason, had scabs all over his penis. It might have been an ex who made up the story, but no woman wanted anything to do with scabby penis man.

  9. I was walking through a parking lot to get to my car. I didn't see anyone and it was daytime. I got this feeling that something wasn't right, but couldn't tell what it might be. By the time I got to my car, I had my key ready in my hand instead of spending a few seconds to take it out of my pocket when I got to my car like I usually do and quickly got in. Now I normally take the time to plug in my phone to the charger and put my seatbelt on before locking the door. But as soon as I started to get in, something in my head screamed LOCK THE DOOR and I quickly shut the door and hit the lock. Literally half a second later, some guy who I had never realized was there tried to open the door and ran off when it was locked.

  10. They are usually that way because they haven’t experienced real evil firsthand before.

  11. Some people mesh right. Some are gold diggers. Some are looking for safety. Some have daddy issues. Not sure if your cousin is any of the above, but everyone involved is an adult. You may not like it, but my guess is that you will just have to wait and see how this plays out. Who knows? They may end up being married 40 years and happy for all of them.

  12. Personally, I agree. You can say anything on Reddit that may or may not be true. Quora is a bit more honest.

  13. That's what makes it more honest. People can see who you are instead of some 45 year-old guy pretending to be a 16 year-old lesbian.

  14. Does anyone know if there were foreign volunteer fighters for Armenia during the First Nagorno-Karabakh War like there are in the Ukraine?

  15. If he calls you that, then start calling him "Son" or "Child". That emasculates him and when he gets mad, just say that's what you will call him as long as he keeps calling you that.

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