1. Goeddert over Andrews, Andrews has been god awful without Lamar

  2. Another achievement by LeRecordChaser

  3. Chubbs a beast depends on what u already have at WR if Evans is a big enough upgrade to downgrade from chubb to cook

  4. U have a chance. Okudah and the lions locked Jefferson last week, maybe Metkalf gets locked. Plus CEH has a terrible matchup vs d giving least points to rbs so far. And he’s so flukey reception and td reliant

  5. Rare debatable good trade for both sides

  6. Swift’s looked great this season his value is higher than that

  7. Kyler is diet Lamar so idk why you wouldn’t take Lamar

  8. Kobe is a mickey mouse inclusion since he almost quit on the team for chicago

  9. He attacks the rim even in retirement

  10. Mickey mouse cherry picked stat try again kobe dickriders

  11. Because I don’t feel sad for her. Some of the ants became more human and she cries for the king and komugi. But she murdered Kite and lied to Gon she knew he was dead and went along with it to get time to heal Komugi. And she was gonna kill him immediately after. I know its a fan fav cuz cat girl, but I hate her with Gon.

  12. She recognized Gon from when he was there with Kite. She killed a companion of the kid and quite savored killing him to the point of learning nen to hopefully have him fight again with her power. I’m sure she is smart enough to know.

  13. He became too human, he developed his own interpretation of whats best for the king instead of blindly obeying like an Ant.

  14. Kurapika would have lost a lot of time off his life in this arc using emperor time

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