The types of apologists for invasion of Ukraine

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  1. I don't like his rug. It reminds me of something unpleasant, I just can't put my finger on what.

  2. Due to the ongoing sanctions Russia currently lacks the technical ability to produce high tech goods of that nature.

  3. That's actually a feature that came out of communist central planning. The communist loved to criticize market economies for being inefficient and decided themselves that for maximum efficiency they must build the largest factories because it brings in economics of scale. That works nicely in theory, but it also makes the system extremely prone to shocks, since when all output of good x comes from a single factory, every other producer down the production chain will suffer from similar (or worse) output delays.

  4. This may just be me, but I get gay vibes from this picture with their bule/white striped sailor-like shirts and the fact that the cops were insignia that says "homo" on it in reverse.

  5. NATO need to make it very clear to Putin that any use of nukes will result in him being personally targeted along with massive amounts of Russian military infrastructure including the entire Russian navy. This scenario is most likely what’s on table at the moment anyway.

  6. My personal guess despite being a non-expert (I was part of special ops more than 2 decades ago) is that NATO will sink the entire Russian navy if Russia launches a nuke in Ukraine. Russian navy is in such shitty shape that they can't even win against the Ukrainian navy - and Ukraine doesn't even have a navy - that they'll stand no chance against NATO.

  7. No, no, no. Do not suggest such things to the universe. Rule fucking 34 ffs people!!!

  8. Maybe Lavrov ends up doing a Goatse? You never know! He's a very talented diplomat after all.

  9. Well, to be fair, Russia probably has enough equipment to sharpen their soldiers' teeth, but that's all they'll be getting.

  10. I wonder how long their entmoot lasted?

  11. Mods, could you pin this please? It'll be even more relevant in 2 weeks when the first batch of the new cannon fodder enters Ukraine.

  12. Allegedly so, but in actuality that may be none at all. At this point it seems that Russia is lacking trainers and even if it didn't, the corruption level is so high that most resources are spent before they reach their intended use.

  13. I once worked for a company that went bankrupt and just before it entered bankruptcy procedures a lot of senior people quit, so I ended being promoted to a director managing a dozen of 30-60 year old employees, while being under 30 myself. I was basically given a lot more serious job than I was capable of, and only because I was the most capable guy left at the company. This is exactly what the Russian army is currently doing. Trying to find someone with some form of sense and promoting them to managerial jobs typically done by people 10+ years older. It's not a recipe for success, just like my job as a manager in a bankrupt company wasn't.

  14. Nah. I tried my best, but the employees were very unmotivated, because everyone knew we were going into bankruptcy (or were already in it). I also lacked authority and have since learned that it's very hard to be taken seriously if you're under about 35. The company got sold in the end anyway and in that process about half of the remaining employees lost their jobs.

  15. Soon Russia will have no modern Major Generals left.

  16. Oh, they still have T-62s left! Well, a few more trains like this and they'll be out.

  17. Quoting the Lies from Russia's Foreign Minister :

  18. Lavrov is in my book perhaps the most annoying person alive. What's particularly annoying with this is that even if it was true that Russian speakers were denied basic rights etc., they still maintained their right to keep property and stay alive. When Russia invaded eastern Ukraine they destroyed everything in their path and killed probably half the people who stayed. As an example, Mariupol was a 90% Russian speaking city (10% Ukrainian) and the Russians completely destroyed it. The sad (or "sad") part is that once this war is finally over, I can bet that a lot of Russian language institutes, programs, etc. etc. will be shut down all over the world and the Russian language will receive a massive degrading. It won't go extinct, but it will become a globally insignificant language, no-one is interested in learning.

  19. Well, he's not wrong in the sense that a minority should have the right to speak their own language in whatever country they choose to live, and not be forced to give up their own language and identity. It's just that the Russians weren't forced to do that in Ukraine. That part is totally made up. In fact, the Soviet Union was well known for shipping people out of their homelands, partially to destroy their culture and language. Russia has continued on the same path, although Russia is more incompetent and less brutal about it than the Soviet Union (as hard as the latter may be to believe). I'm saying this as someone who grew up in Eastern Europe and spoke a minority language at home (not Russian) and then moved to the US and became, in per cent terms, an even smaller language minority. However, neither in Eastern Europe nor in the US has anyone ever claimed that I don't have the right to use my native language at home, and in both Eastern Europe and in the US I received help to find resources to keep my native language skills up.

