1. Hmm... a fire build. You can do it but I wouldn't recommend it since every other class can do it better than the assassin.

  2. 4 hours! My 50 minute run felt like a lifetime. I can't even imagine...

  3. Hmm... it's a little bit chaotic in my opinion. You have fire master yet nothing to set the enemies on fire with. Also using a legendary sword seems like a waste since an assassins strength lies in stealth and poison.

  4. Not bad, not bad. You could make a few improvements.

  5. I would drop the weightless spirit bow and focus on using melee. Replace it with with a standard half bow or forbidden medicine if you have it.

  6. The advice you give to OP might fit in my current build. As a beginning player I'm still struggling a bit what attributes/options to choose on my Gear (kinda overwhelming possibilities). I like to put things on fire and use my ultimate attack. What would you recommend on this gearset:

  7. It sounds like you'll probably be grinding survival more than anything else. In that case..

  8. For me the 42+ chain with a Tsum with horns and i had to pay 10 rubies for the 6.5mill with black hands.

  9. Yeah that 42+ chain was a bastard. I used Sully's ult maybe 3 times and chained all them big boys together at the last minute.

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