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  1. Sorry, it wasn't my intention to indicate that I dislike other SW content. I enjoy all SW to varying degree. To give credit where its due, Disney has taken intelligent decisions business-wise to produce diverse content targeting mainly kids, mainly adults and then both demographics combined. That said, I think there is still a distinction to be made between by-the-numbers filmmaking and creative inspired filmmaking. So far, the balance is strongly tilted in direction of the former, IMO. And I hope Disney continues to back content like Andor in the future.

  2. Yeah, ngl, some of the inconsistencies with the book bug me a lot! They mentioned it wouldn’t be like that.

  3. yes i think so its looks to be heading that way by 2030's by my count

  4. wasnt because of John Wick 4 also DCEU is resetting with The Flash im interested in that more so I like Superhero movies but i prefer real films

  5. I don't mind Bo-Katan being a deuteragonist but it does feel like Din has been kinda aimless since his BOBF episodes. Feels weird to just watch him chill at the covert like buddy don't you have bounties to hunt?

  6. Were seeing how the covert functions before stuff hits the fan Din wiilll remove his helmet again in S3 Pedro hinted at it

  7. Pedro is EVERYWHERE now. He's the internet's slutty daddy.

  8. but pedro has hinted he will remove his helmet again in S3

  9. Yeah, Jar Jar and Anakin are the only characters in TPM that have a soul. Everyone else is so lifeless.

  10. we dont get Gollum, Thanos, Snoke and both Avatar Films without Jar Jar

  11. Marvel is dying? Star Wars is dead? He keeps on saying that. But both marvel and Star Wars are still going on strong

  12. Steven Knight taking over for Lindelof means the project is still a go

  13. Agreed. He did great. The problem was Jar Jar as a concept which goes back to Lucas as a writer and then no one being able to say, “does this character make sense in the story we’re trying to tell?”

  14. if the had promote VFX it wouldve gone better we dont get Gollum, Thanos, Snoke and both Avatar Films without Jar Jar

  15. Yes and no it still his series and show he is the Titular lead

  16. it was Blade Runner 2049 Esque enjoyed it

  17. In Montreal, we don’t have religion… we have hockey. For better or worse they’re ours and we keep our church for them.

  18. yeah The Habs dominate the Province why the Nordiques and Expos skip town cant compete with Les Habitants

  19. Detroit and pizza confection must be bad for ice

  20. Both Variety is what makes star wars great also more LGBTQIA+ Representation as well

  21. Andor released to critical acclaim and Mando is getting raves. A new trailer for Jedi Survivor released today.

  22. and the Films are returning i dont think Lindelof and JBG exit affects the project

  23. Top Gun: Maverick and Mission::Impossible-Fallout are great i could careless about sceintology beliefs he made excelllent films

  24. Filoni confirms nothing that is surprising to someone with more than two working neurons.

  25. yeah Rian Johnson was fiionis mentor for Live action directing

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