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  1. What Remains of Edith Finch and Gris are both must-plays!! The soundtrack from Gris was my homework playlist for a year straight. Other good ones are Abzu, Journey, Rime, Aer, Gone Home, The Unfinished Swan, Firewatch, the vanishing of Ethan Carter.

  2. I think about this a lot. We have only 5 main senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. We know of several other senses animals have abilities that we are missing and will never be able to perceive. Bats have echolocation, snakes can see the temperature of things, mantis shrimps can see 17 primary colors when we can only see 3, some animals sense electric currents in the air and water, and countless other senses. I can only imagine what senses aliens are capable of and we just lack the right organs to perceive things.

  3. theres a phenomenom called Travel Bowels, usually stops ppl from pooping in unfamiliar places for up to a week with no discomfort

  4. This!! I went to California for 5-7 days years ago and I never had the urge to poop once! The moment I got back home I suddenly had to go lol This happens to me every vacation

  5. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Still haven't beaten the game but recently resumed playing it.

  6. I’m so happy to see this comment at the top. I played this game so many times as a kid, but I never beat the final boss on any of my files lol. I still think about this game a lot

  7. Asking overweight women if they’re pregnant… Or automatically assuming they are and asking things like “when is the due date” and “is it a boy or girl”. There is NEVER an appropriate reason to ask a person to explain the shape/size of their body. And especially for a stranger feeling entitled to this information. They never think for even a moment their assumption could be wrong, or realize how offensive this question is because if they’re wrong then that just means you’re fat and they called you out on how unattractive you are.

  8. Organ transplant lists. Eventually we will grow the organs in a lab.

  9. In this case hopefully the world won’t turn into the musical called “Repo! The Genetic Opera”. Look up the plot

  10. My first play through when I was like 12 I never ever used summons, magic, or drives. I was such a noob I’d be surprised if I even upgraded my gear. I remember not understanding AP and I sold ALL of them so I barely had any abilities. I had no idea why the game seemed so hard lol

  11. Yep! I had a vivid dream a while ago that a Mormon cult was trying to kidnap me/adopt me? They wanted me to be part of their family and they trapped me. I tried running away and they got me so I somehow rewound the scene and the second time instead of running away I pretended to submit at first to run away at a better opportunity. Then they drugged my drink so I rewound again and tricked the father figure to drink his own drugged drink. I rewound a couple of other times to change the dialogue options. I do play a lot of decision-making games like Life is Strange, Until Dawn, Detroit Become Human, etc so that probably influenced it.

  12. More common then you think.. I have heard stories like this a few times in my 32 years. I knew a girl who wanted to date a buddy of mine but her brother was so weird about it. Like super protecting in a jealous way. Well turns out they were fucking. She ended up confessing she slept with two of her brothers. And one of them she was still happening. She literally told me one day that she didn’t have a lot of friends and just enjoyed her siblings more than friends. And boy did I not understand what she meant.

  13. I’m a therapist and I’ve yet to hear of any stories of people fucking their family so far

  14. Had an abscessed tooth. For two weeks, my life was nothing but absolute misery, and nothing would kill the pain. At one point, the dentist had to drip numbing agents on the exposed root because it would not freeze, and that felt like a hot needle being jammed behind my eye.

  15. This happened to me when I was about 9. I’ll never forget doing but screaming and writhing in pain in bed for days until I got it removed.

  16. A large grape-sized cyst 1 millimeter away from my clitoris. Went to the ER and they sliced it open with a scalpel to drain the pus. I had Vicodin and numbing spray before they began on top of the local anesthetic and it was pointless, it didn’t help AT ALL. There’s so many nerves down there nothing helped a smidge. I had to lay there feeling EVERYTHING as my genitals were basically mutilated. Oh and the surgical nurse belittled me and degraded me every time I whimpered and at one point screamed. Another nice nurse came in to provide support and the bitch kicked her out and said I was just being dramatic. It was one of the most traumatic things I ever went through physically and psychologically.

  17. Mark Twain (actually Samuel Clemens) is my great, great, etc. uncle

  18. Something similar happened to me when I was 17. I was sleeping and dreaming. Then I was woken up by the very vivid sensation of someone touching/caressing my face! The hand on my face was VERY warm and actually comforting. The feeling lingered for a good 15-20 seconds. I remember just laying there surprised and curious, but not frightened. I was alone in my bed and had no pets. I could see just my dark bedroom. Coincidentally this was about 3 months after 2 of my grandpas died, is there a connection? I don’t know. If that was simply a tactile hallucination, I’ve never had one before or since then. I find it odd that if it was a hallucination, it was strong enough to wake me up from a deep sleep.

  19. Morning in May- Ludo, Asleep- The Smiths, Dark Paradise- Lana Del Rey, I Really Want You to Hate Me- Meg Myers, ATeam-Ed Sheeran, I’m in Here- Sia.

  20. When my hands are dry (aka: all the time) then I HAVE to lick my finger, otherwise I can't slide the bills. Lotion only lasts so long.

  21. When I worked as a cashier I literally kept a bottle of lotion under my register and ending up using it constantly so I didn’t have to lick my hands

  22. One of my old psych professors used to always say ostracism is the WORST type of psychological abuse and it shows.

  23. As a therapist I cannot IMAGINE sending something like this to anyone ever. Unethical at best and illegal breaking HIPAA to someone without an ROI at worst. Not to mention how unprofessionally this was written, and sent through text of all types of communication.

  24. They secrete the poison, doesn't that make them venomous, not poisonous?

  25. Poisonous= you eat it, you die. Venomous= it bites you, you die.

  26. "goodbye everyone I'll remember you all in therapy"

  27. I made this quote on my graduation cap for my masters degree in mental health counseling 😂

  28. I once lost my purple stylus for my Nintendo DS and I was very inconvenienced and sad by it. A couple weeks later I sat on a random sofa in the hallways of my university (and I never went to that side of campus before) I had a sudden strange urge to stick my hand in the crack of the couch cushions. Lo and behold my stylus was there!!! I was so shocked because there was just no way it could have gotten to this most random place and I just so happened to have the urge to stick my hand down there.

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