1. I don't really get the craze around Merino wool but I do like my Icebreaker boxer briefs I got on a steep discount.

  2. It all comes down to body chemistry. I can wear Merino for a week, no problem. Cotton? 1.5 wears (starts out pretty good by by the end of the second wear it’s getting stinky. Synthetic? Rank for me within a couple hours.

  3. Google will tell you average weather during the month. It’ll be hot both places.

  4. I found it to be a very unrealistic depiction of the Vietnam War and was disgusted by the lack of Vietnamese actors in the film. Deplorable.

  5. Half Price Books always seems to have a good assortment of cheap comic books. Vintage Stock has lots too.

  6. Ha! Have never even thought to look at 1/2 price, thanks!

  7. Overall: It's fucking great. Writing and art are always solid. Busiek and company have done this amazing tightrope walk consistently from the start. Every story is a reward for longtime comics fans who recognize the archetypes and tropes presented, but presented in new, thoughtful, usually groundbreaking ways. And they're created stories where it's not necessary to know 80+ years of backstory to understand Astro City, making it a great series for new readers of comics.

  8. I’ve never heard of this title before. Looking at auctions for 1/2 issue, but there seem to have been a handful of them. Which cover is the one I should get to check out what people are calling an amazing single issue?

  9. The middle depicts a close up of a man with his head in his hands and a character called the hanged man behind him, and there are heroes ready to fight lined up on either side of him in a golden palette.

  10. the other day I paid 1.5$ for espresso on a coffee shop and they gave me fucking nespresso... home brewing is super worth it

  11. In Kansas City a shot of espresso routinely costs $3-4.50. I’ve easily come out ahead even owning multiple espresso machines (one for home, one at work)

  12. Wait they aren’t popular? LOL as an owner of a Knock Aergrind, 3 OE Lidos, an OE Pharos, 1-2 Kickstarter hand grinders.

  13. How old is old? My Lido ET is like 3 years old. I don’t grind espresso at the moment but when I do a full load at pour over it takes a while. Wonder if buying new burrs would make it faster?

  14. I’m not sure when they switched burrs or how to tell.

  15. My experience with 100% merino Icebreaker t-shirts XXL dude:

  16. Do you know what weight merino your shirts are? I haven’t really tried mine in super hot weather, but maybe I will.

  17. No idea, they are thin. Just their regular merino printed with various logos. Caught them on a sale last year at like $20-$25 each.

  18. Trashy people are to blame... But you're right, we should have adequate tax money to take care of this... It's sad!

  19. I guess the ad from the 1970’s with the Native American man crying when someone littered actually worked on me. It still boggles my mind at every light when someone chucks something out the window. Ridiculous.

  20. That first pic is great. My niece is doing a semester in Florence with seemingly every other 21 year old American girl! LOL definitely a great experience for those who can do it and it was a good excuse for a visit to Italy for us, too!

  21. As a healthcare provider they aren’t fun to wear. I got used to it pretty quickly but I’m a chiropractor and that’s a pretty physical job and the mask feels like it adds 10 degrees to the room, so my thermal management was a bit extra challenged. Also being in a job that is HEAVILY reliant on communication, not being able to see half of anyone’s faces for a few years has definitely gotten old. It’s hard to hear people, my voice was shot after just a few hours in clinic because it’s a lot harder to talk through an N95 constantly, and you miss A LOT of the nonverbal cues of communication. None of these are a reason not to wear a mask, but at the same time Covid has basically become another cold/flu that people are going to get all the time and so I’m not sure the benefits are necessarily super compelling for masking all day. I’ll still wear one if I have anything respiratory going on or if a patient is coughing and sneezing all over the place, but otherwise they’ve done their job for me and I for one am happy to see my patients’ whole faces again and etc.

  22. ER nurse here and I don't think I'll ever go back to NOT wearing a mask at work. Because patients are so bad about wearing their own masks, I'm forced to wear an N95 to protect myself. It's not just covid, the flu and common cold are not fun to have. I see 50+ patients a day in triage coughing in my face,

  23. I would do the same if I were you. I’m a chiropractor in a community health center and we followed KU and St Luke’s lead last week with masks optional outside of the dental clinic. For my line of work I’m choosing to not mask unless I am feeling symptoms of a respiratory thing or if a patient comes in coughing, etc. I keep an n95 in my pocket to be able to quickly mask up if needed and I’ve also been telling all my patients that if they’d prefer me to wear one to just ask but they don’t seem to care. The older I get the less interested in picking up everyone’s colds and flus I get LOL

  24. Happy to work in a clinic in MO that has needle exchange and etc. I don’t know why so many people are so willing to keep voting into power who do everything in their power to screw them over. I will never understand that, and it’s probably because people vote by “team” and actually have zero idea of what the issues are.

  25. Do you have any recommendations for ultralight / packable wind or rain shells that are breathable? For city walking more than hiking. Thanks

  26. These are all kind of different things. By definition, a rain jacket will be windproof, so when I travel I always bring a Patagonia rain jacket that is unlined, so I have rain and wind protection in the same jacket. There are ultralight windbreakers but they won’t do anything in wet weather, so not really worth it IMHO. The problem with rain jackets is that keeping water out also means keeping water in. There’s REALLY no such thing as a breathable fabric. GoreTex will let moisture out and not in but it’s relative… it’s more breathable than a plastic bag, but not much more LOL. The key for rain jackets is having lots of venting, so look for something with big front zippers and armpit zips that allow you to open the jacket up and vent moisture out. Part of this means getting moisture off your body and out to the vents, so having a wicking layer like Merino wool or a synthetic wicking layer will move moisture from your skin to the vents to vent out.

  27. Yeah agreed. I invested in an Arteryx rain jacket which keeps the rain out great but doesn’t breathe at all, it’s like a sauna, hate it. Looking for some other options with vents that is packable…

  28. The Patagonia Torrentshell is good but I hate the way the hood rolls up when not in use. If you do a search I posted for rain jacket recommendations a few weeks ago and the post should pop up with some good recommendations.

  29. Last month was my first trip to Italy where I didn’t bring my Pentax DSLRs and lenses. I decided to give it a go with just my iPhone and I was happy.

  30. We had two good meals at Trattoria Nella, too. Very casual.

  31. I would encourage you to run an experiment. Wear the same shirt for the entire time and ask any of your colleagues who will give you an honest answer if the noticed? I will make a bet they didn’t. It’s not surprise that in high tech no one notices I am wearing the same (or identical) shirts but I have friend in design, hospitality, and fashion?! Who have found that coworkers took weeks to notice the had switched to a uniform which was basically the same every day.

  32. Yeah, I’m not wearing the same shirt for 7 days in a row. I would know.

  33. Do you really need full suits? 2 blazers and 3 dress pants wouldn’t work? That allow mixing and matching and you wear one of the blazer S on the plane? My trifold garment bag is carry on size and easily fits 1 blazer, 3 dress pants a few shirts and loafers. It’s over the shoulder, but If it was wheeled, along with a personal item, I’d have no issue with 6 days all carryon

  34. We ate at Cinghiale Bianco and it was good. A little pricey but not bad. I had a beef stew that was sublime.

  35. Nice! Glad to see I’m not the only person on this sub that doesn’t drink milkies. I have a Quickmill Carola Evo, which has no steam or hot water either and I love it.

  36. Ha, well you might be able to mod the driver. I've also created drivers from scrap steel. Not super convenient but a possible solution.

  37. Trying to make something seems out of my ability. I would think the tools would readily available but no such luck.

  38. You’re the man I e been looking for. I have this weird steak knife at home. Any idea what it’s for?

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