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  1. Some of the stories on 4chan have me falling out of my chair laughing. Was anyone on it back in the day?

  2. I was going to say..back to what exactly? They have had blips on the radar now and then but not really comparable to the 4 programs listed.

  3. Since the 1890s, they’ve won a conference championship every decade except the 50s and 2010s. Since the 60s, they’ve had a Top 10 finish every decade except the 2010s (best finish in 2010s was 15).

  4. To put their all-time level of performance into some modern context, the most comparable team I can think of that’s still maintaining that level in recent years is Iowa

  5. That’s a pretty good comparison! If you threw in a more recent national title at least

  6. To be fair, ever QB who has ever played as much as Petras also has a handful of good plays to point to and say "see what he is capable of!?"

  7. That actually looks amazing. Hope they build it (and it ends up like the renderings)

  8. If they don’t put the awnings NW fans should riot. Hope SDSU puts some up

  9. PED usage in baseball dates back to the 1800s. Anyone pretending that Maris wasn't juicing is lying to themselves.

  10. D-bol only came out a few years before and was still largely confined to use in power lifting, so I think it’s likely he wasn’t juicing.

  11. Probably has been commented, but this is the same as '05 Trojans. Everyone knows Bonds holds the records, just like USC won the natty. You cannot erase history, and you certainly cannot take away the emotion felt during the time. Thats all that matters.

  12. Yes, and you can see an all-22 view. It’s at primevision on twitch and there’s a setting on prime video as well

  13. Does All-22 include Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit? ESPN had All-22 for CFB for a while but it didn’t have commentary. Not that I necessarily need commentary, I just think it’s weird only crowd noise

  14. Dumb social trends have always been a thing. Only difference being the speed and quantity of things falling in and out of fashion. Goldfish swallowing and pole sitting were fads from the 1920's and 30's.

  15. Dante Pettis has your second most Wide Receiver receiving yards on the season.

  16. I guess Bears fans can take some solace in knowing Pettis’ catch was a very nice play by Fields. Not a lot of solace, but at least some

  17. He smoked weed. There should be no consequences for smoking weed. That’s why the NFL doesn’t punish for it anymore lol

  18. If Manning/Hasselbeck make it Brady/whoever should make it.

  19. Comes down to whether you think Marc Bulger or Chad Pennington is better than Matt Hasselbeck. I think that’s arguable, but I’d still go Hasselbeck. And I like Pennington, he just didn’t hit his potential due to injuries

  20. When he was 39, David Schwimmer didn’t date a 17-year-old high school girl unlike Jerry Seinfeld.

  21. Schwimmer’s ex-wife is 20 years younger than him lol. That said, she was at least 22 when they met

  22. most people don’t know this… that song was initially a

  23. What worries me is the prospect of someone actually dangerous successfully employing this kind of campaign tactic, effectively just making their opponent look like a blithering idiot while subtly having an openly authoritarian policy agenda.

  24. Ah, good old straight white man's meritocracy argument, am I right?

  25. It’s too bad they don’t both have 20 years of acting credits we can use to compare them on

  26. Why is this not surprising? He always just had this icky vibe. Always trust your gut.

  27. Part of it is I heard he dicked over his last girlfriend who helped come up with the concept of the show but he iced her out completely. But it’s also just a vibes thing. I love the show and podcast, and really like Rob’s new show Mythic Quest. He just strikes me as someone who’s talented, but a prick.

  28. Jordan Reid didn’t have a role in creating the show. Sweet Dee was the only role they didn’t have an actress for.

  29. Also, it just amazes me how Harry Styles has been involved in many of the big stories that have happened recently. He truly is everywhere.

  30. We didn't get officially punished for Willie Lyles because the coach involved left for the NFL, the main player involved transferred elsewhere after not ever playing for us, and we self imposed some sanctions. I also believe the tenures of Helfrich and Taggart were punishment enough, thank you very much.

  31. Those are two entirely separate things. The NCAA can go fuck itself for its inconsistent standards and Bush can do the same for what I spelled out above. It doesn’t require cognitive dissonance to direct anger at both.

  32. Reggie knew what he was doing was against the rules, and could affect the experience of dozens, if not hundreds of student athletes at USC in the future if sanctioned. For that, you can definitely criticize him.

  33. Couldn’t they just ask the wolves to share their investigation?

  34. Thibs was the coach at the time, so he should know what they came up with anyway

  35. CMIIW I think this is the game where the Hawks management (?) fined their players (or something like that) for their bench reaction on Bird's plays.

  36. So dumb. Dudes putting on a clinic and you’re supposed to just sit there stone faced?

  37. Around the horn was basically a who’s who of people you should never listen to.

  38. I know there are some Eagles fans who miss the Vet for whatever reason, but the worst part of that stadium was by far the shitty turf it used. The Astroturf it used was a legit safety hazard and ended Micahel Irvin's career, and the NexTurf wasn't much better with the seams being obviously visible.

  39. I fucking hated AstroTurf. Worst part was the salt that literally put salt in the turf burn wounds.

  40. The average NFL player has a 3 year career, it's hard to have a strong union with a high turnover rate.

  41. iirc, those numbers are skewed by practice squad guys and camp bodies. Once they make an active gameday roster, I wanna say the number is closer to like 5-6 years.

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