1. How can Scorch be adequately countered? It seems like you pretty much need someone with Shredder rounds and grenades but I don't even know if that's enough. Nobody seems like a hard counter to her.

  2. She is almost impossible to hard counter. Rogues that can go toe to toe with her I would say Vy and Juke as they can force her to move without exposing themselves as well as rogues that can face tank like Mack/Chaac. Most rogues with gold bounce back can play even with her. Flashes are probably the easiest way to counter her but you wont always have one. TLDR - Vy, Glitch, Chaac, Juke can all play even with her but no one is really a hard counter to her

  3. Had some success tonight with Dallas using Shredder Rounds and legendary Crackshot with Nightshade. Slices through the armor and if you land headies you can do big damage. Seems like if you're using certain rogues it's kind of an autolose against her though, which I don't agree with from a design standpoint.

  4. The only person/people who need to stay on point are defenders. Everyone else should be roaming when the point is capped.

  5. this is kind of a garbage take imo. theres no point in roaming about the map apart from your team regardless of your rogues category. You dont have to hard camp the point all game but you shouldnt be in lala land by yourself missing team fights and giving the enemy the advantage at obj.

  6. You seem to think roaming means just fucking off where ever. When i say roaming, its finding where the enemy spawned and either forcing a trade or keeping them away from the objective. Why let the enemy team have time to make a plan or get into a good position when you can constantly harass them.

  7. If you’re playing split from your team an organized enemy squad will have numbers advantage wether it’s against the roamers or those holding obj. Pushing up and spawn trapping can be a great move. I was more saying you shouldn’t intentionally be playing split. Wether it’s roaming or holding obj success is most dependent on teamwork and playing together. The comp scene also shows teams holding obj the whole round but I know most people aren’t that serious.

  8. if youre an above average player, you will consistently be the best player on your team and matchmaking will usually place one player of equal-ish skill along with a couple jimmothys and a total bot on the opposing team. Most of my solo queues are essentially a 1v1 with 3 botty randoms on each team. Definitely frustrating at times but a lot of the matches are ultimately balanced. Sure I usually have 3x my teammates damage but most of the games (strikeout) go 4 and 5 rounds which is indicative of fairly balanced teams

  9. I'm not going to go and test it again, but it sure felt like they got slower. Do you remember when the S/T first got introduced, how fast Lancer was? (and I don't mean with evade or her ability activated).

  10. Lancers initial speed was heavily influenced by having legendary evade. That was the reason they reworked her perks and with that rework she received a noticeable slowdown. I don't believe it was related to the strength and toughness stats.

  11. Tough call then. Boxes have the chance to give you a lot for a little but it’s a gamble. If I were you I would probably unlock a couple rogues like Glitch and Seeker to unlock and master some really good weapons before I was gambling for mostly cosmetics, but you can get rogues from boxes to soooo

  12. Big mistake. When u play with randoms every single one will kill themself before u can heal them.

  13. They’re just top tier rogues. Dahlia is arguably the most versatile rogue and she can carry a team via revives and as a fragher. Scorch and vy both have strong area control and bounce back which is currently a ferry strong perk(dahlia also has it)

  14. The game does a fantastic job of teaching you as you go along. I tend to speed through dialogue and use wikis but i recommend staying off the wikis for this one. Enjoy the ride.

  15. dont bother reporting ive reported so many people that were trolling or hacking pretty sure they never got banned :/

  16. While I can achieve this I’d still recommend reporting them, better than nothing

  17. Are you seriously saying that people don't lie about trivial stuff online? There are people that lie about pretty much anything. Have you never heard of a pathological liar?

  18. Probably. I tend to do that.

  19. Going back to a 4d old comment to call someone a liar was a dead giveaway

  20. Been having this with some frequency since glimpse was introduced

  21. PC Player here. Fully aware this is the case and can give kind of a layman’s terms on the science of it.

  22. He stated both his ps5 and pc are running at 120 fps

  23. If you’re a good player your mmr will land you with higher performing players more often and a lot of them are on pc

  24. It’s a bit of a mystery. Seems like downs elims and revives are weighted most heavily to me. The major downside is it doesn’t matter how many times you die. You could throw a match by dying 30x but if your stats are high enough it will still give you mvp. It means almost nothing to me

  25. yeah. i love gnosis , amanuensis, and in stasis. In Stasis is my top album this year unless counter parts album is fucking insane or IA drops their new album but i think it's coming next year.

  26. Just wanted to jump back to this to say thanks for standing up for monuments. I have listened to them quite a bit in the last few weeks and they have really grown on me, especially In Stasis. What has become even more clear to me tho is that, for me, everyone’s fighting for second place. Invent Animate has no equal.

  27. His ability offers arguably the strongest area control in the game.

  28. Ho……ly………. Shit……….. he’s so BAD LMAO 😂

  29. They paid dr disrespect a lot of money to promote but he made it seem like he didn’t enjoy this game and didn’t really do much to promote

  30. If he enjoyed the game that would have been better for sure but as far as I’m aware he did play it enough to fulfill the contract and even designed a map for the game soooo

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