1. Bc presumably fewer guys will need them and they’ll likely be wasted or ruined by getting played with and/or knocked over and destroyed.

  2. I literally had to zoom in to even see the possibility of an 8.

  3. Yes. The clips don’t allow for proper stretching of the binder for when you breathe. When you breathe in a mesh and/or cloth binder, it flexes with your body and stretches to accompany that. With the clips, it pulls and is clipped into place, so when you breathe it doesn’t stretch to accompany the movement.

  4. I’d recommend coloring in the same direction and instead of harsh sharp movements slow circular ones. I’ve found (for me) it makes the colors smoother and nicer. Still looks great tho

  5. I really hope they got it all off before it hurt the dog. It’s not really animals being jerks the dogs trying to get to their people who are on the other side of the wet concrete. Just makes me wonder why they let their dog out while the concrete was drying🙄

  6. How painful/uncomfortable were the drains? And did they make it hard to sleep or anything?

  7. Personally I believe it’s free will. If you’re a genius who can ace everything w/o studying but you can’t pay attention because you can’t sleep, have mental health issues and can’t focus, etc etc you won’t reach your full potential. Some people are born “great” but they still have to try and have to earn it. They don’t just exist in school and get straight As and get into Harvard. Even students with less “great” brains can be excellent they just have to put in a little more effort than the “great” students. Intellect does play a part, but it’s not the biggest piece. It’s the amount of effort you put in your work.

  8. Have you tried therapy? It sounds like your dealing with some pretty rough depression and I was there a couple months ago. Therapy really helps after you get used to talking to your therapist and you may be interest in some sort of anti-depressant/anti-anxiety med. it might help you. I really hope you get feel better soon. Your grades and the college you attend don’t define you. Just remember that. A lot of super smart and/or successful people didn’t attend super fancy, expensive, top ranked colleges.

  9. No one’s gonna give a damn about your backpack unless it’s incredibly stand outish, really weird. or controversial. This is just a normal backpack, you’ll be fine

  10. It doesn’t look like sperm lol but you could curl the tail up a little in one direction to make it look more natural

  11. Lol idk if it’s just me but the slippers looked like a funky mask at first 😭😭

  12. What do you do?? I can’t see how a 15yr making $60k a year is a bad influence unless you’re like doing porn or dealing drugs lmao

  13. He lies on reddit for attention lmao, he's posted on a shadowban checker because people weren't responding to his stuff. He was not shadowbanned, just uninteresting. So he's making up some stuff to get attention. I kinda pity him actually.

  14. Lmao I had no idea. I kinda thought it sounded bull but I kinda wanted to believe it. Thx lol

  15. The plane crash and the major trauma episodes (like the shooting, etc) were some of my favorites. They were always so so good and interesting. I could watch them a million times over.

  16. Same. She was so sweet and I was really hoping she’d be an occasional character who’d pop in and see Sofia :(

  17. There are lots of sales on DNA tests rn. I know embarks (idk the percentage) but their most expensive (that I know of) test is $199, it’s marked down to like $139 and you can sign up with an email and get $60 off so that’s like $80, (if that’s still running) and that’s for the DNA and health test.

  18. Wtf? Her name is literally in the show. Are they going to continue with the show without her?

  19. Yeah. She’s still doing voiceovers and will be an executive producer but she says she’s stepping back from episode appearances

  20. I’m not sure but I believe so, everything I’ve read said she said she’d still do voiceovers for the show so I’m assuming so.

  21. You really just have to study more. Personally I get practice problems for math off google, use Quizlet and quizziz to study and quiz myself. It’s not as hard as it seems you just have to put in effort. It doesn’t have to take all day, either. Just take like 1-2 hours a day and do a couple quizzes or study sets or whatever on your subjects. It’s not that hard just pay attention in class, and do some extra work on your subjects. I work best by getting ahead on what we’re doing in class that way I don’t have to study as hard in the future because I’ve already gotten an “in-depth” briefing on everything. And ASK FOR HELP. It’s gonna be so much easier to get good grades if when you don’t 100% get something you ask for extra help. And never settle for “mostly understanding”. That’s how you get caught off guard on tests and get lower grades. Don’t quit studying something even if you’ve already taken that test until you really understand the material. It’ll make not only that one thing easier but it’ll help you understanding everything else you’re fixing to learn. Good luck! Most people don’t even ask for advice, they just settle for being B-D students and give up. You’re on the right track, just throw in some extra effort.

  22. Really? Only 1-2 hours? I study for like the whole day, but still practically get 80's.

  23. You can study more, but this is just usually what I do for all A’s. I use my 2 hours revising notes and doing trivia on my study topic. I’ve found that if I study all day I overexert myself, get burnt out and end up exhausted and drained. Give yourself some breaks. Find what works for you. It’s good that you want to work on your academics though, and it’s not like you have bad grades. It takes time to figure out what studying method works best for you. But whatever you do don’t overwork yourself, it doesn’t help. It just frustrates you, exhausts you and makes you more likely to burn out. Be patient with yourself

  24. Happy birthday Gwen! If you wanted to be petty at all you could make them cakes for their birthdays that say ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ because that’s unnecessary and rude as hell for them to do that to especially on your birthday. I hope it was a good 21st despite the bigotry❤️🎉

  25. I know I’m just some internet person you don’t know, but I’m so excited for you. Genuinely. I’m so excited for all the changes you’ll experience, the experiences and stuff you’ll gain from going on testosterone, and all the things it will do for you. I’m so excited for testosterone to give you everything you want and more and I’m so happy you get to experience that. Congratulations and I hope everything runs smoothly!!

  26. Strongly recommend gc2b over something like Juniper and Eve. gc2b is trans-owned and operated, and they're cool!

  27. yeah but most people are migrating away from gc2b because of their rapidly declining quality :/

  28. Some of them are still okay, my first binder from them (2020) lasted for a whole year and a half yeah it was stretched out but it didn’t have a single whole or string coming out of it till like 1/8mo later. My newest one I got a few months ago like maybe in June or so and it’s super stretched, have holes in the mesh and it’s got like four strings coming out in it. And I don’t even wear it all the time, I bind with tape a lot for long periods. Some people still like them and have no problems, my recent experience just hasn’t been so great, same with a lot of folks. Unfortunate really because I really really like gc2b, they used to be really great.

  29. The moms kicking the family out of the house I believe

  30. I just want to know why they thought realistic eyes and mouths were the way to go. They’re happy meal boxes?? I’d assume (less creepy) cartoon designs or smthn…

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