1. Will we ever see another rookie driver make it into F1, who hasn't done F2? Like straight from F3? Or are the super license rules too strict that the drivers have to do at least a season of F2 for a chance?

  2. I know others have answered your original question but there's a special note in Max's case. Jos was the one who pushed for a F1 seat ASAP. Mercedes and Red Bull both wanted him but only RB had the seat open because of their two team setup. If Merc hadn't been in the picture, I imagine RB would've made Max do an year in F2

  3. Wow, how fast does the medical car complete the lap so as to not be a problem for racers?

  4. It's a decent pace car but still is ways way off because of all the added weight of medical equipment they're carrying. I imagine on longer laps they can get back no problem. But in shorter tracks they might take an escape road so as to avoid the cars

  5. Corruption or not: the man don't cheat on his wife.

  6. I legit hated my friends when their parents talked to them with respect.

  7. Anyone here not have a favorite? In every other sport i watch i have a favorite team/player but in formula1 i don't prefer a team or driver over another i just want to view an extraordinary race

  8. Same. I like many drivers but not enough to argue incessantly about them online. Plus I don't actually care who wins the title as long as they don't runaway with it.

  9. Here I am fighting for my company to pay the $2,943 that they owe me lol.

  10. He lacked the hustle, loyalty and respect needed for the role at WWE.

  11. Never grabbed no brass ring, just McMahon's sloppy seconds

  12. That bargeboard had a bigger development budget compared to some standing armies.

  13. I thought for a moment it was his album finally dropping

  14. 24 races in 8 mounths will be a logistic nightmare for the teams.

  15. Horner will ask FIA for an extra 100 million in exemption just for the freight costs

  16. Something really sweet about America being paired up with checks notes UAE


  18. Yeah, tried that. No Sunday tickets available unfortunately. Have to figure out what the best way to go about trying to get a couple of tickets!

  19. I'd say check the F1 website or any reputed Italian websites which sell sports/events tickets.

  20. is there any practical reason for the rule mandating 2 tire types to be used during a race? Is to to somehow try to mix strategies, even though for most races there is a clear best strategy (usually meds to hards with 1 pitstop) and all top teams follow it?

  21. Well the whole tyre compound thing is a gimmick if you really think about it. But yes, the only reason 2 compound rule exists is to create multiple strategies and variety. Yes there will be a fastest and as Ferrari has demonstrated multiple times this season, a slowest. But its still better than the alternative of only one tyre per race.

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