1. "Discovered"? Was it hidden behind something all this time?


  3. I'm not sure why there's multiple Magen Davids. Having one Magen David can be symbolic of the ideal of Jewish unity.

  4. I think I learned that in History class, the 7 yellow stars represent the 7 days of the week. The reason this flag wasn't chosen is because '7 days of the week' isn't something that's specific enough for the Jewish people.

  5. Best series of posts on this sub by far <3

  6. i wanna start doing this, what im editing now isnt so fun. how do you get these characters and backgrounds? do you make them?

  7. I don't know if OP made this one or not, but you can get this type of character in stock websites. Search for 'Vector art stock' or something along those lines. Some give them for free as long as you credit the artist, and some sell them.

  8. I only take it to the train. I heard that there are some bus drivers that won't let you in with those so I don't even bother, not to mention that unlike trains buses don't have any dedicated space for them on the bus itself.

  9. I know it's a 2 yrs late answer but I'm Lebanese and this morning I watched the first episode and now I'm gonna continue watching it and decide if I will continue watching, it depends... ,because if I kept panicking and talking to the television and screaming and telling soldiers to run away because they have been exposed I'm definitely gonna loose it😅 it's not an easy series to watch , being in the middle of the enemie's territory is so scary , seeing people believing that a terrorist who killed 116 people including children women and elderly people , should keep roaming the roads makes my blood boil , and also seeing someone dead like Bashir "even if he's the terrorist's brother but still it really breaks my heart actually I cried , he really doesn't deserve to die because of his brother , and what makes me angrier his brother , Abou Ahmad , when he knew his brother was dead , because of him , instead of crying and feeling guilty , he felt proud because he believes that he's a "شهيد" , and Bashir's wife she really broke my heart but come on if she should get her revenge , well Abou Ahmad is the one she should shoot ,and this is only the first episode... I dunno know if I can watch all of it , we'll see.

  10. That was a surprising comment :P Glad to see that you seem to enjoy it, but I'll get it if you won't keep watching. I have a hard time watching stuff like that too sometimes.

  11. Lots of stores are in need of them for change. Whenever a customer comes in with a bag full of them we're happy to exchange them. I myself exchanged a big chunk of Agorot I've been saving for a couple years.

  12. Then there is Noa Kirel and Omer Adam's pop song version of the national anthem called Hope.

  13. The national anthem version that has a foreign language in it

  14. What have you unleashed upon the world with this thought

  15. If you search using the filter, you can sort it for Most watched, trending, scores ect.

  16. I've been increasing slots on all of my characters. I swear it makes the game logistically easier.

  17. All we have in Reboot for reward points is Monster Part tickets, Water of Life and some cubes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  18. Just pick something that looks appealing to you. Level other classes when u feel like it and if u find a class that u like better. Fund that one. Worst case u get a bunch of bossing characters along the way.

  19. This is a feature I really appreciate in Maple. You don't have to feel that bad if you leveled up a class just to find out you don't enjoy it. You still get extra buffs from it on top of using it as a bossing mules for some extra mesos. It makes the search for a main very chill.

  20. I never got the point of those transaction fees

  21. Can’t you remove the effects? Does it not remove that?

  22. No :( I have the same issue with the Alliance Commander sword. I really like the look but the jump effect is too flashy...

  23. Agree. But it's a bit cringe that all the Israeli media are writing this up as a major news event.

  24. It gives the clicks in the end of the day

  25. Lateks are לביבות right?

  26. Maybe it's just an issue of the feeding spot? In my city there's an area where people feed pigeons constantly, but it's not like it's in the middle of the sidewalk so it doesn't really bother me. And I think it's kinda cute actually :)

  27. wouldn't happen regardless of who's in power. clearly the bennett-lapid government hasn't bothered taking care of that

  28. Because Bennet is against that, it's not that surprising.

  29. You should do the lvl 140 Temple of Time quest line to unlock Pink Bean, It should give u a couple levels.

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