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  1. Is no one gonna mention the score by 25 mins LMFAO.

  2. So this is where Subnatica developers got their idea from to make the crabsnakes, fucking danger noodles in water.

  3. Gotta love spinning into remnant. Yeah Dota is awesome when you have no clue but you get super lucky that the enemy is a bit dumber than you.

  4. The punishments work well. I feel sufficiently punished every highly varied game.

  5. Same, I’ve been having the same quality of games for 4 years, the system works well I don’t know what you’re talking about @OP /s

  6. Heh the umbrella academy reference, clever. Also what do you think of Season 3 ? Thought it had a very good twist to the story, it all comes together now.

  7. I see the Valve Janitor has been working overtime on the weekends and holidays.

  8. Nisha has been like top 3 players in the world in last 2 years easily its funny now many people just forget about him

  9. They forget about him because the team is not winning and not doing well. It’s something common for the fans, which is quite stupid if you ask me personally.

  10. Finally Secret wins a series convincingly after throwing so many matches. The hugs at the end were wholesome af, they really looked like they got relieved of some pressure. Hopefully this is the start to their TI journey

  11. I swear if they didn’t throw so hard against OG they would’ve won that series too… so many throws when they play well. They needed this for their confidence boost, I am sad about Yapzor though, how will secret look when he’s coming back. Right now they seem to have the hang of it with Zayac and what he can play well. We all know Yapzor is insanely talented on a lot of heroes but the meta doesn’t revolve around his legendary signature heroes like Rubick and Earthshaker.

  12. Congratulations! Do me a favor - forget about the 6 months. All that matters is that you’re in the gym this week. And then next week, and the week after.

  13. Arnold you make me feel so positive and confident about any change in life, you’re truly an inspiration to so many, legend !!!

  14. It is also bad when the smurf is on my team. Almost every smurf declares he is a smurf and acts like an asshole about it.

  15. Yeah the best you can do is just accept the loss and try to play the game, while being miserable, especially when the enemy team has a good team they all play well together and they seem to have fun. It’s so depressing actually, most of the times I want to rage quit and never play the game again… but I know that I still want to play and I get punished for leaving, meanwhile those Smurfs don’t give a fuck because there’s no consequence. Fake it until you make it basically, and they succeed on being pieces of shit and ruining games.

  16. Okay enough with these super chad plays on CM she’s gonna get nerfed.

  17. Zayac is also much more underwhelming than Yapzor and both of Crystallis and Zayac seem to have pretty limited hero pools which makes drafting difficult.

  18. The thing is crystallis doesn’t have a small hero pool, the dude can play a lot of other heroes very well. Maybe on scrims they just feel better with him on Razor or Medusa… the same way they felt much better with Nisha Morph or PA when he first joined Secret. I really don’t blame Secret for going for comfort picks over cohesive and well thought draft but at the same time you’re playing for a major slot here which is your last chance to earn some points for TI… you have to play better and be more flexible with your draft or else anybody even the worst team in the regionals can win against you.

  19. I like how every single one of them seem like models in those dresses. Meanwhile the boys in the back looking like servants.

  20. really wish they would've defaulted to "To Attack" for those players who had the option ticked before. fucked my lane today(

  21. Dude I thought someone went on my account for real, I was so confused… then I figured it must’ve been an update. Fucking lost the lane hard because of this had to die to figure out what the issue was and change it to attack

  22. I waited 10 years to come to America with Family Reunion visa and then 6 more years to apply for citizenship since you need to go to school or work/own a business as a criteria to qualify. Americans don’t realize how much stress, energy and resources this takes. I am happy I finally got it as I’m 26 but my parents are in their 50 and their English is still bad.

  23. Meanwhile a Romanian streamer went to YouTube cause twitch banned him for saying "fagottini" which is apparently a type or brand of pasta... Italian dishes get streamers banned on twitch these days.

  24. Holy shit that’s hilarious and tragic at the same time. What a world we live in, fuck twitch tbh.

  25. Exactly. I’m not trying to become immortal I’m trying to have fun playing Dota

  26. Not current (fortunately!) but an ex: he would make inappropriate comments here and there about pre teen girls’ bodies. One time there was this little girl running in the street wearing a skirt and he went like, “yummy, she’s got nice legs and she’s so young” I was beyond disgusted, we had a fight over it.

  27. You wish you never knew about this? No you literally dodged a straight bullet in your chest for a potentially lifelong time with that psycho…be thankful to the universe that he hinted that behavior earlier for you to nope the fuck out.

  28. Hey man I’ll add you later on steam but here’s my discord Kain4ever#0983 feel free to add and let’s play sometime.

  29. I really think the car door planking might have hurt, but worth the internet points !

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