1. Its a telescope. What do you use it for? To look at your nude neighbor of course. Its boobs. Totally boobs. Boobs on space whales. Vy'keen boobs. Gek Boobs. Its boobs.

  2. Finally. I was waiting for my character to have massive boobahoingadoingaboingagoingas.

  3. stop trying to make thorn happen. it will never catch on. ever.

  4. I have a feeling Nato just going to flatten north korea out of no where one day to prove a point

  5. You see what‘s happening in Ukraine now and think NATO is going to do that? I know NAFO will.

  6. I‘ve never seen the context for this before, only the explosion. Wow.

  7. Targa is more common and better. I don’t care what anyone has to say about the chassis stiffness I love being able to take my roof off

  8. I don‘t like being able to take the roof off. I guess it works out.

  9. I‘ve never been a big fan of convertibles/targas. Plus, I live in Vermont (US). It‘s not like I‘ll get too much time to use it.

  10. Can't wait for us to just clone up a fresh body for trans folks

  11. Weird you have never seen one. They made it for 42 years! Huge numbers produced. You see them occasionally in the US but the owner would have to be suicidal to try n drive it on a freeway

  12. Item shop is better when people actually put effort into it instead of things like "post stats in comments????"

  13. I personally feel as though it should be a rule! You post the fucking thing you make it's stats. You know?

  14. They don’t let me on with a can of deodorant. There’s no way they’ll let you on with even 1 missile let alone 20.

  15. Have you tried shoving the missile up your ass? There‘s no way to tell until you try it.

  16. Millenial? That shitty music is a Gen Z thing.

  17. Right? I'd love a nice comfortable chair. Great lighting. Atmosphere, privacy. The right drinks to compliment my meal. I'd pay good money for that.

  18. A nice comfortable chair in front of a fireplace, with a table that's at just that right height.

  19. The idea of two completely mundane people just normally going about their day when suddenly they meet and start beating the shit out of each other is absolutely hilarious for some reason

  20. The guy who keeps getting into physical fights with the cook at Waffle House because the cook makes the eggs "wrong" yet doesn't stop going to the same Waffle House.

  21. Young boy from family of mages tired to summon a creature as part of his training. Accidentally creates a portal and that dragon-lady who happened to be close by went through. Boy thinks he summoned her and by mage rules he has to take care of her (or keep her, something along those lines). Now she lives with the boy's family and teases the boy in sexual ways. e.g, she hugs him drowning him in her humongus badongadongs

  22. The rear side window doesn’t look right for a Stagea. I think it might be an R32 sedan converted to a wagon? Edit: photoshopped into a wagon

  23. Could just be people copy/pasting a comment. It's pretty normal on reddit for some weird reason.

  24. Why the long tail? Wouldn't that create an unbalanced weight distribution? Just looking at it I can feel the oversteer.

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