1. Yall complaining about ESPN’s coverage aint watch ABC’s dogshit lol. Stephen A Smith for 2 hours was torture, Knicks aint draft anyone and were still the only team talked about. Shit Jaden Ivey going 5th, showing a crazy emotional moment, only had SAS going “nooooooo” over n over again cause his bumass wanted him. Not to mention ABC was tryna do the whole “my grandma died” thing and showed 0 basketball the whole time

  2. I spent the first 10 picks on ESPN, got annoyed and switched to ABC, absolutely hated it because they announced that Pistons trade at 13 and then gave zero details, and actually switched back to ESPN.

  3. My friend, do what I do and don’t buy jerseys buy t-shirts that look like jerseys. WAY cheaper. That way you don’t have to decide, get both.

  4. And his Grandma lives in Detroit still apparently haha. The family keeps getting drawn back.

  5. Celtics fan in detroit here, I’m hyped for the pistons this is gonna be fun. Do the pistons still have the cap space to sign ayton after eating kembas salary?

  6. Yeah for sure. Like $40m+ I think. Kemba was only $9.1m, which to me feels low for what we got still.

  7. Most hyped for a Pistons team since the glory days of Chauncey and the boys.

  8. I don't know if we'll be good but I know we'll be fun

  9. Dude, I was avoiding saying anything. Didn't want to jinx it

  10. Wow, him and EJ on the board for our pick!

  11. Apparently those are used to be comically piled on to a trade to make it happen. I'm pretty sure we got four 2nds for the Kennard trade and now we're just tossing four 2nds in for this trade.

  12. Why would the Spurs even consider this?

  13. Because Fischer throws shit against a wall and doesn't actually know anything.

  14. Definitely a fan because of the early-2000 teams and Ben Wallace, specifically.

  15. Also cleared a lot of cap space for you guys. Can offer someone like Ayton a max now.

  16. We could before the trade too, though, so it does still make it a little baffling for some of us. There's gotta be an encore coming.

  17. You sure? I read your cap space with getting nothing for Grants 21m is at 43m...that 43m minus 21m isn't even close to an Ayton level max. You'd have had to do some other trade to clear the space.

  18. I assumed he'd be in the sign and trade with Ayton.

  19. An Isaiah Stewart, Bobby Portis front court would have the whole league on notice and I’m here for it

  20. Teams would absolutely dread how rough those two would play at the same time. We'd get into so many fights lmao

  21. Waiting to hear that Issac is living on James Murphy's couch

  22. And James Murphy lives in David Byrnes basement.

  23. Bro if they haven't gone through seven picks in two hours then they desperately need to change the formating.

  24. I can't say I sold for a major league team but I did the minors for years and I imagine it's a similar pitch, depending on your team.

  25. Anyone know if there's live rewind capabilities for the app?

  26. I will not pay them a penny until they get rid of the strike zone overlay

  27. This has been driving me insane for years now but it seems like it's here to stay.

  28. I thought they had done their last run of episodes? Or are they just really dragging their airing out?

  29. I really like Brogdon, but "If he's healthy" should just be his permanent nickname now.

  30. I think Myles Turner already has that nickname.

  31. I like him but more on a top seeded team. I'm not sure he moves the needle for us but I think his value to a team is greater as a depth piece on a good team.

  32. All of them. 2 unprotected picks left in 2024 and 2026 and 3 unprotected swaps in 2023, 2025, and 2027.

  33. Even if they stay good, that trade was so bad in hindsight for 13 months of Harden.

  34. Triple??? I don’t see why you couldn’t quadruple team him and just have someone roam the paint.

  35. Gotta leave that fifth guy on Joe Harris

  36. Turner is a better shooter, Much better defender too. Not sure what you don't like about him.

  37. His injury history and rebounding numbers are super concerning.

  38. Its arguably the least realistic trade bc you aren't allowed to trade back to back firsts.

  39. I'm just finding out that this dude is from Michigan! Wtf I had no idea

  40. Yeah me neither, and I watched him a ton years ago. I don't remember him even being introduced from Michigan.

  41. Hey James! I always get pumped when you pop up on the Basketball Buds. How do they decided who's on the show each week, and what prep goes into that show?

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