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  1. Just because they're not actively teaching their kids does not mean they are not working. They actually have a lot of preparing they have to do for each new year, not the least of which is updating curriculum to meet new standards.

  2. Silly question: Why not ask the previous homeowner? It looks like a passion project and I'm sure they would love explaining and showing you how it works.

  3. They are unfortunately deceased. (Not from CO intoxication for those who might ask)

  4. The Dutch Bros blended stuff is a 1000 calories

  5. Sort of related to your #1, I remember the cost of individual comics becoming absurd and it was impossible for fans to keep up with the investment even if they wanted to. That's why I bailed on comics. I suppose it's actually worse today.

  6. Whats wild to me is that ppl are also saying there’s no more interconnectedness and that it feels directionless. I kinda agree that there’s too much content, but they’re kinda keeping D+ relevant

  7. Maybe those people haven't watched it all and that's why they're confused?

  8. New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson. Climate change catastrophes have already happened and have radically transformed the planet. Characters often refer back to "the surge"- catastrophic events that happened before most of the characters were born. But in the present people are just sort of carrying on and making due. Definitely an optimistic and hopeful climate change story.

  9. New York 2140 was so good but yeah, KSR can get a bit... long winded.

  10. Yeah, I love his Mars trilogy, but as great as the descriptions of the Martian landscape were, a few of them got too long and indulgent.

  11. It will be far more expensive from a hardware store than a local landscaper. Google "topsoil delivery near me" and you should find a bunch of places. They'll truck it to you. When you call them ask what they have. The place by me does a mix of topsoil and sifted compost.

  12. I can't stop making these. I cover them with bacon pieces and then a jalapeño raspberry jelly. It may sound horrible but it's my favorite thing I make on my smoker.

  13. Work with a physical therapist to strengthen your muscles and learn how to stretch/work out appropriately. Anything else is a bandaid.

  14. Plenty of these folk unironically believe all democrats just live off welfare. Plenty of these folk just live off welfare and unironically believe that all democrats just live off welfare and that it's somehow different from them and bad when the bad democrats do it.

  15. The venn diagram of people who complain about "welfare" but who are also on Medicare/Medicaid and collect Social Security or disability payments is a circle.

  16. I used to. Once I hit 28 my feet started being cold around 6 am so I'm up early every single day.

  17. Get an electric blanket on a timer to turn on at 5:45am.

  18. Tried that and it didn't work. Feet stayed cold. I'm sure it's a blood flow issue at this point.

  19. Do you have Raynauds? May be worth getting checked out by a Dr.

  20. I can understand your confusion. It seems strange that they would specify that it’s sauce but also specify that it’s for a 10pc boneless. Do they have any thing similar in the app? Like can you find the wings without sauce?

  21. The sauce is sold separately in grocery stores and their restaurants. So it makes sense.

  22. They are. It's mostly white liberals screaming for disarmament. Which is easy to ask for when you're part of the dominant social group.

  23. Most liberals don't want disarmament, we want more sensible gun laws.

  24. Don’t need a license to have them at home, can carry across all 50 states with one, no restrictions on features, etc.? Or does “treated more like cars” just mean “only the negative aspects and none of the positives”?

  25. IDs and licenses should be free. Across the board. Period. This is not the gotcha you think it is.

  26. Active wear is hiking wear. You don't need anything fancy. Just don't wear jeans/cotton and you'll be fine. I hike in cheap Amazon leggings, or shorts. My only "hiking" clothing are my socks (injinis and darn toughs).

  27. Thanks for the reassurance. I think I’m feeling so worried about all this special gear and hiking clothing because the people I’m going with are quite experienced hikers and have all that stuff. I think you may be right about the general anxiety. I hadn’t really thought about it before reading your comment but I don’t really trust the people I’m going with to help me make sure I have all the things I would need.

  28. So, of they're experienced hikers you can ask them: what are they bringing? What are you responsible for? Ask for a specific checklist. Who is bringing the tent? Sleeping pad? Sleeping bag? Food? Cookstove? Etc.

  29. I get worrying that you'll overpack, but honestly... I'm one of those people who would rather have something and not need it than not have it and need it.

  30. Excellent. This one doesn't even break the bank. Most pellet smokers with PID seem to be 699ish range.

  31. With brisket you're going to find that everyone has their own special way of doing things and they'll all be a bit different. We basically watched a ton of videos on YouTube and read a bunch.

  32. Thanks a lot! I'm going to try brisket this week again on the gas grill as I look for a proper smoker in parallel.

  33. They would be really nice with clear background instead of the white IMO. They're very pretty.

  34. Yes! I removed the background and made them transparent to make these, so I plan on making a transparent version as well!

  35. 2 weeks, that is what it takes for your taste to adapt. Unsweetened is the best and in 2 weeks you agree.

  36. I make a corn and black bean salad with it. It was originally a weight watchers recipe I found years ago, I don't remember where.

  37. This is what we use. We have a little recteq bullseye and it does it all. Best burgers and steaks I've ever had.

  38. My point is that the smartphone addiction takes away from other things in your life, not just social settings.

  39. If I chose to read a book, would that be "taking away" from my time to call a friend/family?

  40. He's just jealous that he doesn't have any. I love my injinji's too, and I also have several pairs of aoninjie (sp?) too... They are my go to for running. I find myself frustrated when I have to wear "normal" socks.

  41. How do the aoninjie compare to injinis? I'd like to get a few more pairs of toe socks.

  42. Just comparing the ankle length lightweight for running: Putting them on, the injinji material feels a little rougher, almost kind of gritty. The Aoninjie feels smoother, a little more comfortable. The difference is hardly noticeable when I start running. Both being lightweight, I think the Aoninjie are a bit more durable. The injinji started developing holes between the toes after about 3-6 months. I have yet to have any holes in my aoninjie.

  43. Thanks for the info! It looks like the aoninjie are a little cheaper as well on Amazon. I think I'll give them a try.

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