1. What is the ultimate find for a Vetterli collector? The Grail of the Vetterli world? Do you own one?

  2. That's a buy it now price. Don't think twice just get your bill fold out.

  3. How to make my dick shrivel up to nothing in 1 single image ^

  4. Nice pistol Tovarisch. I find it strange that there is US made 7.62x38r.

  5. I have only ever used a 92fs and a usp 45 other than the nagant that is double action.

  6. Oh yeah, compared to those two peaches, its a real pear.

  7. Damn that thing is sweet. I'm surprised we don't see more builds of this style in the US similar to what the Swiss do to the STG-57 and K31

  8. Yugos are 100% an unique vibe, when compared to other ak rifles and clones of such.

  9. Valmet/Galil would like to have a word with you.

  10. That is more than serviceable especially at that distance with double action and short sight radius. Nice work.

  11. A parade rifle is going to have some sort of ceremonial/historical provenance. Why would someone use a commercial precision rifle like a Remington 700 for any sort of parade?

  12. Cool ZRAK looks like what I’m looking for.

  13. Very nice find, how much did you give if you don't mind me asking?

  14. Seems like a fair price for a pistol with a bit extra provenance. I would have snagged it too.

  15. It sounds like you encountered a standard boomer gun store employee. Gun counter guys are notoriously rude and HATE questions, the HATE talking about guns and they most of all HATE greenhorns. They're jaded from having to deal with idiots on a regular basis and he probably just profiled you, thinking you were a dumbass for some reason.

  16. It was the standard Yugo m48. The only reason I said M4 style was because I didn't wanna say retro rifle and make the guy feel old

  17. If you have never handled them before you might be surprised how small the grips are on both guns. I have larger hands and they definitely don't fit me very well at all unless I wrap my whole hand around it and have my entire finger all the way through the trigger guard.

  18. Like already mentioned you'd get all the correct markings and logos like colt or FN etc. This lower is like 40% correct and the custom lower would be like 95% correct. The only thing you don't get with the custom lower are roll marks. The custom lower is laser engraved (like the one here) That's a very small detail to be picky about and I didn't really care myself.

  19. Who did you send the 80% to? That sounds like something I would like to have done.

  20. MOA customs. I have nothing but incredible things to say about them.

  21. Like where doe? And don't say ammoseek or Google cause they don't come up.

  22. You have to know a guy, or buy one box at a time whenever it shows up for sale. Knob Creek had cases of it...

  23. No I mean the gun show at knob Creek machine gun shoot had a lot of rare ammo by the case before it shut down in 2021

  24. There’s an 8mm sporterized at my lgs. They want $199. Based off of that 199, 250 here seems in agreement. I am tempted but don’t know how I feel about feeding 8mm Mauser. Thoughts?

  25. 8mm is an awesome round and one of the cheapest and most available milsurp rounds left on the market. Lots of different flavors like brass cased, steel cased, AP, and new manufactured soft points and FMJ.

  26. So you’re saying if it’s still there in a couple weeks…

  27. All I can say is any center-fire rifle for $200 is fair deal especially a tough as nails action with military provenance...sporterized or not.

  28. My guess is someone tried to modify a Beretta 92 magazine to fit in a carbine or different pistol that has uncommon magazines.

  29. It is time consuming, It took me about 45 minutes to fire 18 times. And about 30 minutes of cleaning after that.

  30. Wow neat ! Do you play doublebass for a living ? I guess 45 min for 18 shots isn't too bad for cap and ball !

  31. Heavens no, but I gave 6 years of my life to the Bass all through school. I miss the instrument because I've never been able to own one.

  32. The new Pythons are just a cash grab aimed for people who don't want to fork out the cash ($2500+) on a real deal royal blue. I'm sure they can be decent guns but they don't have the best reputation and they kinda look like an airsoft gun or something when placed next to a serious Pony from back in the day.

  33. So what did you end up giving for the lot? If you don't mind me asking.

  34. You're sitting on stupid value to the right schmuck, they are sitting on GB well over a grand a pop. But street value or fair value to another retro guy I would think would be like maybe $700 but it's total speculation.

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