1. What do you call a cattle dog crossed with a dachshund?

  2. Incredibly she does not beg! I give her little bites but she seems suspicious if it's a new thing. She lifts one side of her lip and gently takes the thing through that side of her mouth, never straight on. Like she's side eyeing with her mouth - haha. Once it's in her mouth she spits it out, sniffs it, tries it again and finally eats it. Weird and so funny to watch!

  3. Our (I’m still with my family) dog right now does that with his treats. It’s not exactly the same, he eats it, spits it, and eats it, but he leaves out small pieces of the treats when he does this! I end up picking up the pieces and feeding it to him..(half slobbered)

  4. Amazing. It's so disappointing we never got to see too much of Kite. He was only here for the beginning of the arc..and we never saw any of his other Crazy Slots forms. R.I.P you legend.

  5. Responsible breeders are great! They help improve the breed, and will generally take a dog back at any point due to poor treatment or owner death etc. thus keeping a dog out of the shelter. It’s more difficult and expensive to find someone who’s breeding to improve dogs than breeding either out of negligence or for a quick dollar though.

  6. No way! I'm up in Canada and the crappy breeders who are spitting out designer breeds are waaay more expensive. IE $3,000+ for a doodle-mix, Frenchie mix, with no health or temperament testing, etc.

  7. Well I’m not in Canada-I’m in the other side. From what I’ve researched, puppy mills/backyard breeders sell puppies at lower prices. That might just be your country. Thanks for supporting my choice though. I saw so many redditors protesting, and saying to follow adopt don’t shop, it was pressuring me a bit.

  8. i am a yorkie lover but have rescued mine. makes me sad to see someone spend so much money when i have rescued purebred PUPPIES from shelters

  9. Well sorry I’m not rescuing then. I understand though. I have no yorkie rescues where I am. I’ve searched and searched but there’s really nothing. There was a shelter I was looking at but it was in another country.

  10. Oh they are character's! Moon loves to argue with me! I say he has the short man syndrome....lol. He runs the house. But, he likes to sneak off and poop in other room....and hike. (No matter how often he goes out...rather do it inside I guess)

  11. Err I know I'm the one asking for help but if you litter trained a dog it should stick. Your dog must be a bit confused right now. If he doesn't stop pooping inside, better buy that litter.

  12. Why are ya’ll down voting my comment?

  13. Honestly, I have no idea but I wasn’t one of them. Maybe cause of the misunderstanding?

  14. [Joke] Tips for the dog: Tip your water bowl. Cause chaos. That's what dogs do. Provide your owner with comfort, but make sure to still be energetic enough for them.

  15. I just searched it up, goldens and labrador retrievers are hunting breeds, also some of the most popular dog breeds. Try searching on it, and see if it fits

  16. Maybe sign her up for doggy daycare to tire her out during the afternoons? And before bed (not when you have your pajamas on, I mean before or after dinner), play with her so she sleeps soundly. Just suggestions.

  17. I would try to tell her that you’ll put puppy back after walk/play and what not. A pup that young must be quite anxious alone all that time on the regular. I am saying that you should suggest a couple of breaks for pup throughout the day. Btw-I’d be bothered too (I’ve found that work put in between 3 months and year and half really pays off in discipline and pups happiness)

  18. I agree. This might sound careless but I don’t care if you need to break into her room to take care of the poor pup. Give it toys. Walk it or play with it in secret. Following my previous suggestion, maybe even rehome it. Anything to make the pooch happy.

  19. [Second Comment] I know you don’t want to ruin your “dynamic” but this is too cruel. I don’t think you should keep this situation any longer. Whether it ruins your relationship with her or not, please do what you can for this puppy. Even if your roommate grows away from you, it’s for the better. I wouldn’t want to be roommates with someone like this.

  20. That’s very careless. Just because your dog is off leash doesn’t mean that they can control themselves. The owners of those dogs probably are just passing blame.

  21. It’s natural for people to have a favorite person. Same thing with dogs. Just because he likes your partner more, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. No worries, it’s a natural dog thing. (Ex. I’m with my dog a lot but guess who he likes more? My mom who goes out a lot-)

  22. This sounds like my current dog. He also wags his tail and doesn’t jump all over us etc. I’d say you got a dog more of the “chill” side.

  23. Contact a shelter. If the owner is this bad, please rehome it or put it in a shelter. This might sound bad but maybe when you're free and ready, you can take her back. Bless her little heart ♥️

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