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2 yrs after Brazil puts, Citadel is hiring a “Brazil Fundamental Options Analyst” based in London — Check out this job description: “focusing on volatility catalysts […] Analyze special situations and unusual corporate actions […] Provide real-time opinions & analyst around breaking news” 👀

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  1. I'm aware of a sales tax. That *is* a consumption tax, and it's regressive as hell.

  2. I’m sure all ideas will be considered after the collapse of the financial system. Person A will pay 5% sales tax on necessities. Person B will pay 5% on necessities & 15% on luxuries like yachts and lambos. Person A won’t be buying yachts & lambos on their income anyway, so it won’t affect them, but not paying the ridiculous taxes they pay now will be a relief. All that other stuff you said is just muddying up the water. When the water is muddy, that’s when shysters like Kenny & the gang move in. The more simple & transparent, the less chance that we fall into corruption again. I’m sure all good ideas will be taken into consideration after the Fed crumbles and control is given back to the people. I feel it coming!

  3. I like how simplistic numbers are somehow 'muddying up the waters'. That was as bullshit as someone who plays 'tl:dr' games.

  4. Does it make you mad that low income earners pay the same 8cents sales tax on a slurpee at 7/11 that a high income earner does now? Both would get a break of 3cents on food, drink & other daily living things. The high income earner would pay a significant amount more on all the Gucci type stuff. They wouldn’t mind, and could still afford it. This would help the low income earner save 3cents per dollar on the regular things in life. I’m sure everyone would ge happier, and this would completely eradicate the need for the IRS.

  5. “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!” R.I.P. George Carlin - way ahead of his time!

  6. New approach by MSM to make GME investors look like stoners? Bullish!

  7. You are being forced to sign something? They can’t force you to sign. Consult a lawyer before you sign anything!

  8. These criminals shouldn’t be “implementing” anything but maybe a stay in a jail cell.

  9. Aladdin is controlling the algorithms that have been suppressing GME.

  10. Next level: even non-central bank deposits have been a money-creating social credit system for the entirety of our lives

  11. Yeah, but they can’t shut down your cash if you say the wrong thing. Big difference.

  12. Might want to loosen up the tinfoil hat. Think it’s cutting off circulation

  13. Nothing we can do guys. Might as well just go home. Hug your wife.

  14. Shitadel is imploding because they have kicked the can for way too long on GME. They’re bringing the whole system down with them.

  15. Fun fact: I’m somewhat related to Milton, by marriage (now they are divorced, so I guess not anymore). Way ahead of his time. R.I.P.

  16. All they need is someone who understands regard & has read all the DD on Superstonk. Basically they need to hire one of us apes to tell them “U R Fukt!”

  17. Maybe after MOASS you can splurge on a maid? 😬

  18. You got it reversed OP. We are Japan in that game, and in the end we didn’t take the home run, we went for the GRAND SLAM! 💥

  19. I bought some at 3:59 pm yesterday for $17.75. That was a last second decision & a damn good move, if I do say so myself.

  20. CBDC will enslave us all if we adopt it. The digital nail in the coffin would imprison us all. It would be linked to our digital IDs, social credit score, carbon footprint score, etc…and our money would be turned off if “the elite”, who think they’re God, decide they don’t like something we said or did. This is Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” New World Order plan that they have been working toward since at least 1971. Humanity needs to wake up fast & RESIST while we still have time. More politicians need to get behind Cruz on this, and fast!

  21. Don’t short change yourself. My floor is much higher.

  22. If they drop it again, I’ll just buy more, again. Either way, it’s a win-win!

  23. Banks are not trustworthy. After MOASS we should each be our bank, otherwise they’ll squander our money.

  24. Time to start negotiating. My floor is significantly higher than it was previously. May want to get the money printer warmed up. Oh, and also - no cell, no sell.

  25. I don’t think he understands no cell, no sell.

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