Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

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  1. Legal prostitution actually increases sex trafficking

  2. I have noticed incels have a deep hatred for OF for whatever reason. I don’t care for it and have never subscribed to it but it doesn’t bother me if people do it.

  3. I think a lot of guys in this sub like me came of age in the late 2000s and early 2010s. I remember at the start, a lot of people hated on the new slimmer fits. Seriously if you wore jeans that were slightly slimmer than the standard baggy jeans you got called a homophobic slur... but eventually most people adopted the slimmer fits and it sort of became the uniform for younger men. I think we are seeing the same thing happen now, people (men especially) are very resistant to change, so it'll be a while until they feel comfortable enough to adopt the wider (or just not as slim) fits. And the cycle will continue with whatever trend is next.

  4. This guy is such an attention whore.

  5. Is that what I said at all? This dude makes a media circus out of his decision every offseason. He can always just shut the fuck up and let us know when hes made up his damn mind.

  6. Its fucking dumb, the team with the last possession would just run out the clock and try to get to FG range after.

  7. I eat a ton of food for fitness purposes, my girlfriend eats like a normal human being. When we moved in together I thought it was going to be an issue but it wasn’t at all. We cook dinner together but our other meals we do our own thing. Sometimes dinner will be on the lighter side so I’ll just supplement calories in one of my other meals.

  8. Hit 270 x 1 on bench press. Want to hit 275 before my cut at the start of March.

  9. I don’t know what the hell to do with my sundays now

  10. I get the legal troubles argument but if that was enough of a reason why would he even have an OC job in the first place then? If they cared enough about that the Chiefs would have never hired him and he wouldnt get any offers from other franchises for an OC job.

  11. You really want to guarantee your team 2 losses a season for the foreseeable future? Lol

  12. Those losses are in spite of Dak not because of

  13. Greg should replace Romo. Im serious Romo has become fucking insufferable and Greg is not bad at all.

  14. I dont believe they gave all those picks up for an afterthought.

  15. Sean Payton contract is a moot point, it doesnt go against the salary cap. Whatever hes asking for is peanuts to the Walmart fortune.

  16. Walmart family wipes their ass with what Payton was asking. The main hurdle was taking care of the Saints.

  17. You need to be held accountable for making this post

  18. Thats future Indianapolis Colt Dakota Rayne Prescott to you

  19. I never knew that A - his first name is Rayne or B - that his full middle name is Dakota or C - that's where Dak comes from! Holy shit!

  20. Sounds like a stripper name to be honest

  21. Really? Thats who you are choosing in this ideal fantasy?

  22. I mean shes an attractive girl for sure, but even if the waspy blonde white girl is your type theres a bunch of other celebrities that fit that description who Id say are more attractive than her.

  23. Thats future hall of famer Eli Manning to you

  24. One championship game will be in London by the end of the decade, mark my words.

  25. They were bound to lose after that shit

  26. Refs got the call from the main office


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