1. To each their own. I love Keith and Evan. They’re my favorite.

  2. Same, love them and love the show.

  3. For me, if it’s plans with friends and I know I’ll be miserable, I try to reschedule. Of course I can’t do this for everything, but if it’s possible, my thinking is always that - this is supposed to be a fun event with a fun friend. If my friend was miserable, I wouldn’t want them to feel forced to come. I want to see and spend time with them when they want to be there, so we can enjoy ourselves and have fun. Not because it’s an obligation that they’re counting the minutes till the end of.

  4. It wasn’t until I gave birth to my daughter that I became allergic to all of my favourite makeup. The first time it happened, it made my skin red. I wasn’t sure why so I thought nothing of it. The second time I tried my foundation.. my entire face broke out in to hives and my eyes swelled so bad that I could barely open them. My GP said it was most likely due to pregnancy, something about hormones. My mum developed a wheat allergy during menopause too.

  5. Not at all the point of this post, but my mom developed a wheat allergy around menopause too. Is this common do you know?

  6. I was thinking of posting the same thing!

  7. Let me ask you… the adderall thing- isn’t it so freaking annoying?

  8. I once was fully in the mood, vibrator in hand, about to go to town… and I glanced over at the tv and went “woah Hey Arnold is on!” So naturally that fully distracted me and I just hung out and watched it.

  9. Being stuck in a car with this person is the reason I have such anxiety about dating. I would have hopped out the door on the freeway and had to tuck and roll.

  10. Just tell them exactly what you said here! It’ll be ok. They hear this stuff all the time, try not to be nervous. Let them know whatever symptoms you’ve got going on and how they’re really affecting your life and ask what your options are. You’ve got this!

  11. Yup. I hate HAVING to do things. Between 9-5 I HAVE to do things. Before or after that? No pressure baby. It makes everything lighter and somehow easier and more enjoyable.

  12. People not mentioning Christian is a travesty.

  13. Came here to say Christian! Both intentionally and unintentionally funny. Love him.

  14. I have a feeling this is one of those dresses that looked much more impressive in person. Also, did the bodice seem crooked to anyone else? Soft boot, as it was driving me crazy.

  15. To me, the bodice seemed off because it needed to have some padding to hold the boobs in place. The structure on the boobs looked like they were caving in to me.

  16. I’m with you. And like you said, I don’t mean to invalidate pregnancy or motherhood AT ALL…. But yea, I’m with you.

  17. ”I am Adolfo, the butler or some shit.”

  18. Seany is our good time boy through and through!!!

  19. Season 3 was subpar but the latest episode this season had me in stitched. Also love Nadja so much it's bordering on unhealthy haha

  20. Nadja is just such a fucking cool female character. Like cool character any way you slice it, but I just love how she’s the only woman in the gang* and she’s so strong and kick ass and powerful.

  21. Welcome aboard!!!! I was diagnosed last year at 35 and yup, same feelings. Emotional, thankful, confused but like suddenly everything makes sense in my life, what could have been different, where would I be now if I’d known this sooner than my mid thirties???

  22. This was honestly the funniest episode of the entire series. "Adolpho, you dirty dowg, you!" I was in stitches.

  23. Agree, that line killedddddd me. Sean is so fun.

  24. You have to wonder if Danny is doing this as a running gag, if he and Kiki had a bet for her to get mentioned every confessional, or if he's just this loveable.

  25. I think the editing team is throwing in Kiki sound bites too, to cover each episode and keep the joke going.

  26. Cayla has been a pleasant surprise for me as I didn’t watch her season.

  27. The episode was like two minutes in and I was loving it. I don’t remember what exactly the line was, but Lazlo got me so good with

  28. Guys I’m always afraid to ask this but maybe someone will see it here and help me out -

  29. It’s so fantastic!!! And I love it even more for the shots of my old buddy Jackie Daytona!

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