1. I find it interesting that 3% of people downvoted this. Makes you wonder about the rapist/downvoter ratio.

  2. He doesn't need to give that asshole face time by using his name. Bannon and Trump's base would love that.

  3. So much for Biden wanting to give them a pass, not sure why people think that but this is your answer.

  4. Has anyone asked Trump if he thinks that windmills run on lawnmower engines? Because I'm starting to think that he thinks they run on lawnmower engines.

  5. Has anyone asked Trump why he thinks windmill noise is carcinogenic?

  6. He is way beyond village idiot he may be the first National and Global idiot

  7. This time of night the white supremacist lurkers are online to downvote anything about racism.

  8. That would give them ammunition to say that the trial wasn’t fair. We gotta play this really carefully to ensure a proper trial.

  9. Her father was a criminal too. The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the dead tree.

  10. There is a difference from being an run of the mill criminal and trafficking underaged girls

  11. There is a high correlation between blind support of the death penalty, the belief we should speed up the process and the idea it should be painful with racism, with bigotry, with misogyny.

  12. Dubai is apparently an awesome place to vacation. I have lots of US military friends tha said they loved it there. But a life sentence for CBD oil is insane.

  13. There are a lot of hookers in Dubai, they don't get life sentences. Maybe that's why the military like its so much.

  14. Dubai wouldn’t be anything at all without foreign workers, and this is how they see fit to treat them. Fuck the government of Dubai.

  15. Also because this is the kind of crowd that is constantly pushing for higher criminal penalties for crime, it's essential that their crimes go punished.

  16. Yeah most of them didn't vote for this. They want a justice system that targets minorities.

  17. It is hard for him to hear with the waves hitting his yacht. Maybe try on a day when he is at his mansion instead.

  18. It's his house boat according to corporate media trying to make him look like a man of the people. He lives on a boat to save money on an apartment in DC and writes his yacht off on his taxes.

  19. Democrats agenda being tanked by another Democrat, this is Christmas for Republicans.

  20. could be 99% and it wont matter. all it takes is a couple of legislators, on both sides, to tank that. I think it should be obvious by now that some lawmakers are just taking the money. If people take the polarized lenses off, they are being forced to wear, they might see the real problem is a certain demographic pulling the strings.

  21. This right here. There's nothing stopping the next tiebreaking senator from opening their door to the big bag of money once they knock. Or another senator from some other swing state...

  22. Really it's only taking 2 Senators on Democrats side doing all the Republicans work for them. They are sabotaging a bill that would improve life for hundreds of millions of Americans, tanking an administration and offering Republicans the midterms on a platter.

  23. About half a decade too late assholes. You reap what you sow and boy did you all fucking sow. Unfortunately those of us who still believe in democracy now have to deal with them too

  24. I'll give credit to the Republicans that voted to impeach Trump, the didn't get any rewards for doing so, quite the opposite actually. I'll give credit to former Republican congress men and women who stood up against Trump before and during Trump's presidency.

  25. And he would be the people some Republicans want to be ousted.

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