1. My man, I’m the exact same size and weight You can definitely handle a bigger cc

  2. why are you trying to drive during the summer? it is slow and you wont be making much

  3. Have you seen gas prices?

  4. The person said driving a tesla so what gas price you’re asking about .

  5. The people not driving because of gas prices…

  6. I might just be ignorant, but are you sure that’s a stock set? Most shadows I see are 2 separate pipes and that seems to be a 2to1 with a aftermarket slip on. 2to1 more power baby! But anyways, cobra header pipes are the way to go

  7. Can confirm it’s stock My aero has the same one

  8. Interesting, particularly since in the leaked set photos they're using Whittaker's TARDIS exterior still and Tennant seems to be wearing Captain Jack's coat for some reason. I'm starting to get really intrigued as to what RTD's got planned.

  9. What leak?? Is there a link, or could I get a dm

  10. 2002 shadow spirit 750 here, I went with 10w40 as per the instructions in my owners manual :)

  11. What brand of oil did you use?

  12. What kind of inspection are we talking about here?

  13. Try and clean up the switch and see if it fixes anything.

  14. Apologies for the quick response, I actually did do that today, no change unfortunately

  15. Forgot that! It has a working horn

  16. http://racersedge411.com/Home/Gallery?id=5a9a431e-c29e-4c3b-ba3e-d6359409526b

  17. He does concrete work!

  18. good. dan really put him in his place and hopefully the studios realized how poisonous feig is.

  19. Did you make that hat?

  20. It’s a sub about dogs and there’s nothing in the rules against this post. Get over it.

  21. Question 1: She was just growling

  22. https://discord.gg/HJVzJ52S

  23. I added you in there, can I get the pic too?

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