1. Of course its a former Burnley player scoring dyches first goal

  2. And a former Burnley player assisting!

  3. Burnley boys combine for Dyche's first Everton goal. Poetry

  4. Everton looks so good under Dyche that I can't believe their board actually hired him

  5. Agreed. I was just thinking of this the other day as well. They are the ones who paid for the rights, yet they cannot even bother deliver even adequate coverage of these games. If it's not Jordan talk, it's highlights of other games and asking the analyst about something related to CBB in general. It's so disrespectful.

  6. It's amazing Ream can move, what with the entire Chelsea attack in his pockets

  7. Who tf signed off on the Mudryk transfer? It seems like Chelsea already have several players who do what he does but better. Enzo at least seems to provide something they didn't already have.

  8. Arsenal signed off on it, I imagine that was all the motivation they needed

  9. Just one day without Serie A financial drama is all I ask

  10. Can someone fill me in on a quick rundown of what happened between him, roma and Mou? I saw Mourinho's comments and the abolishing from the first team/fans anger but what prompted all of that?

  11. I was going to leave this for a Roma fan since they'll be more in the know, but since nobody else has answered.

  12. Serie A is the only league i have seen bans for blasphemy, someone else was banned last year if i remember correctly

  13. Yes, it was Venezia's then-manager Paolo Zanetti, as

  14. He is very turnover prone (he led the league in turnovers not long ago, maybe he still does), but other than that he's been very solid. He can score easily (especially for his height), has great athleticism but is also shooting quite well (again, I'm not familiar with the stats, just what I've noticed). He started the season being a bit underwhelming but people said to give him time and he'll show what he's capable of, and they were right. He has been very important for us thus far. On the defensive end he is active which results to turnovers from the other side

  15. Thank you! I'm glad to hear he's doing well, though not surprised it took him a little bit to adjust. He did the same with us, struggling for most of his first season before doing very well late that year and then being one of our best players his final year here. It sounds like he's showing what he's capable of on both offense and defense, which is great, just need to rein in the turnovers haha.

  16. Mate... I'm very sorry. I just checked again and I answered for the wrong person... I mean, most things are still true, but he is not bad with turnovers and is playing better defence than I mentioned. He is amazing in blocks. Again, the shooting is great, and scores inside too

  17. Haha not a worry. That is fantastic to hear. The blocks are a great surprise to hear, he was always an active, strong defender and rebounder, it's great to hear that activity is leading to blocks. He was a great shooter for us too, I'm glad it's translating so well, he was such an asset with a knack for scoring when we really needed a basket. I'm glad to hear he's doing well. Thank you!

  18. Their fans deserve so much better. What a shame.

  19. claude was the best free throw shooter on the floor tonight though

  20. That, plus he had only taken 23 of them all year. He's inexperienced with them, but 23 is too small a sample to say he's the worst on the floor with FTs.

  21. Another Providence-Xavier classic. Phenomenal game of basketball.

  22. WOW that was a close one. GG Friars hope he's alright

  23. Seems ok. He was just disappointed, looked like that's why he fell

  24. Can Kumbulla get a clean touch like once

  25. If I'm reading this right: since I don't own any Apple things I'm unable to use this service? I can't find a single mention of Windows or Android support anywhere.

  26. In a sense, you can, but not directly right now (they're apparently working on an Android app).

  27. He managed the New Zealand women's team from 2006-11, his son Jay just committed to New Zealand over Canada, and with the OFC having 1 guaranteed spot in the WC, it is a pretty cushy gig with history for him.

  28. Between Konrad de la Fuente and Simons both falling through due to other clubs' issues, we really had a blue balls kind of day.

  29. You can get Simmons done now, he is already there, he can join on permanent next season.

  30. Yeah I know, that's the good part. Just would've been nice to have it all tied up.

  31. It's great to see him back playing, hope it works with Grimsby.

  32. Bournemouth was determined to sign a Serie A midfielder and they finally got one.

  33. You think he could ever play for a top 5 league? He def seems to fit the bill....surprising not many transfer rumors mention him

  34. Hopefully with us haha. But yes, definitely. Really smart player. Middlesbrough were after him last summer, not sure why he's not drawing higher interest though I think we set a pretty good price tag on him and don't need to sell.

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