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  1. This is one reason serial killers were so prevalent in the us in the 70s and 80s. Women would just get into random cars!

  2. "I don't know how to forgive him".

  3. Well if you can't trust a work acquaintance with a severe drug addiction to be completely alone in your house while you go on vacation who can you trust!

  4. Do not confuse result with purpose. Republicans don’t think that far ahead when making up slurs.

  5. They do. Its instinctive for humans to accuse others of what they have in their heart.

  6. If it’s an outdoor pond, they’ve found that if birds eat the fish eggs a certain percentage of the eggs pass through the birds’ guts without being digested. When the bird poops later, they can release those eggs into an entirely new body of water.

  7. Yeah you need two bluegill to escape. Without natural predators these invasive species grow exponentially. 70 years later millions of them are everywhere.

  8. They are free to fish then I’m assuming? If so I’m going to Japan and having approximately 30 fresh panko fried bluegill during my stay.

  9. Yeah I'd assume so! Go for it!!

  10. Can we also just point out that there were plenty of other older adults around at these things and apparently cool with this? I dunno, if I went over a friend’s house and there were a bunch of teenagers, it’d be weird.

  11. My understanding was he was having games nights where they would play Mafia and i think this girl was the daughter of a friend? Kids love social deception games.

  12. Palestinian militants need to accept they have lost the military fight against Israel. Not even saying who is right or wrong, its just objective fact.

  13. Why the box? Is he trying to conceal his movements or something?

  14. Yeah, it looks like street fighter, so probably trying to avoid telegraphing a special. Could be he has a certain style or cheese he needs to hide because opponents at evo are so good.

  15. Reality tv shows aren't real. Gordon Ramsey by all accounts is a nice funny guy, he just puts on the "head chef persona" - especially for the American markets.

  16. Normal women can't even get away with it.

  17. Its a composite shot, where two shots are editted together so its more likely they have editted the colour pallette post production so the shots match.

  18. Pllllllleaaaase don't do this in public.

  19. Uh what? She had a legal prescription, he had a job to do, the pharmacy had the pills.

  20. They wont. They want an unfair system. They wont be caught out and go "damn! Now we have to let muslims worship!"

  21. "Any publicity is good publicity" Yeah maybe in 1967 when there was one news cycle. Now days bad publicity is instantly published, absorbed by fans and then everyone moves on. Then everyone has a vague memory of you doing something shitty. Then wheneve you get good publicity there will be reminders of the bad shit you did.

  22. Some women pull off baldness better than a lot of men!

  23. fsv says:

    I knew when I saw the headline that they'd be Sri Lankan athletes. There's a surprisingly long history of Sri Lankan athletes disappearing during or after sporting events abroad. Sometimes they're found again, sometimes they're never heard of again.

  24. Sri Lanka is proper fucked at the moment too so don't blame them.

  25. Don’t be a health care provider if you are unwilling to provide health care.

  26. But how will i impose my morality on others

  27. https://giphy.com/gifs/65zUoOU09HL3uUKokQ

  28. Why accept this bullshit premise?

  29. Good luck baby girl I hope your lawyer is great and these slimeballs don't drag you through a defamation case

  30. Most humans arent seeking happiness or greatness, just contentedness.

  31. Oof. Thats the work of someone who has used filler before and thought "how hard can plastering be?!"

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