1. The suv owner and the name of the punks are listed on TurtleBoy em all out

  2. fyi, Turtleboy Sports lists the name of the SUV owner and who the punks are, allegedly.

  3. so happy to see this, it made me laugh so much

  4. I think he's an idiot but what he did was self defense.

  5. Holy Diver, one of the best songs ever

  6. Outside of Easthampton, the dining and take out options out West are sad. Even the grocery stores are sad.

  7. Says someone from Easthampton, lol. It's overrated my friend.

  8. 1990, the isabella stewart gardner museum heist - Boston

  9. I always say that i need to use the bathroom, when I can finally jump in, but it always works.

  10. Independent here, but full disclosure, leaning right lately because this president is embarrassing. I'm for abortion, but I don't agree that the government should pay for the mistakes of idiots.

  11. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Sad story!!

  12. Maybe they'll cancel what I owe on the Ferrari I just bought last year. I knew I couldn't afford it, but I bought it anyway, even though I had many other affordable options to get me around.

  13. Damn, even though I haven't been there in a few years, I'm sad.

  14. In other news, 'dog bites a man' what's your point?

  15. When is it ok to lie? EW lied her whole life about being Native American and took advantage of everything it afforded her. I don't believe a word that woman says and I wonder why she still has any supporters.

  16. Help me out - are you saying it’s okay for her and Fox News to lie, or that it’s bad that both do?

  17. It's not ok to lie, not for EW, FoxNews, MSDNC, CNN, local news etc....wherever people lean, right or left, they're going to claim the other side lies and they're going to have examples to show. So don't bother please.

  18. All that has to be done is just sit back and watch the current administration keep screwing everything up. It's only a matter of time.

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