1. Is there a difference in what you wear? When I dress to go out it seems my clothes are more fitted and I feel fatter. At home I wear comfortable shirts and pants and don't feel bloated. Just an idea.

  2. Yes, someone else had mentioned this as well. I do tend to stay in my jammies or sweat pants and large sweaters when working from home. I tend to wear like tighter leggings and the occasional Jean to work, but nothing out of the ordinary from my day to day life when going out. From everyone’s answers, it could definitely be a combination of things, this being one of them!

  3. Weird, but maybe consider the clothes you wear to the office. Anything higher waisted makes me bloated and uncomfortable after more than an hour of wear

  4. All these answers are so interesting, and things is never even considered! Thank you!

  5. Eating dessert is defs for chads. I eat brownie (edible) and ice cream for my dessert. When I have the goods. I usually sleep well after lol!

  6. Hypnosis is basically the reason i've recovered, also it's a great way to get high with no shitty side effects lol you feel refreshed afterwards and ready to do stuff. Highly recommend.

  7. I've gone to a hypnosis to rewire parts of myself. I used to get anxiety attacks every other week. She helped me with that. 1.5 years on I've only had 3 since and they were waay less severe.

  8. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing that!!

  9. Omad isn't the only weight loss solution out there. If you absolutely need to eat more than once, then maybe try something else. Keto worked like a charm for me, lost over 30 lbs with it, then gained back 10 lbs owing to a vacation of complete abandon and an overall lack of discipline. Now I'm trying omad to get rid of it. Keto doesn't suit me anymore, so I'm changing it up. Diets are just vehicles for weight loss, not every one is right for everyone, that's the beauty of their variety; you can choose one that better fits you without you having to feel like you're in a never-ending fistfight with your willpower.

  10. 100% agree. I did Keto as well. Lost 43 pounds in 8 months, never felt better WHILE I was doing it. However, while I don’t doubt that it is still great for some, it really fucked me up, and I gained everything but 5 pounds back. My binging got worse than ever after keto and pretty much never ended. I’ve sought therapy for many different mental health reasons, including ED, as well as ED programs. I’ve also done weight watchers, which was fine at first, but I just feel like tracking everything you eat is not sustainable- for me anyways! This is why I feel so desperate. I’m open to anything!

  11. Make your one meal a good one, something you can look forward to and treat it like the reward. If you want to eat all the things then do so, but portion them out so they all fit in your calorie allowance. This can be a little tricky but it’s so satisfying when you pull it off.

  12. Thank you! All really great stuff 😃 I will definitely do this

  13. I think people struggle with the concept of keto. A lot of misconceptions there. I got the dirty looks and unsolicited advice while I was doing keto. But the fact of the matter was, no one cared when I was eating Kraft dinner and chocolate for dinner. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. I read both your comments in full. Part of the issue is, I have seen 2 psychiatrists, and see a counsellor regularly. Have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and bipolar II. I believe in my heart of hearts that some of that could stem from ADHD. I did a test with my psychiatrist and I only have traits of ADHD. I also have traits of borderline personality disorder. Me and my counsellor regularly do CBT. But I can’t focus on anything long enough to give it a real shot, which is why I can’t seem to meditate either. Not to get too dark but these are the times when you really start to wonder if you are fixable. I will follow those subreddits you mentioned. Thank you :)

  15. These are all really helpful things! And a lot I have yet to hear from my therapist. Thank you for taking that time! ☺️

  16. No... keto gives you keto breath. Fasting may or may not give you keto breath, depending on if you're doing keto along with the fasting.

  17. Lol I know. What I’m saying is your breath stinks when fasting because long periods of fasting puts your body into ketosis. Regardless, was wondering if chewing gum will disrupt my fast

  18. Any period of lower energy intake than your energy needs will result in ketosis. Any calorie deficit. Not just a keto deficit. Whenever your body is burning energy stores (stored fat) for fuel because it’s not getting its energy needs met through your intake = ketosis. Keto makes ketosis happen faster only because it takes the body more work to convert ingested proteins and fats into glucose than it takes to convert ingested carbohydrates into glucose. But any caloric deficit results in ketosis. So if you are in a deficit (due to actively trying to lose weight, for example) you can have “keto breath”.

  19. Yes this is what I thought! Thank you :) your body should go into ketosis, regardless of being on the keto diet.

  20. When are you weighing yourself? I do it right before I eat so I'm not adding extra weight

  21. I do it first thing in the morning after I pee! I eat dinner, so I feel like if I weighed myself before then, I’d have all the water weight from during the day!

  22. With all due respect… why are you on this OMAD sub??? To just voice your opinion on why people shouldn’t do it? Didn’t need this opinion, thank you. You know zero about me.

  23. For me, I was on keto for 8 months and lost 43 pounds. You and I sound very similar in that, I definitely have disordered eating as well. I could definitely eat and eat and eat all the bread, pasta, rice etc. Once I stopped keto, I put back on more than half what I lost in just over a year. I tried hard to get back on several times, but could never stick with it. Like you, I got “too fat for my liking” and just over 3 weeks ago committed to keto again. I was doing so well, but then I started reading more about OMAD and couldn’t get it off my mind.

  24. When I'm cooking for myself, my meals deviate a maximum of a half hour. When my family is cooking, since they don't give a hell about my diet or how I feel about it, they cook whenever they please. I usually eat a pile of whatever random leftovers I can find on those days... and it's always strictly at 5pm.

  25. I’m sorry to hear that! How long have you been doing this way of eating? Are you seeing success? I don’t know why but I have this fear I won’t be successful in losing weight. I have no trouble eating 1 meal a day, so it seems too good to be true lol

  26. Yeah I'm losing weight. No worries. I've been on OMAD for roughly 21 days, and I've lost 12 pounds.

  27. If you can stick to such a program, then yeah you'll lose weight. But you might run into a small problem of willpower, because changing your schedule all the time will screw with your body's natural hunger messaging system.

  28. It may be because you're entering ketosis and your wife can smell the ketones on your breath

  29. That 70’s Show, or Family Guy

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