  20. Soon there will be a million Russian men in Ukraine armed with pointy sticks.

  21. Dropping a nuke would be as bad, if not worse, than admitting he lost the war.

  22. It's very funny how Russia has labeled this war as a war against NATO, despite NATO not even being involved. If it was an actual war against NATO, the end result is very clear from the start. The only question is how much of the world Russia is able to destroy before their total loss.

  23. Putin dropping nukes on say, Belgorod or Kursk wouldn't be very well received in Russia, I assume.

  24. I'm still of the opinion that Russian nukes don't work, or if their nukes themselves do work, the missiles that carries them probably won't. We've seen a, what, 60% failure rate in many Russian missiles in this war and probably 1% or some not insignificant number have been "return to sender" missiles or missiles that end up heat targeting the platform from which they were launched from. If I was Putin or a Russian military leader, I would be extremely afraid to use nukes simply because if they don't work or end up being dropped on the launcher, the entire world knows that Russia has nothing and will cease being a country in a matter of months.

  25. I just read that this is him. However he is a nazi symphatiser and was going to prison here in sweden. But he fled to Ukraine because he ”wanted to kill people” according to himself. He joined Azov.

  26. Do you know why he was going to prison in Sweden? It's almost too bad that Russia found a few Nazi sympathizers after all. Of well, they're everywhere anyway, although luckily a small, small, small minority.

  27. From what I found he was sentenced to prison 2015 for violence of some kind. He has a large criminal record. Probably a psycho or low iq idiot .

  28. Oh, okay. That's too bad. I looked on expressen and dn to try to find more info on him, but I didn't know his name so I ended up finding info of all kinds of Swedes who had been fighting in Ukraine since 2014.

  29. This news came from a local telegram channel "ґрунт" that previously posted about Ptashka and other azov soldiers. I hope a more credible source can confirm this and I will give an update.

  30. Can you please get confirmation that her child is okay and with her?!?

  31. You've heard of Wagyu Beef, hes about to have some Wagner beef if they dont keep an eye on him.

  32. I guess they'll put this guy to sit in with the Chechens and once the Chechens shoot the retreating, I mean, backwards advancing, Russian soldiers, this guy will clean the mess up by eating the deceased Russians.

  33. That's actually three words.

  34. i seriously dont think its a good move, let people escape, those running away are not going to face prison sentences for prtotesting, most likely family peacefull people worring about their children

  35. Plus, every single productive person who leaves Russia is one productive person Russia has to support its economy.

  36. if they wipe out most of the military, then the chances of a military coup are greatly reduced.

  37. Ooh! Putin just checkmated everybody! At least inside Russia that is.

  38. In a completely unforeseen twist, it turns out that Putin has been a CIA operative all along and is currently working with American intelligence to fully demilitarize Russia.

  39. You may be surprised to hear that this is a hypothesis some of the Russian military bloggers have been pushing since around May (if not earlier).

  40. I am 100% a lefty antifascist and I am 100% supportive of Ukraine so I think, perhaps, there is a glitch in the assessment process and/or a flawed definition of what an antifascist might be and/or, worse, an absurd bias at work in this process that is trying to both sides something that cannot be both-sided. It is pretty clear that Russia is fascist just as it is clear the movement underpinning Trump and LePen and Orban are all fascist. I am against all of them.

  41. Just saying the obvious: anyone with any level of sense is an anti-fascists, i.e. is against fascism. I have a hard time understanding why so many people make the point of stating that they're against fascism. Who the hell is for fascism? Even the farthest rightwing people these days don't state that they want an absolute state that's centered around jingoistic nationalism and a self-sufficient socialism as an economic policy. It's of course possible that Trump, LePen or Orban daydream of these things, but they don't really openly state that they're for fascism as such.

  42. Oh, yes, they do openly spout fascist ideas and ideals. Trump tried to overthrow our government. I’m guessing you aren’t paying attention to US politics. The entire Republican voting base is openly hostile toward anti-fascist ideals. I’m guessing you are not from the US?

  43. I'm not originally form the US, no. However, I am a US citizen (naturalized). I immigrated to the US from Europe, stayed there over a decade, then immigrated back to Europe from the US, and kind of, sort of, got stuck in Europe due to Covid. I'm planning to move back to the US again at some point.

  44. Knowing what's going on in NH and how the Democrats are reacting to Free Staters, I would pay the FSP not to list me among the winners if I was a Free State Democrat and won my race.

  45. The retreat was intentional. The described system was too good for the Russians, since it had a field kitchen and all, so it decided to escape on it's own. The system wasn't recovered because of a Russian disorderly retreat, it was a field kitchen at large that escaped itself into Ukrainian hands.

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