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  1. You might want to take a look at this character build and see if it would be something that you'd enjoy:

  2. Xayah and crazy range together is very much a contradiction. Her AA range is lower than the majority of ADCs so saying she has crazy range is like saying Caitlyn has high mobility because of her E.

  3. Surprised nobody's mentioned that with regeneration, you could also heal your brain, possibly getting rid of developed mental illnesses like depression and social anxiety.

  4. Yes. I’m not going to blindly follow whatever policy daddy government wants to impose. “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” It is very well documented that masks don’t work. Not to mention the psychological damage they’ve caused millions of people. Miss me with that bullshit

  5. If it's so very well-documented that masks don't work, then why don't you show us your sources? If you're not just bullshitting and making stuff up to prove your point, then you'd have sources to help convince as many people as possible, right?

  6. Yes, because covid isn't over. I didn't personally know anyone who had covid until everything opened back up recently. (Ontario) When it all opened up - boom everyone I know suddenly got covid.

  7. Gotta love Ford trying to get those votes for the election by pretending Covid is over! Sigh

  8. I have the senna Lucian necklaces. Love the look of them, however. Because the silver is just a coating on top, it can start to rust/fade into the copper core and look really bad

  9. I understand why Riot doesn't make them actual silver, because it would be too expensive, but it would be nice if they could at least give the necklaces a clear coat to protect it from rust/fading for at least a little while.

  10. Anyone got a trick about being lazy with cleaning?

  11. Maybe try having some of your friends or family text you that they're coming over in the evening/next weekend so you can chat about life?

  12. Both are named after they’re destinies.. oddly. Redthistle is named after a plant, since she became a medicine cat and Sandgorse has Sand in it, which is fitting, since he died turing an unstable tunnel collapsing. (Sand, grit, is mentioned to be bad for tunneling)

  13. Wow I have never thought that deep about these characters before lol

  14. more like why is everyone picking xayah

  15. Because of the aery lethality build that makes her into a lane bully who takes a third of your HP bar with a QE combo. I've tried the build and it definitely feels stronger than full crit, but I still prefer running crithality (standard crit runepage and Eclipse zerkers Collector LDR IE).

  16. Your flair/title is calling me out and I don't know how I feel about this.

  17. Funny enough I usually skip Essence Reaver and just go Galeforce --> Phantom Dancer --> IE and then Navori if I can afford it. What can I say, I like zooming around and I hate being minion blocked. I will admit that I do enjoy myself a Kraken game every once in awhile though, it's funny to be autoing twice a second and just deleting people

  18. This was mine too. My first relationship was a whole ptsd experience, and though I learned a lot from it, it still haunts me.

  19. Are you me? My first relationship was with a 17 year old guy when I was a 13 year old girl. We were together for 7 months before he ended things about two weeks after having guilt-tripped me into having sex with him because I hadn't gotten him a birthday present. I didn't realize it then because I was only 14 when it happened, but after a year and a half it's been hitting me hard what really happened. It's making things difficult between my boyfriend and I (less than a year and gap this time, learned my lesson there) because I keep getting anxious and having flashbacks every time we're together. He's so understanding and caring though, and always stops immediately when I say to. It's definitely a process to recover from something like that, and it takes time. There's good days and bad days, but it is slowly getting better over time.

  20. Redthistle, Hawkheart, Flowerpaw, Stormkit, Violet, Perchkit, Smokepaw

  21. Uh, All I know is that smokepaw died in dawn or starlight

  22. Yep he fell off a cliff during the great journey

  23. The windshitters have sub-50% winrate constantly. When Shieldbow was broken, it was Vayne, Akshan, Ashe, Kog or the likes that were abusing them.

  24. Keep it up with the copium mate! At least I'm willing to admit when my champion is broken... Yone mains man

  25. Never said anything about feelings but keep attacking that straw man I guess

  26. It's removed from the game as it's not obtainable outside of the Ultimate Spellbook game mode. No reason to fully remove it from the client when it will (Presumably) be available in the mode next time it comes around. Makes sense to just leave it there but disabled until it's next needed.

  27. Ahhh I see! Makes much more sense now lol. Thank you for the information!

  28. Sick plays but I feel like I have to point out that Nasus' username...

  29. First one because anyone watching it or distributing it would be taken down for cp lol

  30. Well, seeing that I was coerced into having sex with the 18 year old I was dating when I was 14, I can confidently say that I've already kissed #3. Also, as time has passed, it's become clear that he only wanted me for sex because he broke up with me less than a month afterwards 😐

  31. My avatar is just a prettier version of real-life me, so I'm pretty happy. The self-esteem hit after a month will be painful though.

  32. One time I opened a chest and got Leprechaun Veigar. I then rerolled 3 skin shards into a random permanent skin....and got Leprechaun Veigar.

  33. Same thing happened to me except with yellow jacket Shen. I'm an ADC player. Please send help.

  34. If you don't feel like paying for it, YouTube has the movie with Hindi subtitles but it's not dubbed, so if you're okay with ignoring that part then you're all set! I think if you just search "divergent full movie" you'll find it, might have to try a couple of different ones before you find it but you will.

  35. In my high school prior to the March break, 8/35(ish) teachers weren't coming in to school due to having Covid. I'm terrified to go back in person next week, but I don't really have a choice since we had to decide at the end of January/start of February whether we'd go in person or online for the rest of the year. I hate that mask mandates are being lifted.

  36. Whoa whoa whoa, I may be a min-maxer who made my two engaged characters in one game have mega combos, but that doesn't make me a murder hobo!

  37. !explanation First of all, I want to thank you all for your kind comments. They've helped me realize some of the other red flags that my boyfriend has mentioned to me in passing.

  38. I am too, I nearly lost one of my closest friends from anorexia when I was in grade 8. I'm basically force feeding him at school now to make sure he at least eats something 5 days of the week.

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