1. age? if over 30, you should get a re-test confirmation of IGF-1. 270 ng/mL is already outside the normal range of reference(roughly only 2 out of every 100 adult samples will register results > 250) . The impact of using ghrh peptides w/ such a baseline level would primarily be on your wallet.

  2. I’m 38f. I’ve had some health issues the last few years but I’m sure if any of that is related? I’ve had Lyme disease and co infections (anaplasmosis, babesia, ehrlichia and mycoplasma) for the past 6 years along with some reactivated viruses (EBV, HHV-6). Lyme and friends also have caused secondary adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroidism which has messed up most of my hormones.

  3. Just got two travel sizes of this with the Ulta BOGO that’s going on, and oh my god it is lush. Placed an order for their limited edition scent; hopefully it smells just as good as the original.

  4. You know how when you eat a chunk of fresh horseradish, your sinuses clear and it feels like your nostrils are about 4 feet wide and you can rush in gallons of air into your lungs all of a sudden?

  5. For reference, a medium size banana contains about 420mg of potassium.

  6. I absolutely love Sigma brushes. They have frequent sales and 2 semi annual sales that are usually 75% off. All of their brushes have a 2 year warranty, which you probably won’t need because they are made very well.

  7. Stella looks more like a grass type of girl

  8. I have been extremely lucky and haven’t had anyone in the medical community doubt me, with the exception of the mental health field. I think it’s generally accepted that it’s a “real” thing where I live because a lot of people come to where I live for treatment. I also didn’t have to chase a diagnosis. I felt like complete shit, went to a new Dr, he tested me for soo many things, Lyme being one of them.

  9. You can actually get free tracking label stickers from usps and use them to generate free tracking numbers for standard envelopes with stamps.

  10. True. I had a package that arrived full of stamps and it had a separate tracking number

  11. I use the Elemis cleansing balm, but there are some really good ones that are a lot less expensive. It’s one of my splurge products for sure. For my water based cleanser, it depends on what my skin is like. I usually have 3 different water based cleaners in rotation. A hydrating one, one with exfoliating acids, and a deep cleanse.

  12. Which other do you suggest i m thinking of buying the Clinique one/ Veda/ suganda do you have any idea about these

  13. I have heard great things about the Clinique one

  14. Cuz people were dumb enough to go on eBay and Mercari to buy cleaning supplies when target literally had stuff in stock with free shipping.

  15. My target was empty. It was so eerie

  16. Are you trying to bulk sell toilet paper for $10,000?

  17. It's on the front page, this isn't some exclusive club that requires a secret handshake to enter. Most people aren't here because they spend their time in dating subs. My girlfriend and I actually browse this sub together to look at what a train wreck people out there are, not because we're trying to date.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing! I really needed to hear this, I’ve been so scared. I’m so glad to hear your daughter was born healthy and you are doing better! How is your first daughter doing?

  19. Antibiotics aren’t a cure for Lyme

  20. Thank you, I am aware and am not expecting it to be a cure. It’s purely to reduce the transmission to the baby

  21. Oh! I wasn’t aware that was a thing. Good thinking

  22. I also opted not to get a spinal tap that my neurologist suggested for the same reason. I have taken amantadine and it didn’t do anything for my fatigue.

  23. Oh yeah since Sept...it can take. Long time for Lyme symptoms to improve. Especially if treatment is delayed. Solid 6-8 months for us.

  24. Woah. Appreciate the explanation. It's really hard understand why this isn't available to people considering how messed up the testing is for tick-borne illnesses.

  25. Yes it’s absolutely mind boggling. It makes the current tests moot and can show, for sure if you have Lyme and co or not. I imagine it’s too effective and the cases of Lyme would soar

  26. I'm really wtf'ing over here. Yikes. Gonna try and figure out how to do this. Waiting on Igenex results right now and wishing I held back that 2k as I believe they're antibody tests as well..

  27. Hey, thank you so much for this list! I wanted to ask you if you were referring to Thymosin Alpha 1 when you said Thymosin B? Was there a specific reason why you aren't taking it anymore? I'm just curious because I was thinking of trying it again (because last time I used it I had parasites). Was it helpful for you?

  28. Yes, that’s what I meant. The FDA made it illegal because it was helping cancer patients, and then a whole bunch of Drs were making claims that it could cure covid. As far as I know, it’s only available as a research peptide as of now (which people do buy and use for themselves). I didn’t really notice a difference, and then it became unavailable.

  29. Thank you so much for your reply. Yes it's a shame they made it illegal :(

  30. Pop into the peptide subreddit and ask if anyone has a good source if you are comfortable using it on your own.

  31. white heads but on small red boils. is that like an allergic reaction or a mild form of cystic acne?

  32. Those sound whiteheads. Basically like blackheads but they haven’t been exposed to oxygen so they don’t look black. It could also be an allergic reaction

  33. I said I am all for multipurposing but using nipcare for lips is taking that idea too far. I still stand by it.

  34. Is it because of it’s original purpose that makes it weird? Like some people use hemorrhoid cream on pimples

  35. That’s your first problem. You think I’m “arguing” with you. I stated my opinion. You made a conscious decision to be rude for absolutely no reason and now you’re trying to gaslight me into believing you didn’t. Sounds completely healthy.

  36. You use the word gaslight but I don't think it means what you think it means. You know, like constantly trying to guilt trip a person by insisting they insulted you, when you can't even quote the insult because it was never said?

  37. Ok that’s it. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist so I absolutely know what gaslighting means and what it looks like. I also see exactly what you are doing. I’m not sure of the why but to be honest I don’t care because you aren’t my problem. I’m not trying to “guilt trip” you into anything. If you feel guilty, that’s on you. Not me. I quoted the comments that weren’t necessary to get your point across. You know what parts of what you said were wrong. If you don’t, seek therapy to work through your anger issues so you don’t feel compelled to lash out at people on the internet.

  38. Believe the Lyme bacteria do well (multiply?)when they get sugar....

  39. Not exactly. They live off of sugar (supposedly) but it does not make them multiply

  40. They have 3 days to ship. You have 3 days to rate. Those are the rules.

  41. I had Lyme & co's many years ago. Been free of those for much longer than the 6 years you've been battling. And it took me a fraction of that time to beat it.

  42. You said 191 days ago that you “just got bit.” That’s closer to 6 months than 6 years. Not to mention your information is 100% inaccurate.

  43. same, my brain just shuts off when thinking numbers. I wish I was more mathematical. I just try my best in nutritional science

  44. I think I’m a pretty intelligent person. I have a PhD but I can’t subtract numbers over 100 in my head. It’s like that part of my brain has gone missing

  45. Thank you! It did take a bit. I took time off after my masters for a few years to work and then went back. If you want it, go get it!

  46. I love Kopari Body Butter. It’s rich and thick, super moisturizing, but not hard to rub in and it absorbs well.

  47. I agree with this. Lots of great scents too. I love the guava.

  48. You are correct in that they are one of the first! I think it's face-neck-hands in that order.

  49. We are both wrong lol! It’s actually the neck first

  50. Oh no. Oh h-ll no... I'm so sorry. I really am gunning for a reduction (I can't take the back and neck pain anymore) but this is one of my worst fears. I can't imagine how infuriating it must have been!

  51. It definitely wasn’t the reduction that caused the wrinkles. I think it’s from sleeping on my side without a “boob pillow” which I didn’t even know was a thing until recently. Overall, wrinkles and all, I’m glad I did it. I just don’t think enough was taken out. But mine was 100% covered by insurance due to back and neck problems so I would assume yours would be too

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