1. You are looking wonderful, did you have surgery for your voice or did you achieve it by vocal training.

  2. Thank you, I have been seeing a speech pathologist and it has helped a lot but ultimately it came down to a lot of practice.

  3. Damn girl 😊 you are gorgeous ❤️ Have to say I am jealous. Estrogen loves you.

  4. You are beautiful, I am a femme that likes femmes too. The best combo.

  5. I suspect testing error with those LH/FSH results. I know quest diagnostics had an error for one of them when the actual serum level was really low it would give falsely high results... FSH, I think it was?

  6. Thank you, that makes me feel better and would be the only logical answer to this impossible equation. The only other thing I was thinking was increasing my T since I am on Bica and only getting about a 10% uptake of my T levels.

  7. I am in Boise and it has been amazing for being trans. I think you have more options then you realize and a drive to Boise for trans care and getting started would be worth it.

  8. Your glasses round out the look. 10/10 pass with the glasses, 9/10 pass without.

  9. 👍 Thank you and I appreciate your feedback 😊

  10. Prior to transitioning yes, now I love my life and protect it.

  11. I only sometimes get them when sleeping but they are half assed. Never get them awake without trying. I am 23 months on HRT and had an orchi. Also on bicalutamide still and E level is around 200

  12. You look beautiful in those pics and all female, I say passable. I have that issue too and I am 6’ tall, for me it is my voice that gets me most but that is getting better as well.

  13. Whenever my insurance is being difficult with a medicine I check GoodRx and most always find it for way less. I checked GoodRx for 1mg finasteride and for 30 pills it was less then a dollar, and showed a regular price of $13. I would definitely check them for stuff like that.

  14. You are looking wonderful and heeling well. Thanks for posting these updates and showing. I have my FFS in April and am so looking forward to it. It’s nice to see what I can expect.

  15. FYI you really should put down some sort of floor covering like rubber roll or puzzle tiles, even heavy EVA foam would be good. Weight lifting on the carpet will absolutely destroy it, both top side and bottom side. When I revamped my gym, I pulled the carpet up where I was lifting and not only was the top surface destroyed, it pulverized the material on the bottom side that binds the carpet fibers together. I had to vacuum and mop up pulverized carpet binding.

  16. Thank you, I do plan on putting a platform under very soon as well as some wall mirrors behind the rack.

  17. Which brand are those adjustable dumbbells? can’t read it

  18. Thanks it’s good to know that some tissue is preserved. This is something I will be asking my surgeon about now that I know. Prior to finding this video I assumed that all erectile tissue needed to be removed.

  19. It's misinformation, I have experienced more kindness and love as trans from the general public then I did when I was not out. It has honestly restored my faith in humanity. When you are happy and confident with yourself the world sees it and appreciates it.

  20. Yes, you can get better depth with this then with PIV, this is an excellent SRS choice and is what I am getting. The scrotal skin and penile skin is sensitive and it used on the outside and the beginning part of the canal. Though some sensation is lost as you heal. This is either similar or the same as hybrid flap but cant remember.

  21. Same experience I had. My consult was December 13th (month ago) and my surgery date is May 2024. They were amazing and I am very happy to go there. I have been doing hair removal for 3+ months now. On a side note NYC is expensive to get around and it’s easily 1k with all costs for that consult.

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