1. I have a p365xl and a TP9 SC. I agree that the SC is accurate af, and just a natural shooting pistol. I put a Wilson Combat grip module on the Sig, though, and it is fire! It took me a while, but once I got used to that snappy little thing it's awesome. I rotate both of them in my EDC.

  2. perspective! Have the image from an extreme angle, thumbnail it first and see what works.

  3. Came to say this. Also, exaggerating the perspective a little bit to give it drama might be effective.

  4. I see you. Do you have any other Caniks? I'm thinking about a Mete.

  5. I've got the TP9 Elite Combat as well. Both of these are str8 shooters. A lot of bang for the bucks!!

  6. Yep yep, I think that's the next play. Thanks bruh.

  7. I thought I was done buying pistols… lol. I’m just gonna need a Mete, now. Thanks, bro. lol

  8. I'm catching myself thinking "Maybe I can sell the...?" lmao

  9. I’ve been trying to find the front sight as I present the pistol. So far, it’s helped me with and without a red dot. I’m picking up the target and getting my sights lined up more easily.

  10. I have a Romeo Zero that needs to be sent back for repairs. I'd sell it, a couple of batteries and the extra membranes for $50 (negotiable), shipped, if you handle the repairs. I don't know if you know this (I sure didn't), but if you adjust that mf too far, you can break it. I wasn't planning on selling it, but if you're game, I am.

  11. Try removing it from the gun then adjust it back to where you think is close to center then pop it back on you pistol and see if it moved. I sent mine back once for the same thing and they sent me a note to try that and it worked the second time I couldnt get it to adjust

  12. I took it off the pistol a while ago. Just too weird acting. I'll give that a try, thanks!

  13. I was feeling off some years ago after recovering from having cancer. I saw doctor after doctor and they said that I was normal. Finally, I found a Functional medicine doctor. He ran tests that a primary medicine doctor doesn't, like a Dutch plus test. I was tested for levels of toxins, chemicals, fungi, bacteria; all kinds of shit. We found everything from the remnants of Montezuma's revenge from years previous, toxins from heavy metals and chemical solvents (cleaning products, metal solvents), to leaky gut syndrome. I kinda felt like I was being scammed, but I thought I'd try it for a month. Here, now, it's 7 years later, I'm feeling much better and I'm still on most of the eating and supplement protocols.

  14. Im also still feeling super off a year after finishing 3 years of chemo. If you could dm me i would love to pick your brain about this. I have been to so may doctors and have gotten nothing at all.

  15. Don’t let me forget. I’m running around rn, but I can definitely let you know what I’m doing.

  16. DA. I'm not confident that I'd remember to disengage a safety, even though I do it all the time. I prefer a hammer fired pistol, so I use the decocker to drop the hammer and I feel very comfortable with that. When I holster it, I put my thumb on the hammer for a little extra confidence, lol.

  17. Wilson Combat grip module was my biggest win. Bought the mCarbo kit and never installed it, because I got used to the trigger so fast. It's weird, but it's consistent and predictable af. Looking at a Holosun 407 or 507 whatever, there's so many...

  18. Not at all, it really gives you a good grip. I just use some generic stuff I bought off Amazon

  19. I taped a few of mine, too. Including my TP9 SC.

  20. This is what I use. For a quick cleaning of the bore (I break my guns down after every session and check things out. If there's junk in the bore, I run a snake through it), I use Ballistol.

  21. I was talking to someone about how athletic I was when I was younger. As I was standing in front of them leaning on my cane, it just felt like I was trying to flex. Like it never really happened, because how could this old mf ever have been athletic...?

  22. A couple of thoughts if you end up driving through snow. Take it easy, like you have an egg on the dashboard. Ease off the gas a touch on overpasses, because they will freeze first . If there is snow on the road, you can always stop at a hotel. There’s no reason to “push through “ if you don’t feel safe.

  23. Typically, from my experience, three weeks for holsters to ship, so far.

  24. In my state, the Division of Wildlife set up outdoor ranges at some of the state parks. Check with that site in your state for rules and possible ranges.

  25. I try to dryfire every day. Personally, I don't have a target for the length of time, or number of trigger pulls. I keep at it until my attention wanders, or I'm happy with the session. I use snap caps in most of my guns, but the TP9 SC was supposedly gtg for dryfire without, so I've never used them on that gun. In my sessions, I focus on the location of my finger contacting the trigger; trying to be very consistent and noticing when that placement might cause the barrel to move. I focus on my sight picture, and being smooth on the pull. I try to speed up target acquisition, so I'll take the pistol down to the holster, draw and squeeze as soon as I've got the sights on target. My SC has a red dot, so I practice watching the front sight as I put the pistol on target (makes finding the dot easier for me). That's all I can think of.

  26. I bought mine about 6 months ago. Great gun, no regrets.

  27. My dagger is reliable and accurate as hell. I didn't buy it for CCW, but I'd carry it, if it came down to it. I'd want to put a lot more rounds through it, just to make sure.

  28. I think the composition and the rendering are spot on. The colors suggest calm, maybe introspection, I'm vibing with that. I would like to see more values, to give it more depth, maybe something to define the edges and features more? I dig it. Wouldn't actually call my rambling criticism, it's just what I thought when I saw your request, so I thought I'd offer it up. Nice job.

  29. Bad ass. It's like, I'm all set with revolvers, tool wise. Really like the ones I got; Barkeep, M&P Bodyguard, Taurus 605. Then I see this hotness. Damn. Lol

  30. I’m holding off. I’m not opposed to registering it as an SBR if this becomes final and sticks. I just want to see what happens with this. Because, as many people have stated if this rule gets overturned, but you have registered it as an SBR then it’s like an admission of guilt. Where now your firearm that you purchased as a “pistol” will continue to be treated as an SBR because that’s what you registered it as. Even though this new rule is no longer standing. If it does stay, then I’ll pay the $200 tax and follow the rules. But I’m going to wait and I would recommend others to do so too

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