1. you can look in your pokedex and filter for the perfect IV mons you have caught. i have transferred a few i know by accident

  2. I do. Do it whenever I feel even the slightest bit of uncomfortability or air build up since I’ve heard people started naturally burping after doing it enough. Just shove two fingers down and air comes up. Really is crazy how much space the air takes up. There have been times I’ve felt so full I couldn’t eat another bite, I air vomit, and then could genuinely eat another meal.

  3. Or just grinding like hell, and ONLY shiny checking pokemons that can actually be shiny (A lot of them werent shiny eligible)

  4. From what I’m seeing everywhere else (and personal experience, I played the entire day and only shiny checked for half of it) people who did exactly that got like 6, tops. I only got 4. You would need like lottery winning luck to get 26+.

  5. Thank you! This will come in handy while keeping track of what pokemon me and my friend have already as we're aiming to try collect every one we don't have :)

  6. Exactly! Already made my own and checked off the ones I have already :) hope you and your friend catch everything you want!

  7. You need to win 3 times after 20 to get pikachu libre…. Wish I knew that last season :/. Hit 20 and stopped and was mad I didn’t get him. I also never got a legendary spawn last season

  8. Wow I completely forgot about that role. That’s actually the first thing I’ve seen her in too

  9. you only have 34 friends?! add many more and grind that xp

  10. I really only add people I know IRL. Aside from that it’s just been people I’ve raided with in PokeGenie who live far far away

  11. Overexposed? It looks like you left them in a box with radioactive material haha

  12. Maybe the next Gen will have an Elephants Foot Garbodor and this is how they’re teasing it

  13. Gonna make this in my realm and we’ll play “go find the anvil”

  14. Always wanted to explore an abandoned house. No idea how to find them though since they’re houses and not businesses which would’ve been on google

  15. All of the hundo info in my community is passed on via online chats (which I would argue are real communities, but apparently Niantic won’t accept that). People do play in in-person groups, but only small ones.

  16. I would kill to have a chat for hundos. I’m at 10,000 Pokémon caught and only have 4 hundos so far. I check every one I catch

  17. If you purify some high IV shadows, you can get some hundos. That's how I got Gardevoir and Tyranitar hundo. But that was also around level 26 when I thought, "Pfft, I'm never going to invest all that dust into shadows." (Putting on clown makeup meme)

  18. Yeah I was gonna say lol wouldn’t it be better to keep them shadow?

  19. Does raid hour give any bonus rewards? Or is the only difference the mass amount of t5 spawns.

  20. Don't forget tomorrow is Raid Hour. Queue times on Poke Genie go down dramatically during that window, sometimes to the point where there are more open lobbies than there are ppl waiting to join.

  21. What time is raid hour? And how do I know when one is even coming? I see nothing in game

  22. I had one spawn when I ran out of Pokeballs yesterday, had to run to a stop to get more lol

  23. It ended up being a 1*, I just hadn't caught one (or had the candy for the evolution) until then

  24. The singer of REM. Will never understand how someone can listen to their music.

  25. here are the requirements for this season (same as last season which was season 10)

  26. Thank you so much! When it says “one additional win” does that mean one win? Or like one MORE win each rank. So 1 win the first time, 2 the second, etc.

  27. Essentially you need 1 win that set. So for example if you're rank 6, and you need "1 additional win" to rank up, you can just win once that set and lose the rest then you go to rank 7. And when it's "1 additional win" for the next rank, it is just one more win that set. It's not adding them cumulative. So when it says "1 additional win" it doesnt mean like 4 wins if that's the 4th rank in a row it says, it's just 1 still.

  28. Awesome thank you so much. It does seem to get steep later on though lol hopefully it’s not TOO difficult

  29. How do you get this research task? I’ve never seen it before

  30. Is the 850 coin box worth it for the elite TM? I just got back into the game and don’t know how rare those are or what they usually go for.

  31. To get the extra catch candy during community day…. If I mega evolve Pidgeot, does he have to be my buddy too or just Mega evolved?

  32. Wait what is the mega bonus during community day? I didn’t see anything about that

  33. Oh my god!!! I know exactly what this place is! (Not saying name because idk if we’re allowed to here). My most recent YouTube video is exploring this place. It’s so surreal seeing a place I’ve been on this sub lol

  34. Wow 3+ years old so even 2019 Pokémon will have a 20% chance?? Jeez. Thank you!

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