1. Strawberry lemonade not bad at all taste great. Says only 16% and I have super high tolerance but not bad at all its only 24$ so I'd recommend forsure. And it has been flushed properly thank god!!!

  2. What does that mean; flushed properly?

  3. Cutting plants off from nutrients and flushing them out. If not done right your buds will burn like black charcoal and be really harsh. Its from them not properly getting all nutrients from whatever they feed plants. Trust me you'll know as soon as you go to finish a bowl if it isn't flushed it will turn black ash instead of white.

  4. Wow! Tx. I use a vaporizer; same thing?

  5. EE75 says:

    I love gg4 also! I’ve had pow and cresco. I’ve been buying pow gg4 lately and it’s not bad. I was gonna buy chizzle gg4 recently but the bud tender talked me out of it

  6. I’m curious what reason the bud tender gave?

  7. Oh man are you missing out. You need to give them a shot. You can find a few of their Pure Ohio strains at most dispos now, but there locations in Dayton and London are the best options. They always take two of their strains and make them product of the day, so prices on those two drop to 18$-26$ a 1/10th. You can get 10 of them and when you buy and oz it’s an automatic 10% off on top of the low prices. They really can’t be beat for quality utility flower that won’t bankrupt you. They are far and away in the top 6-7 growers in the state right now. Yes sure, some companies out there are killing it right now, but at 45-50$ a 1/10th. Pow is giving you something that could possible be an 8.5/10 instead of a 9/10, but for almost half the price. And there isn’t any bullshit hype or marketing with them like with Woodward or Klutch or any of the other fanboy growers. Not to say they don’t put out quality, but as of late pow is right at the heels of buckeye and Firelands and some of the other top cultivators right now. Especially on certain strains; their gg4, gelato and bell on wheels is pretty damn stellar. More kief and stickier buds than I’ve gotten on those strains than any other grower, almost exact or comparable thc levels, better terpene levels, less cost, and almost always in stock. I always get like 2-3 ounces of their strains and maybe a couple 1/10ths of some real nice Klutch or OCL and maybe a luster pod. And it’s allowed me to build up quite a library of strains without running out because all I’m doing is 1/10ths and that shit is not feasible unless you’re just straight up rich and don’t mind being assaulted in a dark alley for 500$ an oz. I prefer the prior option than the latter, but to each their own.

  8. GTK; I’ll check them out

  9. Ground up, then I can actually try to balance it's woodsy, herby flavor. Also it's not crunchy anymore.

  10. Once ground, what do you add it to?

  11. I put it in fatty foods, coconut curry works so well it's almost sinful.

  12. Yummm! Do you cook it in it or mix it in after cooked? And do you grind it first?

  13. Is there a vegan butter alternative that will work with this method? Coconut oil?

  14. Idk about CRT but the certified animal Mintz are a1.

  15. MotorBreath by Klutch is a fave but didn’t see any available here right now

  16. I have a tabletop Arizer V Tower for dry flower for over 2 years & love it! Home use; not portable. I would get the Arizer Extreme with the remote now. Same but has remote & bag.

  17. Is EPB more Sativa? I like Snowball & Second Breakfast. I need strong long lasting Indica effects.

  18. I completely support you in expecting & asking for professional behavior. This is medicine; no need or room for inappropriate talk. More training is needed here & speaking up is how it will hopefully happen. Good for you.

  19. Thank you for the support! I wanted to get the conversation started

  20. This is how we work together for positive change. Thank you!

  21. I don’t know what a lot of these items listed are. Can someone clarify which Growers use the least & which use the most toxic pesticide? I know Galenas is Organic & the growers at the bottom of the right side of sheet use No pesticides. I saw a comment saying BR uses a lot of pesticides?

  22. I will message you. Idk how to post a picture to this comment. I'm new to this.

  23. Certified are really good about responding back really quick. I've contacted them multiple times and they always get back within a couple hours. It being the weekend though might be different

  24. I didn’t even see a website for them? How did you contact?

  25. All cultivators and processors have to test for pesticides& fertilizer, metals, solvents, etc. Even cultivators like Galenas can still have issues. They had a recall early in our program (wasn't properly tested). It's better to be aware though if you want to avoid certain things. Most cultivators and processors will probably tell you if you contact them. I know we have a few newer brands

  26. See the link someone posted above. However, I need an interpretation of that list; what growers are using synthetic & harmful chemicals etc.

  27. They all still have to test. You can still have unhealthy natural fertilizers/pesticides. Our testing threshold is pretty low from what I remember. You can still run into issues though in other areas. As long as it's under the testing threshold I'm not usually to worried. I understand everyone has different health issues though so what might not bother me may someone else

  28. I deal with Fibromyalgia & CFS/ME so need to avoid all toxic chemicals

  29. I got the Tongue Splasher; Indica leaning. Very nice relief.

  30. Had the RNTZ by them and normally avoid any of the cookies or rntz cuz of hype but jfc this took me to the moon like I was doge coin (corny sorry) lmao

  31. Indica or Sativa effect? More body or mind effects? Deeply relaxing?

  32. Just got some; Indica leaning. Very nice relief.

  33. Can I just bake it into some brownies? How much do I put in?

  34. Been trying to get ahold of Klutch's new line stains but that fly on the shelves 😢😢 I see they let it cure longer which is great news

  35. Strong long lasting Indica effects?

  36. I'm vaping it right now and highly recommend. Had a minor surgery on Tuesday and trying to stop taking opioids for it and snowball is really excellent for pain. Long lasting and relaxing, as well. Galenas as usual knocking it out of the park.

  37. That’s good to hear; Im glad it’s helping you as you heal.

  38. I’d have to say there might be a bias or hate towards Woodward when it comes to you!?! I’ve tried all the strains that you mentioned and I know the wedding cake, blueberry cheesecake, sunset sherbet from Woodward is 🔥🔥🔥

  39. Wow! No hate at all; just doesn’t respond in my body like it seems to for you & others. Regret for the amount of money I spent to find this out.

  40. I’ve been saving my faves too. Of course they could be used to store small things in. My tall one could be used as a pen holder. Glass ones; led candle holders. Other ideas?

  41. Someone else made cute candles with the glass jars. Saving up to do just that!

  42. Could use for small amounts of handmade creams

  43. This is Outrageous!!! Find a new Dr. & maybe report this Dr.

  44. Dry flower vaping is what I use; you get more THC than smoking & effects within 5 minutes. I highly recommend it. Works much better for me than edibles. I use the Arizer V Tower but the Arizer Extreme has a remote which is really a nice feature.

  45. Yesterday I picked up 14g of 22% 3TC at Botanist Cleveland (in direct response to my emailed request for it). Very happy! TY Botanist!

  46. Does this have relaxing or more energizing effects?

  47. Not for me; has lighter shorter lasting effects for me. My 4th strain from Woodward; all have been lighter & shorter lasting effect for me.

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