My supervisor told me today that he could have another person ready to take my job an hour after I left if need be, I was only inquiring about a raise I was supposed to get anyway, this was also during my break surrounded by other coworkers. So I said “start the timer” And I left.

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  1. I like these guys as a tag team. One of my favourite random pairings since The Bar

  2. The Bar were amazing, I loved their best of 7 series before they formed

  3. I used to love making these eggs at McDonalds. Working breakfast was really great. Yep they’re made with real eggs, fun to make

  4. 31% charge lost over 15 hours isn't poor though. Deactivate Stage Manager, should give you a tad more life.

  5. I had t been on my iPad at all since unplugging it. I picked it up at 935pm last night and it’d lost 31% while being locked the whole time, Stage Manager is disabled

  6. What kinda charge loss are you expecting? If you have some apps, most of them do constant background checks and are active - iCloud sync as well. Of course the battery will be used by that, and 31% in 15 hours is not bad. Again, what are you expecting of it?

  7. Well my iPhone wouldn’t drain that much in that time, maybe I’m just being naive lol. I haven’t had an iPad in years so perhaps I’ve forgotten how tasks run in the background. I was expecting around half of that or so

  8. Never would have pictured those 2 together. Anybody know the context? Great pic

  9. Boy George guest starred in an A-Team episode. Episode: Cowboy George.

  10. Raw after Mania the news of a sale breaks,

  11. The shower one but I’d cap it at 30m

  12. WWE has to be super disappointed with how Rousey panned out no?

  13. We all are. She’s such a whimper and just not great

  14. It’s called story telling, letting a story breathe. It’s a wonderful thing when done right, people were complaining when Sami first got involved with The Bloodline and look where we are now

  15. How can a website make things seem negative? I don’t think you were being negative, simply voicing your opinion is what this website is for basically. I’m just saying that I think there’s a method to it and it’s a slow burn, they’re taking their time, and in a time where that rarely happens now, I’m loving it. It is intriguing to me, of course it won’t please everybody, and that’s ok too

  16. Love when you can get a customer to say “No wait” or completely call your bluff. So good

  17. It sure doesn’t, rare but excellent occasion

  18. She's about to fight Rhonda, you see.

  19. How can people watch? I’d give it a go defo. Who’re the other judges?

  20. Harry on Idol again? Amazing, one of the three best judges ever imo. I hope to find this online, hopefully it’s available in England online somewhere

  21. Apple makes a generally good product. Having said that, it’s disappointing that it would stain your table.

  22. Oh I’m all in on the ecosystem, well I don’t have a HomePod yet, but all my digital stuff is Apple, but yep this is quite disappointing

  23. I’m a man in the NW that loves country music too, so good

  24. On the Wikipedia it says BT sport but I'm not sure if that's something that was left from the 2020 XFL. However BT sport would probably be the most likely place since they have a partnership with ESPN so it's my hope to be able to catch some of those games a bit like how they show the ESPN college football games

  25. Do they still have that partnership as the channel is called BT Sport 4 now. Is that still in play?

  26. Having crimble crumble without watching Friday Night Dinner afterwards.

  27. I’ve never watched FND, my partner sent me the shop for some, I asked if it was def called that cos I def would have gone the shop and asked for that lol

  28. Love it. I have pinned in my advertising board on Pinterest, so good

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