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  1. Click doesn’t go away, it’s the direct injection working. Super high pressure fuel. I had a Direct injected VW for a long time and it was clicky till the day I sold it. 22 Frontier with 40k miles and it still be clicking

  2. Thank you for this. Coming from a 4Runner and there have been days when I’ve wondered if something was wrong.

  3. Emphysema is a terrible condition to deal with. Had two grandfathers with it. You need to start wearing some PPE to filter your breathing.

  4. The weight of larger-than-stock tires is not a suspension issue, really. That aspect is more of a concern with gearing of the differentials because the engine on the 4Runner is so anemic. However, you should be fine with 285s.

  5. No, there isn’t anything like that.

  6. Trans fluid: I asked two Toyota master service techs their opinion on this. Basically, if you can’t do it at or very close to 100k, don’t do it. I would say you are past the window now.

  7. I stopped going to Midas for this exact situation. I cannot pinpoint the ‘why’, but getting brakes done there simply would not last as long as it should have. Started taking my truck to a different shop and now do not have that problem.

  8. So… did you make that purchase? CapOne wants you to always be prepared out there in those streets.

  9. Always spend good money on anything between you and the ground. Tires, shoes, mattresses.

  10. It’s not terrible, but the devil would have to be in the details. The overarching theme has been done repeatedly (Dune, amongst others), so it is not original. You would need to sell it by having your ground-level narrative be novel or inventive in some way. Robots killing humans b/c of enslavement is an often used central plot.

  11. Females are the sexual selectors of our species. Make better choices, ladies.

  12. Tell me you don’t understand that your race only makes up 13% of the population of the United States without saying you don’t understand that your race only makes up 13% of the population of the United States.

  13. So are white kids not allowed to graduate or were they just never admitted in the first place? Lol

  14. They will mail them their papers. Fuck them colonizers.

  15. Anytime somebody states that something is racist now, I just zone out. I have lost all interest in the whole concept of racism.

  16. How is she at children’s birthday parties?

  17. I cannot imagine how sore everyones jaws amongst the environmentalist faithful must be at this point, what with everyone sucking each other off nonstop. Has got to be exhausting.

  18. I did manage to read a good bit of the article, but stopped eventually because I realized they just will not accept that modern liberalism is a disease of the mind itself. That is why these people are rife with mental disorders. Sure, social media cannot help but to exacerbate the problem as it is being used by nearly all of us as a self feeding mechanism to reinforce our own biases. But the core cause of this rash of mental disorders is a world view that is, itself, rife with disorder, based upon the transgression of society, with ideas and ideals that are very often completely contradictory to one another.

  19. I mean… you’re not wrong. There’s always been a bit of overlap between hardware generations, but this one has way overdone it. They have milked the PS4 audience far longer than they should have. There has been minimal effort from all parties to produce current gen only titles, and we are all now paying more for games on top of it.

  20. Man. I want to hire you for my black 4Runner. That is so clean.

  21. Your uncle holds a special place in our familys Christmas traditions. Every year we watch the Christmas Carol with George C Scott as Scrooge. Best Scrooge ever and never fails to make us all a little teary eyed. The rest of the year we quote the movie almost weekly!

  22. Not endgame yet. This is still just another series of dominos beginning with the real estate bust in China. We're still a few dominos away from the mega pop.

  23. What happens then? Seriously asking.

  24. They went 8 months without a risk assessment officer, and when they finally did employ one, she spent most of her time messing around with DEI bullshit instead of her actual job. Not my take; this is what I have gleaned from various media.

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