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  1. Ya I’ll take the downvotes happily on this one. Fences are a solution to the problem of bad neighbours. But not a way to make good ones.

  2. Nope just responded to the wrong comment somehow lol.

  3. Im guessing there would not be a nuclear response or any sort of attack on Russian soil as those could lead to a full on nuclear war. Also no attacks on Russian nuclear subs for the same reason. I would think a complete trade embargo, including sanctions on anyone who trades with them, a no fly zone over Ukraine, and blockade of the Baltic. Potentially an attack on the Black Sea surface fleet.

  4. Man the north lander was the best. I miss seeing that old freight engine pulling up into union station in toronto. Looked so amazingly out of place among all the fancy via and go trains. It was the absolute best.

  5. Hey my parents met there! (Moosonee) didn’t know they had a zoo tho. Place must have really boomed sense they left.

  6. My two cents is you get what you pay for. This will probably be ok. It will probably give reasonable accurate readings and last for at least a few years. But personally I would recommend saving up a bit for a thermaworks chef alarm or smoke. Those are investments that will last a long time and be more enjoyable to use.

  7. I like that idea. Any tips on doing that? Never worked with leather before.

  8. This guy has a good video on it. Use leather cord instead. Wet it a bit when done and and will shrink to get super tight.

  9. If you think about it good flashlights can be worth a lot in the right situation, remember when they were selling a pack 10 masks for $50 in stores?

  10. As long as you have a way to charge them without power. If there was a long term blackout all the flashlights in the world would be useless after a few days without some solar or a geni.

  11. At first this was funny. But after seeing the picture of the broken stairs at the bottom and reading about the injuries, including an amputation: it is now truly terrifying.

  12. Red button wouldn’t do anything. The escalator here is clearly broken free of whatever is supposed to drive it. Probably a chain or something. It’s basically in free fall.

  13. It’s nuts to me the size of trees that most people have. Up here on the shield our trees are all like 12” in diameter.

  14. What’s the review on it? How many batteries did you go through?

  15. OP posted somewhere else yesterday about this. Either in

  16. Like i know people that go to the movies and they have to absolutely sneak in alcohol. I wonder why they cant wait 1:30 hours and go drinking after. It boggles my mind.

  17. Because they want to have a beer while watching the movie? How does that boggle the mind? I go days without drinking anything but I might still sneak a flask into a concert or something just because I want to have a drink while doing that specific thing.

  18. But like all the time? All the time? To every event like they cant live without alcohol for a smal amount of time?

  19. Depends on the event. Sporting events and weddings? I’m not doing that without something to drink. Movie? It’s nice to have but not needed all the time. Camping? I prefer cannabis and don’t really want alcohol. Gardening? Rosé please.

  20. Yikes, I read that he flipped the table in the same way people like to flip houses. I thought he must have done a horrible job if the table was now falling apart.

  21. I don’t like it most of the time. (Big wet hunks) But my buddy made it with the pineapple sliced super thin so it got all crispy and blackened at the edges. That was fucking good.

  22. Rabies is over 99% fatal once symptoms set in. There is a brain infecting component.

  23. Contrary to popular belief rabies just makes the infected animal get confused and disoriented. Not want to attack things.

  24. Damn. This actually makes me wish I got the pack out version of the shop vac instead of the larger one.

  25. Which one did you get? The 2 gallon one? I thought the pack out was the larger one. Trying to decide on one myself...

  26. If you clean it up it’s worth a lot more to people living in lofts in big cities.

  27. Also- it makes a terrible cutting surface. Not just are fibers in bamboo are really hard which damages your knife, but repeated cutting can free tiny and sharp fibers into your food. Bamboo boards like this are best used as serving surfaces.

  28. Bamboo makes the absolute worst cutting boards. Next to stone and glass. No faster way to take the edge off a knife than repeatedly slamming it into a rock hard surface. Bamboo is great as a building material. Not so great for cutting.

  29. Not even remotely true. Bamboo is renewable, anti-microbial, and “self heals” against knife cuts due to its nature as a grass. It’s harder than most hardwoods on the Janka scale, and they resist retaining water.

  30. It’s hardness is what makes it bad. Being sustainable does not improve its quality as a material for cutting boards.

  31. wax is definitely the direction to go .. and again and again and ...

  32. Thanks. Similar philosophy to a cutting board I gather. Keep it hydrated.

  33. There is a wax product that makes things like this slide smoothly. They sell it at Home Depot. Minwax Paste Wax

  34. Ow man this is a conversation I love having but I’m on my way out the door and don’t have time to write a detailed response.

  35. Ow man I love that we can smoke in public now so much. Nothing beats going for a walk with a joint.

  36. Do you mean atoms rearranging themselves into an earlier time? Would that preserve continuity of the self?

  37. Depends on what you consider to be the self.

  38. War with aliens would probably do it. WWIII would probably also turn into civil war 2

  39. A war with aliens would a short one but ya everyone would be equally dead at the end.

  40. Right. I wouldn't so much mind brief, unintrusive ads. But they keep making them more and more intrusive that more and more people are getting ad blockers to avoid being forced to drink their verification cans.

  41. Or if the price of premium was more reasonable. I don’t mind paying a little for an ad free experience.

  42. Yep, those are bookplates and very much a standard practice. I don't really like them,, but I also wouldn't really get a pre-signed copy of a book.

  43. I’ve never purchased a pre signed book in the past, but it felt like kind a fun thing so I went for it. To be honest wouldn’t have done it if I knew it was a sticker tho. Just feels kinda meh compared to an actual signature on the book. In the same way that a pre signed book is different than one you get singed in person.

  44. I had several like this this year. When I cut them open they looked fine inside so I ate them.

  45. Yes but came back with new abilities. Now able to communicate with mycelium by licking soil.

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