1. That's a lot of a copy/paste post just to add your referral code at the bottom.

  2. While I'm not seeing a lot wrong with the plan mechanically (ie. rotations/intrusions), the outcome isn't ideal. The predicted bite is lacking a healthy

  3. You have complicated bite issues, and are not a candidate for a cosmetic aligner system that is meant for simple to moderate cases only.

  4. I normally don't allow this kind of stuff, but you made me laugh.

  5. One critical part of canning that folks miss: Wiping the rim prior to lidding.

  6. Is it overkill that I always moisten the paper towel with 190-proof Everclear? (I let it evaporate completely)

  7. I just put in my 10th set and it said to order my retainers now. Should I see my normal dentist before I order the retainers to make sure everything looks good?

  8. The amount of forward movement on the bottom arch, where there is not a lot of supporting bone, is concerning. There's enough movement to warrant an XRay to make sure that bone supports the plan, and you won't be moving teeth too far. Show this smileplan to your dentist before proceeding.

  9. I absolutely adore my DeWalt heated jacket. It runs on the same batteries as my tools.

  10. It should be in the contract. I prefer subs that do both, but you can be darn sure I'm checking the prep before work starts.

  11. Buttons? AFAIK, SDC, and other DTC trays don't use 'buttons' aka attachments or anchors. Did you mean to post this in

  12. https://smiledirectclub.co.uk/en-gb/treatment-plan-3D/b6d6123d-6c2b-48aa-9e03-680781f021cf/

  13. You have a few large rotations, one of which is a canine, which could be problematic. There are a few teeth on the bottom arch with intrusion. Ditto on the potential.

  14. SDC (& other at-home aligner plans) are very different technologies than Invisalign, despite both being clear trays. Invisalign uses attachments (also called anchors) to help with movements that aligners alone can’t make. Invisalign is also an actual orthodontic treatment and focuses on the correct function/health of the teeth, bite, and jaw, while SDC is a purely cosmetic treatment and often disregards bite. Invisalign is a treatment overseen by a dental professional, while SDC is basically DIY.

  15. There’s a character in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books that you might like, Harry King aka “King of the Golden River”. He does a similar job in the fictional city of Ankh-Morpork and is the wealthiest person in it.

  16. First, be advised that you're close to the Tilt Limit for anchorless trays. Secondly, getting trays on and off is going to SUCK for a while with the tilt.

  17. Sorry but you're in 'oh hell no' territory.

  18. As a predicted bite, that's not good. It's open, and probably edge-to-edge. I can't tell that much from a single static photo though.

  19. You are starting out with some bite problems - mainly a very deep overbite, and the overjet is too large. The deep shows as being somewhat corrected at the end, but this is very dependant upon a high-failure movement (intrusion.) The overjet is also still too big, btw. See the links in my sig for more info.

  20. That’s what I’m wondering lol — as I’d assume the aligners are the same, I’d assume it should work? Lol — Well if I end up doing that I’ll let you guys know!

  21. Night-time only are thicker, and thus won't lose their integrity as quickly as the thinner trays. The plans themselves are also set up differently. You could also lose any provided warranty by not sticking to your prescribed plan.

  22. You're actually probably doing this in order to switch your pain receptors.

  23. Since you're young enough, check this out:

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