Iran's soccer team has covered the emblem of the Islamic Republic during the national anthem in protest of the government and its lethal treatment of women. This could result in the execution of the players upon returning to Iran.

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  1. Interesting. I've found training with a .22 pistol has helped me a lot with recoil anticipation. That made sense to me; muscle memory and all that, right? I don't have a lever gun, but I dig that idea... especially the Big Boy.

  2. I'm not big on acrylics, but in the class I took, the extenders let someone who's trained with oil paint (me) work the acrylic more like oils, blending it, mixing colors, etc.

  3. I've got a Taurus 605. I upgraded the grips, now it's not bad shooting .38. Shooting .357 is really snappy, though.

  4. Adding that grip is a game changer for this pistol. Before the small hard plastic grip would make you want to stop shooting after 2-3 shots. With the grip you can actually enjoy the gun.

  5. That switch/lever at the top looks designed to catch on things.

  6. I like the 17 a lot. I have a VP9, which is the same size as the M18, so I passed on that, but I really just wanted a larger pistol. To suppress it, you'd need a threaded barrel. To me, it's just about how it feels. At this price point, it's so freaking subjective, that's all that really matters to me.

  7. I think that in 2020, when everything else was unobtanium, there was .40 around here where I live.

  8. And there is a very good reason for that.

  9. Welp, I always hear that the best ammo is the best ammo you can find.

  10. What do you like about the macro slide? I heard the compensator doesn’t make much of a difference and it has a shorter barrel.

  11. I saw a review from Honest Outlaw saying the slide mounted comp was the truth. That's why I'm all about it. Where'd you see that it didn't make much difference? That's news.

  12. Colion Noir did a video on it 2 days ago, I’m a fan of honest outlaw too, doesn’t mean he’s not over hyping it up. I’d love to see the 2 recoil side by side slow mo.

  13. Interesting. I'm just going to have to shoot it before I figure this one out. Thanks for the info!

  14. That 1911 is a beautiful thing. That slide looks badass.

  15. US Law Shield. I don't remember the exact reason.

  16. For something minimal, I like the Tulster Oath. The Alien gear rig is very comfortable, though.

  17. I'm 61, and just starting to appreciate the nuance of having several different retirement accounts. One is a Roth IRA. It gives me a lot of flexibility at this age and it might be a way to get back on track with your rete. Maybe not by 30, but perhaps by 35-40, with the right investments.

  18. Delta. They've always made it right. Especially after I reached whatever levels in their rewards program.

  19. Dagger owner here. I actually don't mind the trigger. It's about the same as OEM Glock, to me. Flat shooting, surprisingly accurate. Really good night sights.

  20. I just ordered a Slimfit lightbearing holster for my cz p07. Don't ask me how I know it fits in the Elite SC Tacstyle (non lightbearing) holster. Lol

  21. I absolutely agree with you. Only reason why I'm considering is aftermarket support and the price difference between the two are so different with Glock being way less than CZ

  22. You mean for aftermarket? Yeah, probably right. On the other hand, I run my CZ bone stock. I may get a front night sight. On my Glock, I'm looking at sights, a trigger, and mag release. I mean, really, it's about what you want. They are both great choices.

  23. Yeah I think if I'm on the fence still by the end of the day I'll just keep my P10c. I should just stop being cheap lol. I appreciate the input

  24. LOL, it does always seem like the grass is greener. I left .380 a couple years back, but I was looking at LCP Max this morning!

  25. Yeah it does more so like a point shoot of how they teach in the military and law enforcement, but unfortunately the 507k doesn’t fit any of my plates so I’m going to have to figure something else out unless the ro5 plate could fit it which I don’t have

  26. I’ll ask him about it, if I can’t figure anything out that leave dpp and possibly to co witness I might get the mecanik mo2

  27. Maybe he should go through a gambling addiction program and then y’all talk about debt consolidation.

  28. I've been carrying this for 3 or so months and am loving it. I plan on putting a light, dot, and possibly threaded barrel to rice it out. I'm still rocking the stock holster and am dying to upgrade but I'm worried that if if I don't have a light or dot already on my gun then the retention won't be right with the new holster. Is this a valid concern? Do I really have to purchase a light and dot and leave it in a drawer until I get the new holster?

  29. Light, probably. I actually keep a holster with no light bearing ability, just in case. A Tulster oath. But you should know what light you're buying, or even have it, before ordering a light bearing holster because they are so specific.

  30. Perhaps, pay it off over a couple of months, so you can have some sense of having money left, until that last payment? I have a similar anxiety, and that's what I did.

  31. I did an MCarbo trigger job and a bolt catch upgrade. Replaced the oem scope rail with a Weaver. It came with the takedown stock.

  32. I've had mine for about 6 months, probably 1000 rounds through it, if not more. I have failures only if I don't inspect it after every session, or clean it every 100-150 rounds (a typical range session). I think the sights take a minute to get used to, or they did for me, anyway. The feel is about the size of my Sig, much lighter, of course. The trigger is very crisp. I use it for getting rid of the yanks, and now for practicing trigger control.

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