1. Didn’t she convert to Islam? A bit of an ”out of the frying pan” scenario to me.

  2. This is the most surprising part. I told my husband and he was like “…huh. Didn’t expect that.”

  3. An interesting profile of her in the NYT last year, including lots of reflection on this event.

  4. She converted to Islam? That is surprising!

  5. You’re welcome, big person who holds my house in their hands.

  6. I don’t think there’s anything to improve upon.

  7. Yeah, but how many of those people have 12, no sorry, 17, no sorry, 30 million subscribers??????

  8. Nah he’s got that Kingdom Hearts money to sustain him

  9. It just seems those orders are extremely far and in-between. On a normal day I would see maybe 2-3 of those in a 4 hour period.

  10. That’s because you’re missing them while you’re delivering the dollar a mile order you accepted

  11. I live in TN suburbs, I only take $2 a mile, and I also have a really low AR. Good thing AR doesn’t matter.

  12. You have phenomenal skin and nice features, so yes, absolutely!

  13. Crop it right and it’s suddenly beastiality

  14. Sun damaged hands and neck are an instant age give away. Protect ya neck

  15. Banning cocaine is just as effective in stopping people from doing it as banning alcohol was: not at all. Legalize it and state sanction it, maybe than you can get some real results.

  16. Tweet your complaint to Ubereats (they bought out Postmates.) STG, everyone says this is the easiest way to get a refund.

  17. He’s the face that launched a thousand ships in the other direction

  18. Jesus fucking Christ. You know what I would do if someone mouthed off about my wife using a racial slur.

  19. Right wingers are the only people who use the term "WOK-UP". At least it wasn't written backwards.

  20. Can you expand on why you used rice water in the beginning? Thank you 🙏

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