1. So you saw the first post got 17k like and went like: yeah, no one will know that i took this from the exact same subreddit and posted it on the exact same subreddit, wow i am so smart

  2. How could anyone flip off dinosaurs? The poor bastards died in the flood...

  3. I'm just agreeing? Like, as a response to all that BS the other dude wrote, all i can say is its a good thing trans women are women, then.

  4. Hopefully this will cause many other bigots to get banned too :)

  5. Jesus Christ man just say the outfit is cute and go away what the fuck

  6. Right? i don't understand why people have to inflict fetishes on those who have not agreed to it.

  7. These types of comments are always made by single childs who have no idea what having a sister is actually like.

  8. Yes, yes, we get it. All trans people must be men pretending so they can be predators. UGH!

  9. Attunement is pretty shitty, in my opinion. I've got space to wear/hold the magic item, I should be able to use it without needing to attune to it. If i need to switch out a weapon mid combat because the bad guy summoned an ice elemental, and I'm wielding my freezing burst axe, and want to use my flametongue instead, or change a necklace while I'm falling, I shouldn't be unable to do it cause I need to spend time attuning first. It really lessens the epicness and fantasy of the game.

  10. As someone whose wife HAD an ectopic pregnancy, it pains me so much that some people will think this is true.

  11. I was really hoping the free aware would be wholesome, so I could gift it to this comment. And it was!

  12. Reminds me of a back and forth at a vampire game i was at, when a younger vamp was asking an elder why he preferred to dine on younger mortals- "It's called veal."

  13. Oh, he didn't die. That's just what he wants you to believe. Him and JFK jr are hanging out together now.

  14. When staff allows a rapist to stay in game cause 'He's not like that.' Despite complaints from multiple players.

  15. A game I knew had credible allegations from almost a dozen women, and the owner sent cease and desists to people coming forward and made the alleged rapist the actual face of advertising for the very next event

  16. Player rolled a nat 20 on their spot check (3.5) during night watch. i decided to give them something to see. A headless horseman rode past, not bothering them, just riding down the road. They woke everyone up, and chased it down, and i had to figure out the reason for it to exist, and the castle it led to, and all that on the spot. They loved it.

  17. So, like, superman, Batman, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker.... the list goes on and on.

  18. I read a Heinlien book in high school and went "Oh, shit, you can actually do that? it's for me!"

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