1. "Let's set some record profits this quarter... ...but if you think you're getting a raise you can get fucked"

  2. I'm 28 and I need AT LEAST 4 alarms to get my ass up in the morning

  3. Either this is fake or you have the immaturity of a 12yo...

  4. My take is that it was all just a scam to Rev up his base and to grift money from them. The rumor CAME from him, and he immediately launched a donation campaign asking for $3k from everyone who signed up.

  5. As a drummer, I have to go with constant motion for drums. The cymbal work alone in the instrumental bridge section is just incredible

  6. It pretty hard to give a good answer or advice here without knowing some more specifics about which neighborhoods you're talking about, and also where you're getting thr info the "crime is on the rise".

  7. Honestly, the trolley and chocolate frog scene on the HW express is just so great. Harry and Ron just show such pure joy at the pipe of magical candy and the way they did the frog and the Dumbledore trading card was 10/10

  8. I genuinely hate to say this, but I do agree with Ronnie about some SB fans.

  9. Depending on how cheap you're looking for, most stores have seeds in packets for $1-$3. I see them all the time in target/walmart/home depot

  10. Ktown is NOT a bad neighborhood in the slightest. Look it up, its top 20% safest neighborhoods in LA. It has some of the nicest restaurants, the best nightlife, and a very young/diverse population. Really, the only downside is parking. It's God damn impossible to find street parking, and there is definitely an element of car breakins.

  11. Since I’ve lived in nyc for almost a decade now, everytime I go back home I think “unsafe neighborhoods” are a walk in the park, i last stayed in ktown I felt super safe, my friends were telling me to be careful, I was super lit making late night 7-11 runs alone lol, being a female just gotta walk with confidence and don’t let people intimidate you and talk back occasionally 😆 Crime can happen anywhere at any time.

  12. For real, I lived in some bad areas in upstate during and after college, and LA feels so safe compared to some of those places. Newburgh and the bad parts of Kingston are ROUGH. Crime can happen anywhere at any time. Always be prepared, but don't let it run your life.

  13. Right, instead, they took their time to post on a specific subreddit for selling stuff. A post that you could have so easily just ignored and moved on with your life unperturbed. Instead, you chose to come here and be a doiche... why not just let people enjoy their cookies, whatever the price, and go away?

  14. Assuming you're not being creepy, there's absolutely nothing inherently creepy about this.

  15. Honestly... if I open it and he pays for all my travel and expenses getting to the volcano, I would absolutely do this

  16. Technically it would be whoever filed for divorce

  17. Women, right? Always hide their ugly parts until they have you. Totally just women who do that. He had a good job for Christ's sake!! A GOOD JOB!

  18. If you have a Subaru of Toyota, no one compares to Hoshi motors on pearl and folsom/26th. They've been our go-to for years for all 5 Toyotas and 1 Subaru that have come through the family. A+ service, great prices, will literslly never dream of overcharging you and the offer free check ups and tire service If you're a customer

  19. "I gotta peepiss because I drank too much peepsi"

  20. DTLA really is NOT that bad, outside of Skid Row.

  21. I still here his voice saying "fuck OFFF" almost daily

  22. The Jacob Anderson wheel of Fortune episode is absolutely my favorite guest grump. So yes, more Jacob!!

  23. OK, but can we talk about how amazingly clever "Clearopathtra" is??? That should've won

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