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  1. As I kid I’d pluck out my hair and eat the follicle bits at the end.

  2. First thing here that made me physically grossed out lol

  3. I thought I was the only one not relapsing because it takes up too much energy that I almost never haha.

  4. If you're looking at the same survey I just found, it says 16% find bald men attractive (based on this trait alone) and 37% find bald men neutral in terms of attractiveness, which basically means it doesn't matter if the man is bald or not. That's not really that bad. And if you look at the group between the ages 25-34, then 25% of women find bald men attractive based on this trait alone, which means it's actually DESIRABLE from their point of view. 34% find this trait neutral, which means the MAJORITY of women in this age group (according to this study) do not mind or they actually like it when a man is bald. That's really not bad, objectively.

  5. I've seen a similar hack where you schedule everything that isn't work and you make a maximum quota for work. Like you only get to work for 3 hours a day.

  6. Can you tell that to my manager?

  7. Idk if I'm doing the right thing since you're scared, but here goes:

  8. No worries, there are loopholes if you're rich. Are you?

  9. Sometimes that pain in the throat becomes unbearable, and still I cannot cry.

  10. That was the original meaning of the word though.

  11. This etymology dictionary would disagree:

  12. The link isn't working for me. It says "Not found".

  13. Do you wish you were never born because of your disability?

  14. This post is 9 years old, and here I am in 2022 binge watching his movies and thinking exactly the same.

  15. Sofia, Bulgaria. There is a massive shortage of programmers, and companies are incredibly desperate to the point that one single CodeCademy course in Python is enough for a Junior position lol

  16. Except there are a lot of things to point to this all being bullshit and it was all fabricated by Weinstein because Norton tried to out him

  17. Do you have any sources on this? I'd be interested to read up on this.

  18. Hey, I just saw your reply. I hope you're still doing well in this relationship. I think you must have a lot of qualities you may not be aware of, and it's why this healthy person is willing to support you while you heal. Besides, we all are broken in small or big ways. No one is completely healthy, I don't think.

  19. omg, I was actually considering deleting my comment after no response from you haha. I felt insecure and maybe too exposed. Thought maybe you were judging me or something. So thank you for replying, even late! It means a lot to me.

  20. I'm sorry my late reply made you doubt yourself. I get many notifications from Reddit and if I don't check daily, I miss them. If people don't reply, it's usually because they missed it or got busy. It's not usually that they're offended or not interested in what we said, but I understand how it could be misinterpreted, especially for those of us who've had interpersonal trauma. I used to be a lot more sensitive and see rejection in more places, but with age and more positive experiences with people I have improved.

  21. You're so right. All of what you said. I actually saved your comment to my notes on things related to therapy and stuff! Thank you ❤️ You're very kind.

  22. If they're not initiating sex they're not initiating those either. trust me it's actually a lot harder to get them to do those things

  23. Where are you getting this from lol

  24. From the people in my life. But then I live in a fairly patriarchal culture when in comes to relationship dynamics, women generally don't learn how to initiate because it's not expect of them.

  25. Just saw your reply. I understand that you were just talking about your experiences then? That's fair. I thought you were generalizing to all people not initiating sex.

  26. n_13 says:

    Tylko większości jedzenia nie powinno wrzucać się do bio. No chyba, że w innych częściach Polski są inne zasady. Ale w Poznaniu nie wolno od zwierzęcych resztek wrzucać do bio. A ja odzwierzęce to rozumie wszystko co ma w sobie jaja czy też tłuszcze.

  27. Może w różnych częściach Poznania są różne zasady, ale przynajmniej w części miasta można wyrzucać do bio zdecydowaną większość żywności:

  28. There's no reason to assume that watching something with one's family involves small children or even teenagers. All the family members may be adults, who might still find watching a long handjob awkward in front of family members.

  29. Just found it it’s very stupid but it works. Open the user profile from a laptop or from a phone( laptop version on safari) then click the link and there you go

  30. Spoko, "flash drive". Chodziło mi o to, że kupiłem w życiu parę takich napędów i na żadnym pudełku nie widziałem napisu "pendrive". Gdy zaczniemy szukać etymologii słowa pendrive to znajdziemy jego synonimy, lecz nie żadne pierwsze praktyczne użycie (ew. Tropem może być firma Phison, lecz też nic konkretnego nie widzę). Właściwie każde anglojęzyczne źródło nazywa to uzodzenie inaczej niż "pendrive". Są jakieś wyniki na aliexpresie, ale wiadomo. To Polacy wymyślili "pendrive" i z tego mam bekę.

  31. Przecież "pen drive" występuje normalnie w słownikach anglojęzycznych.

  32. I don't know who in this court case is in the right or not and both of them don't look good honestly, but that's the problem when it is public like that.

  33. This comment hit hard. Good points.

  34. Its a test that is offered to those who may have an incentive to manipulate the test. If you have someone who wants to manipulate a court, these tests can provide a handy tool which informs them what symptoms they need to claim or exhibit to obtain a diagnosis. From what I heard, I’m order to “catch” those trying to manipulate the test, the test given to these people include questions about symptoms that have nothing to do with ptsd. So if the scores for those nonsense questions are high than that might be an indicator that a person is exaggerating symptoms.

  35. I see. I wonder what questions exactly such a test has, but I guess that's most likely reserved for professionals due to obvious reasons. I also wonder if it's used in other countries as well. I'd never heard of it before.

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