1. Total bullshit claim right here. There is no way this is true. Team Ninja would not outsource their most prized and famous IP, their “future” to another studio.

  2. YES!!!! I knew it was just a matter of time—probably already been in development for a while if I was to guess. To have confirmation NG is coming though is huge!

  3. 100%…..I would buy this in a flash. I want a PS5 version of the game!!!

  4. I’m in my 40s so been a fan of NG since the NES days. Eagerly bought the first modern NG on Xbox at release in 2004 and been a devoted fan ever since. I love all three games NG/NGB, NG2 and NG3RE, with NG2 being my overall favorite. NG3RE has my favorite combat but in terms of overall experience NG2 is my top. I never played any of the Sigma games (nothing against them).

  5. My focus while playing is to target other archers first. Then, since I have foul arrows, I hit the bad guys with headshots to lower their defense. It is only when I'm away from the other players, that i quickly clear the board on my end. I don't kill steal, if i see someone fighting on their own I lower the enemies defense and let them handle it. If i see they are losing or gets killed i stop the enemy's attack by shooting them real quick or revive the player so that they can keep fighting. My point is: if the hunter is used responsibly, she is a powerful support tool.

  6. As a Stone Katana-Flash Bomb Assassin main myself, this is absolutely incredible man. Probably one of the greatest solo clears I’ve ever seen, particularly considering the map difficulty. So…you becoming a Stone convert/fan now?:)

  7. Beautifully done and a pleasure to watch! Really smart and effective use of Resolve Gain to offset the loss of no legendary gear/less healing. Nice to see this man! Very cool challenge.

  8. Thanks! I wanted to shift focus from the way I normally run this build with MMC to show that if played right, the stance you use is irrelevant. The CC & resolve from flash bombs & kunai is extremely strong in Hellmode especially with assassin. Between vanish, ult, flash bombs & smoke, you can essentially be untouchable 90% of the time reducing risks to very manageable levels.

  9. Yeah it is a great example of what is possible with high player skill and understanding/using gear, perks and abilities synergies. With these synergies, indeed melee stance is not the main focus but I would not say irrelevant. Like with anytime it is used, if used here MMC would facilitate and amplify gains in ways other stances cannot match in the same way since it bypasses/breaks the melee system—even faster resolve gain and damage, etc., particularly by also allowing a player to rack up resolve and damage while safely vanished.

  10. The OG legendary blowgun Assassin in the game again doing things that no one else has! LittleChunky has probably had the greatest impact/influence of any Assassin player in the entire community—so many have learned and been inspired by him.

  11. Incredible run from one of the top veteran Assassins! Love your playstyle and unparalleled skills with the Master Katana. Amazing achievement!

  12. Another incredible run by the two top Assassin melee specialists in the community! Absolutely awesome—the amount of skill shown here to do this with these builds/playstyles is off the charts.

  13. It’s intense moments like this, when skilled players are in tune with each other, that make the game so addictive and a joy to play two years on.

  14. Beautiful gameplay man truly! Love this Samurai play style!

  15. This is an absolute masterful performance and an incredible achievement to do this with your builds and play styles. The degree of difficulty is huge here. You are both easily some of the top Assassin melee specialists in the whole community.

  16. Congratulations on your achievement! Any HellMode solo is extremely impressive and takes a huge level of skill (and then there is Blood & Steel!).

  17. Top players are always finding ways to play that pushes their limits to become better. Success warrants a distinction in said achievements because it’s being done differently from how it was done before. You can say it for MMC, SK (Its in its own category because when played right it circumvents any ability/ghost weapon cooldowns and modifiers that affect said cooldowns), and ranged weapons in general and it would hold true.

  18. Nice post and I can understand where you are coming from, and certainly agree with some of your points. A few key points from my perspective:

  19. I think the sequel should still focus on the katana but deepen the katana combat system with more movesets/combos, techniques, skills, etc. No need for another Nioh type game with lots of weapons. Better to deepen and build off of the superb combat in place.

  20. Mind-boggling achievement my friend! You are truly the GOAT of Legends hands down.

  21. Legendary Assassin duo right here pulling off their usual amazing feats!

  22. I'm still learning the ins and outs about the game. What is this "plat 7" I keep seeing?

  23. https://www.reddit.com/r/gotlegends/comments/wv7527/psa_platinum_survival_custom_mode_w_7_difficulty/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  24. NG3RE has my favorite combat in the whole series. It is criminally under appreciated imho. The overall game has some poor design choices and has some structural flaws baked in from the terrible vanilla NG3.

  25. Agreed but I would extend this sentiment to Ninja Gaiden combat in general (NG, NG2 and NG3RE)…..all three to this day are unmatched in terms of pure melee combat gameplay.

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