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It's local election season in the US! Make your voice heard in state and local elections.

i hate babies

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  1. I received general election mail from Libs, NDP and New Blue. Received two different "how to vote" things in the mail as well. Got my voter card (which being a new citizen maybe you didn't get this?). Problem is people toss away anything not addressed to them with hardly even looking at them.

  2. Oh idk I live with my parents so maybe they threw out stuff like that? But my sister lives somewhere else and she didn't get anything but idk

  3. You can also register to vote by mail I think or do advance voting (when it is less busy).

  4. To my knowledge there are no free to play games included with game pass because they are free, there would be no need to add them to the service when everyone already has access to them. When Rocket league and PUBG became free they were removed from game pass. Same with EA play they dont put free games on there.

  5. Yeah that makes sense but it sucks because then they aren't on xcloud anymore 😕 so I don't get why they can't put free to play games on xcloud

  6. Like my neighbors dog who laid on top of our other neighbor who had fallen and broke her hip in the wintertime. It was said in the news that the dog knew he should lay on top of her to keep her warm (he did in fact keep her warm) but the truth is the dog just loved to lay on top of people and did it all the time.

  7. Thats so funny lol. I just realized ppl are probably interpreting this as like literally saving a person's life when I meant more like people dealing with depression or any other mental illness and their pet helped them stay alive and etc

  8. I don't really pay attention or remember the average storage space games I play take up. So when I was looking at the storage I didn't even realize how little 64gb is lol. Like I had planned to just get the cheapest option. So now I need to see the size of the games I plan to play on there. I guess I plan to mostly play indie games so I guess they won't take up much space but I wonder how many indie games I can fit on there 🤔

  9. Thats cool, I am into anything except puzzle games. Especially if it costs under $5 and provides at least a few hours of fun. So racing, JRPG, roguelike, shooter, RTS, open world, platformer.. anything you would recommend or you personally enjoyed! Even just a list of indie games you would thumbs-up.. i have $50 to spend and I won't be disappointed so don't worry

  10. I would recommend spiritfarer. It is a platformer adventure I think. You mostly just have to complete tasks for spirits so it's more like farming sim games where you collect stuff and craft stuff. It is very story rich. It is a game about death and I found myself mourning certain spirits. It's a very chill and wholesome game but it is also sad and dark at times.

  11. I expect more customization. I think build mode and create a sim will be pretty good. As for live mode I'm not sure. I wonder if they will continue with emotions, overhaul or add a whole new system. I think that would be the big impact on how enjoyable gameplay is. I think with it being in unreal engine a lot of things will be possible and maybe routing and how sims interact with objects and other sims will be a lot more smooth and realistic. I also expect them to add some sort of multi-player aspect. Probably a seperate system from the rest of the game or at least I hope so.

  12. Mostly indie farming sims and rpgs. I think the main one I'll play is story of seasons. I probably won't play much simulation games on there like sims or cities skylines since those will be better with mouse and keyboard and on a bigger screen. But I like to have the option to just lie in bed and stare at my city in cs or do some chill building in sims but idk because sims 4 uses a lot of hotkeys in build mode so it would be smth I would have to get used to.

  13. I didn't know the steam deck will play games from other launchers. That makes me happy cause I have sims 4 on origin and I was hoping it would work. I can basically have a console experience (if I connect to a tv) but not have to buy all dlc over again and I can use mods. This is the same with games like cities skylines. I do wonder if I will be able to use it for games I got on the ms store/ game pass.

  14. This is very early game, isn't it? Take the third bridge and look for an item which upgrades your boots to follow aerial flow threads the entire way. It should be flashing blue.

  15. I can't get to the third bridge at the top of the mountain. And yeah it's very early game.

  16. As I remember, you can follow the aerial flow thread to the second bridge. Cross that to get the boots, then follow the same thread to the third bridge.

  17. Ok I guess it seems like I'm just bad at using the aerial flow thread. I'll keep trying

  18. Anyone else's dominant boar is more gentle with them than with other piggies?

  19. This happened to me a while ago and I realized it was because my browser and computer weren't set to sRGB mode, so it looks nice on (my) computer but still looks off when I look at it on mobile.

  20. So I was able to fix it by going to settings and changing my display type to sRGB thank you

  21. Its probably because you using Linear light, change it in Image-->Precision-->Perceptual Gamma

  22. Did they state if the pack refresh would be free for those who already bought it?

  23. You can order groceries to get the ingredients

  24. Butler, nanny, robot, invite random friends over. You never need to raise them at all lol

  25. With gtw yes. You can build a retail store and set certain produce items for sale. But we don't have actual produce stands/displays but there is a cc item you can download by brazenlotus. Without cc it's still possible. You can use the freezers and retail fridges to put produce that will spoil.

  26. Not a thought behind those eyes 😂

  27. Idk if im the only one but when I hire a repair service they wave at my sims through the window

  28. I would think it would be smth that was in the surveys at around the same time the winter vacation was and we had a twitter poll for farming in 2018 I think.

  29. you have to admit the patients to a bed before you can run tests and treat them. The option to do so is under medical referrals. But the staff on the other hand is pretty much always useless.

  30. Yeah but isn't the assistant supposed to do that?

  31. yeah but no one actually does any work besides you. it's pretty dumb.

  32. Oh never mind I found one called: better hospital staff by simvasion

  33. Sims 5 is still at least 1.5 - 2 years away.

  34. I think more than that. Probably 3 or 4 years.

  35. Are those not base game things you can do with your pets? I could’ve sworn they are.

  36. You can only train adult dogs not puppies

  37. So he was an adult dog, and then he died, and I resurrected him then aged him down to puppy by accident (he's a replica of my mom's rescue dog Leonard Cohen). Maybe that's why he was (kind of) able to be trained?

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