1. It depends. An entire roof full of solar panels in the sun can certainly cover the energy needed for everything in the house. But the DC to AC converters often rely on the grid and don't work if you have a power outage. There are ones that can be used without the grid but those are more expensive.

  2. Collness shouldn't be a criteria when picking a name. Because even if you think you found one by the time the kid is a teenager the name will be really uncool.

  3. No. Subatomic physics aside, nothing that weighs anything can ever travel at the speed of light.

  4. It's arbitrary. On really old maps east is up. I think every civilisation would invent words for the directions where the sun is at dawn, moon and dusk as well as the direction of the polaris. Polaris is probably why north is up. It is the only direction you can directly see. Calculating how high the sun is on its ark through the sky is a little more impractical.

  5. In big bars noise should be a concern. Make the ceiling absorb sounds and put stuff on the walls to reduce the echo.

  6. I would guess that inspiration can start at many points. You could brainstorm ideas of characters, situations or jokes and build a scene around that. I guess "Jerry says hi" is quite hard to invent a good scene around.

  7. If you use copyrighted music the copyright holder has the right to either take your video down, monetize it for themselves, or ignore it.

  8. I don't think there is a limit. Warm air is just less dense than cool air. If you go up a mountain where there is less pressure the total difference in pressure might be lower, but there still would be some convection.

  9. I doubt that is the full extent of the story.

  10. Even if he would have died from a natural death he would still be dead for about 50 or 60 years. That might be enough time for public opinion to change. But it is impossible to say what the political situation after his death would have been.

  11. In the short term the propaganda and pop-culture would paint him as the hero. Speaking out against him would have been very dangerous, just like speaking out against the dictators today is quite dangerous when you live there.

  12. Grammatical gender has very little to do with gender. Other languages use different words that are more like grammatical category. Imagine if each word had a colour or something like that.

  13. All models are wrong. Some are useful.

  14. There are a few criteria for a cult. Like cult of personality, separating members socially from the outside world, making it hard to leave and pressuring members to give them money.

  15. I think it's a southern dialect diminutive. They often use -erl instead of -chen. Maybe that got contracted to just the L? But that's just a guess.

  16. There are criteria for life that scientists have come up with. The distinction between something alive and not alive is a little fuzzy. For example viruses only tick some of the boxes. They reproduce and evolve, but they don't eat and stuff.

  17. So you're different from a virus because you can choose?

  18. I'm alive and a virus isn't because I eat and shit.

  19. Yeah, but this record is as horde. As normal nation you can't produce enough mana to do that.

  20. Could you release and play as a tribal vassal who can become a horde at this point? Or would the vassal have no government progress?

  21. No, you have to release nations from tribal country to reform into horde.

  22. I learn something new about the game every day. So if you wanted to play a horde from this point on you should conquer the necessary provinces to form Yuan, spawn nationalist rebels, do that trick of walking into their occupied land in order to get them moving, let them spread cores, nation ruin yourself and play as the released vassal.

  23. I'm not a parent and I'm out of school for some time know. I went to school in a small town and the situation is different in bigger cities. Also education is business of the state and not the federal government. So take this with a grain of salt.

  24. It depends. Some knives like butterfly knives are fully illegal, some knives like kitchen knifes over 12 cm blades are illegal to take into a public space, and some are fine.

  25. It's not like a 50€ is the size of an A4 sheet 🙃

  26. American bills are about as long as the really big euro bills and about as tall as the small ones. I guess a 50€ bill would peek out of an American wallet. My wallet is just big enough to fit one card (I hope they are the same size everywhere) vertically.

  27. I'm not a native speaker and the hardest word here is lethethin lececin lecithin

  28. I think the leaving Rattay for the main quest marks the beginning of the mid game.

  29. Naaaah. Leaving Rattay is the 1/3 mark of the early game. There are how many main missions directly involving Rattay at the start? 3?

  30. Are you mixing up Rattay and Skalitz?

  31. I’m in a theater production and need to tell people to keep their hands off props, specifically a typewriter. They won’t listen so I meet it a bit more aggressive. Thanks

  32. Finger weg von der Schreibmaschine / von den Requisiten!

  33. I don't think I've ever heard "und" in a compound word. The German wikipedia calls it call and response too without translating it. You should use hyphens if you want to put it that way.

  34. I don't think oil is a good idea. Moisture makes it stick. After stretching the dough you put it on the peal with lots of semolina. Be quick when topping it. Give it a shimmy regularly to see if it sticks anywhere.

  35. I learned the basics in multiplayer with my cousin and learned a lot by watching youtube. I started playing at a time when there were about has as much DLC so learning it was easier than it is now.

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